The Great War is widely considered to be the greatest war in the history of the server with virtually all factions sending forces to fight. The war lasted from July 11th 2015 and was waged until the 10th of August


The Great War was spawned from rising tensions between the Dwarves and Gundabad, between whom the Misty Mountains biome was, at the time, inconclusively divided. Though, in the days of High Chieftain SirWilsonGS there was mostly peace between the two sides, as Gundabad grew stronger in the spring of 2015, tensions began to rise. At the time, the faction was ruled by four War Chiefs - SirWilsonGS, Iluvatars_Bane, Grievous1138, and Lord_Morghash_IV. Wilson was generally the dominant figure, but when the summer of 2015 began he went on a leave of absence, and Grievous effectively took his place.

Grievous was much less friendly towards the Dwarves than Wilson was, and wanted them driven from the Misty Mountains. At the time, there were two Dwarven clans that shared the range with Gundabad - the Kingdom of Khazad-dûm, which controlled the mountains south of Caradhras, and the Kingdom of Durin's City, which claimed the northernmost part of the Mountains, a claim contested by Gundabad.

Grievous began plotting and earned the support of Illuvatars_Bane and Lord_Morgash_IV, as well as the rulers of Dol Guldur. These factions launched intensive raids against Dains Halls, and successfully baited the Dwarves into unanimously declaring war. While this war was initially called the War for Retribution, it soon evolved into the Great War as forces arrived from other realms. 


The Free Peoples:

The Shadow:


  1. No enchanted armour. 
  2. Weapons of any kind, including enchanted
  3. Maximum 30 units per player. 
  4. Bombs are permitted as long as they are not used to grief.
  5. All Brews and Draughts are legal.
  6. Mithril Crossbows are banned.


Siege of Isengard

Hoping to bring the war to a swift conclusion, an army of Dwarves led by Lord _Gimli_ immediately descended on Isengard. The forces of the shadow led by Joetatoe wheeled to engage them, and in a bloody battle their forces were repulsed. 

Siege of Mount Gram

Taking advantage of their victory in the south, the victorious armies under the command of Joetatoe quickly pursued the dwarven armies north to Mount Gram. Although the dwarven armies under Lord _Gimli_ held for a time, they were too few and the city fell. To this day the city is part of the realm of Gundabad. 

Battle of Ghashtiri 

Reeling from their losses that had been inflicted at Isengard and Mount Gram, the armies of Gondor chose to attack an Uruk base in central gondor as it was cut off from its allies. Nevertheless, this attack failed as well at the hands of the garrison led by Ghash_Max. Following this victory, an orcish army approached Osgiliath, but Joetatoe fell ill and it was called off. 

Siege of Dain's Halls

The armies of the shadow had now won three consecutive victories, and with morale high a force led by Grievous1138 advanced on Dain's Halls: the capitol of one of seven dwarven realms. It was here that the Dwarves under King Aidenbastion finally won a victory against the shadow with the few surviving orcs forced to retreat. 

Battle of Caradhras

With morale high, the Dwarven armies pursued the retreating orcs much as the orcs had pursued them following the victory at Isengard. However, they lacked the forces necessary to take the city and were crushed by the defenders led by Grievous1138.

The War Dies Down

Following the Battle of Caradhras the war began to quickly die down. An orcish army approached Azanbulzar but it disbanded on August 10th following the Treaty of Moria. This treaty stipulated a permanent non-aggression-pact between the Orcs of Gundabad and the Dwarves, gave the Orcs control of half of Moria, and resulted in both armies withdrawing from the war.

An army of the shadow again approached Osgiliath on August 15th, but this assault did not occur. Without Gundabad or the Dwarves pushing for further conflict, the momentum of the war simply collapsed. 


The Great War changed the servers landscape dramatically. Gundabad reclaimed Mount Gram and much of Moria, while it spelled the end for the Kingdom of the Durins City. The Dwarven Council struggled to fill this seat, with both the Kingdom of Forochel and the Kingdom of the Winds filling it for a time.

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