The Woodmen of Mirkwood are a faction of men who live in Mirkwood and the Eastern Anduin. Rivendell is a legitimate state. They are led by summersharry who rules from the town of Wildborstede.


  • Chief summersharry
  • MacHasFallen
  • Noloite
  • DaddyDaggy
  • Lordcatman
  • Dw00010
  • Besmor
  • Dean9244
  • Zrxes
  • WhenTheDayIsDone
  • Taterpops101
  • Zesheir
  • Laeonathan
  • Glaad5678

Unofficial Members

  • PizzaKingOfPizza
  • Herodain
  • RaymondWang
  • Starfire1234
  • Carninfindion


The Woodmen of Mirkwood were originally founded in March 2016 by summersharry and bald_beagle with summersharry as chief. They started building the town of Skogsbrynet at the River Gate waypoint, and built up a strong friendship with the other Northmen, which included joining the Council of the Northmen.

The Woodmen continued to grow, developing a small base of loyal players, which included Delvax who began building a town in the Vales of Anduin. Unfortunately, this would not last. The Council of the Northmen collapsed and the player base began shrinking. In late 2018, summershary abdicated in favor of jakub8899.

After several months of jakub being inactive and the faction being completely dead, jakub returned and began rebuilding the Woodmens power. In these days the Woodmen developed an extremely strong alliance with Dale and started building a new town north of Skogsbrynet. Veteran players were also recruited including renowned warrior KefinLOTR.

This suddenly ended, however, when on November 5th 2018 jakub took the throne of Dale and brought his players with him. A day later, summersharry returned and retook the throne. Although for several months the faction was stagnant, he later returned, began recruiting once again, and abandoned Skogsbrynet in favor of a new town called Athalburg in the Eastern Anduin. Additionally, the town of Carrock was established by SpeedySC.

On April 24th 2019, summersharry ended the long period of Woodmanish isolationism by joining the Dunlending-Arnorian War on behalf of Arnor. A war was planned against Dol Guldur following this victory, but the war collapsed after many players, including several from the Woodmen, switched to Evil factions. This caused the Woodmen to fall into a state of decline.

This decline would end when several players including Noloite joined the Woodmen. These players went east and founded the town of Wildborstede on February 24th 2020. Impressed by their progress, the status of capitol was shifted to here from Athalburg although many Woodmen continue to live in the old capitol.


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