Thrain's Halls was Founded By Lord_Gil_Galad, Current lord of The city Who will hold the position Until the city is Built, The city itself Is built in the iron hills with 2 frequent Players who are, Rikz5 and Lord_Gil_Galad

The halls can be found east of west peak WayPoint in the Iron Hills, If you follow the road You will find it Blocking the Mountain pass, Although the city is a heavy WIP But can still be seen from The Nearby lake

The city was founded on 13th of december 2015 At a later date (Around The 15-14th) The Village of forge was built, And there Goverment wich has 4 of 7 seats held

The High governor Rikz5

Governor Eylenbosch

Governor Lord_Gil_Galad Thrain's Halls East Flank

Thrain's Halls





City's Members

The members of the city are, Wolffe, Lord_Gil_Galad, Eylenbosch And Rikz5

Other members will be admitted to Forge, Until Trusted To thrain's Halls

This wiki will be updated when needed -Gil