The White Council is a group of good aligned players who work together on a faction scale to combat the forces of evil. It is made up of influential players from most of the good-aligned factions. 

Factions of the White Council

  • The High Elves (Represented by LibertyMom (1st High Queen of the High-Elves(3rd Queen)), SinzPet( 2nd High King of the High-Elves), a founder of the council and Capt9Captain( InternetMiners), a founder)
  • The Woodland Realm (Represented by _Olgierd( 11th Ruler of the Woodland Realm) Formerly by: Cchatts( 10th Ruler of the Woodland Realm) and Faelon( 2nd, 4th, 6th & 8th Ruler of the Woodland Realm), a founder & TheBlueTrixter( 5th Ruler of the Woodland Realm & wife of the 1st King of the High-Elves) & TheSmileBC/Malinon( Husband of Faelon))
  • Gondor (Represented by IceFrone( Chancellor of Gondor). Formerly by SpeedySC( 10th King of Gondor), Tarixxiv( 9th King of Gondor), fireninja8575( 6th King of Gondor), TheSmileBC/Arantoer_II( 2nd King of Gondor), Zhatelier( 4th King of Gondor), Atanvarno( 3rd and 5th King of Gondor), Liodir( 7th King of Gondor)), DebtFreeLyfe( 8th King of Gondor) and Capt9Captain( InternetMiners)( Prince of Dol Amroth). 
  • The Blue Dwarves (Represented by SquatchThunder( 1st King of the Blue Mountains and 1st High King of All Dwarves)
  • Durin's Folk (Represented by VetusGeneral( King of the Gray Mountains). Formerly by: SpoangityBob( 1st King of Khazad-dum))
  • Arnor (Represented by Elendil_The_Tall( 3rd & 5th Chieftain of the Dunedain). Formerly by Hell_Metallicus( 1st Chieftain of the Dunedain), Skelesam( 2nd Chieftain of the Dunedain) and Nazdrul( 4th Chieftain of the Dunedain)
  • The Riders of Rohan (Represented by Henry3748( 5th King of Rohan) and TheSmileBC( High Lord of Helm's Deep). Formerly by mewarmy( 2nd & 4th King of Rohan)) & Icefrone( 3rd & 6th king of Rohan).
  • Lothlóriën (Represented by Gingilipho and Orchidcube, Lord and Lady of Lóriën). Formerly: Celleborn.
  • Calosto, the City of Light, The City of the White Council, Formerly represented by mewarmy( Bringer of Dawn & 2nd and 4th King of Rohan)


Even at this moment the Council convenes to discuss trade, border troubles and incoming threats from treacherous neighbours. Their reach is nearly limitless as they can thwart even the deadliest of enemy plans. Their spheres of influence allies themselves closely to the most powerful of players, including most Dwarven lords and High Elves. Their contacts include the richest players on the server and the White Council itself has accomplished warriors of renown. They are ever vigil, always watching. Cross them and you may be forgiven, but never forgotten.

There are rumors that the White Council has a secret location where they all meet, and it is said to be never found by anyone outside of the White Council. Some even say the location is not even in Middle-Earth. Others say they all communicate through Palentirs. Even we are unsure of the truth.

A Light can be rekindled,

With Dawn and Hope it brings;

The malice of Evil is dwindled,

Deep in the valley of Kings.

Forth shall come a union,

In Calosto, a beacon through Darkness.

A Bastion to stand against ruin;

Through dangers and peril, dauntless.  

~Mewarmy of the White Council