The Imperial Tower is one of the great towers in Near Harad and functioned multible times in history as location for important political meetings in Near Harad. It is located directly at the Gardens of Beruthiel waypoint in fertile Near Harad.


The Imperial Tower after the Astrasi renovation feauturing the prominent Harpy of Astras.


The Imperial Tower was built by the last Serpentlord of the Old Empire Karseius II. in order to create a council for the Principalities of Near Harad, which succeeded the Old Empire. During this Era the Tower was meeting place for all five then known Serpents of Near Harad. After the seizure of power by Serpent Skilliar of the Gulf and the creation of the New Empire the tower lost it's meaning. It was not until the rise of the Astrasi Empire under Astrasi Emperor Karseius III. that the tower became once again a central location for politics of Harad. The tower was renovated and served as council building for all lords of the early Astrasi Empire,including also Vipers (Lords)from Far Harad and Mordor . After the Astrasi Reformation under second Astrasi Empress shamiir and the "Near Haradrimization" of the Astrasi Empire, the Imperial Tower was used as meeting place for rare and very important meetings of all remaining Astrasi Vipers, mostly Near Haradrim.


The Imperial Tower has no permanent population.


The tower uses like most Near Harad builds a mixture of Near Harad Bricks and Sarncaran. The tower shows feautures of the architectural sytle of the Ain province (like the four smaller surrounding serpent towers) as well as elements from the Ajtiaz province (like the sarncaran dome).