The Numenorean Umbar War (also known as the War of Reconquest) began shortly after the declaration of Númenor due to the desire to claim Umbar as a foothold in the South. The war ended the longest peace perioid between the numenorian kingdoms and the southron factions. The war was officially declared by Numenor at the 27th of August and has ended with a victory for Numenor

War Rules

Faction armor and weapons only.

Enchants allowed.

Mod potions only. (Athelas, Orc Draught etc)

5 Units per player. Large units (Trolls and Huorns) count as 5. Wargs as 2.


Shortly after the coronations of both Atanvarno and Skelesam the Union Of Númenor was declared. The goal of this union being to rebuild the ancient kingdom and to unite the Dúnedain of the north and south. The Council Of Númenor decided that Umbar was key to establishing the power of Númenor and so began the road to war. Umbar until this point was officialy a province of the Astrasi Empire led ruled by Kvesir. In time the Astrasi Empire had been weakend due to a lack of new players. The rule of second Astrasi Empress shamiir shaped the empire to be more federalistic than under the absolute rule of first Astrasi Emperor Karseius III. to stabalize the internal fight for power among members of the empire. This caused the Numenorians as well as their allies to not reconize the existence of the Astrasi Empire and claim Umbar as part of the Union as it is not part of Near Harad. After a few small skirmishes and failed negotiations, war was declared.

Conflict Parties

The Union of Numenor

Leaders: Atanvarno, 5th King Of Gondor/Skelesam, 2nd Chieftan of Arnor/Thani_Vibiras, 1st Thain of the Shire

Allies: Rohan


Umbar (As part of the Astrasi Empire)

Leaders: Kvesir, Viper of Umbar/shamiir, second Astrasi Empress

Allies: Isengard, Gundabad, Mordor

Supporters: CHead2000

Battles and other notable events

Númenor 2-0 Umbar

Forfeited points:

Date: 5th September 2015

The first siege of the war was set to occur at 15:00 GMT however not enough Evil players turned up, therefore the result was an automatic forfeit and a win for Númenor.

Date: 12th September 2015

Set to occur at 17:00pm GMT as per Kvesir's request. Not enough evil players showed up, this led to Joetato withdrawing from the war entirely.


After Kvesir's allies abandoned him he surrendered to Númenor. Negotiations were held and he was given Co-rule of Umbar with Thain_Vibiras, and continues to build Umbar's capital with help from the rest of Númenor.

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