The Numenorean Umbar War (also known as the War of Reconquest) began shortly after the declaration of Númenor. The war was officially declared by Númenor on August 27th 2015 and initially ended with a victory for Númenor, but the war would once again start up and resulted in most of their territorial gains being reversed.

War Rules

Faction armor and weapons only.

Enchants allowed.

Mod potions only. (Athelas, Orc Draught etc)

5 Units per player. Large units (Trolls and Huorns) count as 5. Wargs as 2.


Shortly after the coronations of both Atanvarno and Skelesam the Union Of Númenor was declared. The goal of this union was to rebuild the ancient kingdom and to unite the Dúnedain of the north and south. The Council Of Númenor first peacefully annexed the shire, before setting their sights on Umbar. Umbar until this point was a province of the Astrasi Empire ruled by Kvesir. Following a failed attempt to peacefully take control of the country war was declared.

Conflict Parties

The Union of Numenor

Leaders: Atanvarno, 5th King Of Gondor/Skelesam, 2nd Chieftan of Arnor/Thain_Vibiras, 1st Thain of the Shire

Allies: Rohan

Umbar (As part of the Astrasi Empire)

Leaders: Kvesir, Viper of Umbar/shamiir, second Astrasi Empress

Allies: Isengard, Gundabad, Mordor

First Phase

It was decided that the victor of the war would be decided by the winner of 4 battles. The Empire would defend twice and the Union would as well.

Siege of Poros

Date: 5th September 2015

Not enough Evil players turned up for this siege. Therefore the result was an automatic forfeit and a win for Númenor.

Siege of Isengard

Date: 12th September 2015

Once again not enough Evil players showed up for this siege, and the battle was once again forfeited. Following this, Isengard withdrew from the war.


After Isengard left the war Kvesir surrendered to Númenor. Negotiations were held and he was given co-rule of Umbar with Thain_Vibiras (now known as Viceroy_Vibiras). This agreement, however, would collapse and war would once again break out.

Second Phase

Despite the treaty between Kvesir and Númenor, Kvesir was increasingly sidelined by the alliance. Following the withdrawal of Arnor from the union, Kvesir cited failures to uphold the treaty on Númenor's part and rebelled against their rule with the support of the Dark Alliance. Virtually all of Umbar quickly declared for Kvesir, and Thain was forced to retreat to his coastal stronghold where he was strengthened by Gondorian soldiers.

Siege of the Haven Of Umbar

The armies of the Dark Alliance marched on the final Númenorian stronghold in the country: Thain's Haven of Umbar. Thain and his forces were successful in defeating the Umbarim assailants, but they lacked the forces to continue and reconquer the country.


The war in the end resulted in few territorial changes. The Umbar faction to this day continues to hold the vast majority of the country, although the Gondorians continue to maintain a fort along the coast.

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