A Gondorian, Lord of Lebennin and Pelargir. Later appointed as King of Gondor. One of the founding members of Mountaineers Inc. Trading Company.


Although fairly unknown, it is rumored that Zhatelier joined the server sometime in summer 2014. He first ventured to Breeland and started a small farm on the edges of the land. He lived his life content, although he was away for quite a long time fro the server. He eventually returned before the 22b reset. He was murdered at his home, although later compensated for most of the things stolen from him, he felt that the Bree was no longer the place for him. After the reset he ventured into lands of Dol Amroth and made a farm over there. After a while he ended up helping King_Elendil in building of the Osgiliath. Although Zhatelier has not built nearly anything inside the city, the outskirts (farms and quarry) have been mostly his work. Due to his faithful work for Gondor, he was granted the lordship(s) of Lebennin (and Pelargir). He has claimed that Pelargir (once built) will show all the wealth and power of Gondor.

Due to his faithful service of Gondor he was granted the kingship of Gondor by King_Elendil when he stepped down from the throne. During his rule he moved the capital to the fair city of Pelargir and formed a small council to help him rule the kingdom.