The player known as ThrewineD is recognised as the Ambassador of Rohan. He lives in a labyrinth of an underground house, which is only visible as a small cabin hidden in a grove.

Threwine's History

In the year Third Age 2991, in Edoras, the citizens known as Gróling and Emya Dárga gave birth to a soon-to-be traveler, Threwine. After growing up in the city of Edoras with Eomer by his side, he travelled to the Bree-lands for combat training. He left a few years later and settled a small home in a grove in Western Rohan. A town began nearby, and there he met the love of his life, Raléygh Fréalo. They got married within the following year, but another year into the marriage, tragedy struck. When travelling the Forest Road through Mirkwood, they were ambushed by Orcs of Dol Guldur. She was stabbed with a poison dagger, and died in Threwine's arms at home. Her tomb currently resides in Denburg, close to Threwine's home. Stricken by grief, he began travelling and forging alliances, fulfilling her dying hope of lasting bonds between factions.

Current Projects

Threwine is currently dedicated to helping Elder Arantoer the Second of Gondor to finishing construction of the White City of Minas Tirith. Also, he is one of the builders of the Cathedral of Forodwaith, under the name of the Church of Ekkaia.

The Church of Ekkaia

At the northernmost point of Middle-earth, a cathedral stands in Forodwaith. Built by old frontiersmen and conquistadors, the old chantry has a distinctive style of Arnor and Black Gondor Brick. Legend has it that deep beneath the lapis-adorned floor lies a secret tunnel to the Caverns that would be better left forgotten.


The Western Water-port of Duninen is a friendly stronghold to the High Elves and the Galadhrim. Inspired by Eregion, this port is truly a window to the West.