The Easterlings of TOS have long been in the making. Their capital, Mistrand, rivals that of any city in Middle Earth. It is considered by some, even, to be the greatest city in all the world. Their Khan is Joetatoe who is also the head of the Khaganate of Rhun.

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Flag of the Easterlings
General Information
Government type Totalitarian Government/Absolute Monarchy
Current Ruler(s) Khan Joetatoe
Emblem The Golden Dragon of Rhûn
Flag Easterling Flag
Claimed Lands Rhûdel
Map of Lands None
Capital Mistrand
Allies All Khaganate Factions
Population 12+ (census is needed)
Used NPCs Rhudel


Current members:

2016-02-20 22.16.00

The Lighthouse of Mistrand (Built by TheOneGoran)

Joetatoe (Leader)
















Easterling Culture

2016-03-06 18.48.31

The Pyramid of Mistrand (Built by primarily by Joetatoe and TheOneGoran)

The dragon worshipers of the East love gold. It is because of this that their choice of armor is Golden Easterling Armor.

2016-03-06 18.57.49

Temple in Mistrand (Built by Aidansebastian)

There are a variety of Easterling classes and professions including:  

(changing soon)  

Khan- Joetatoe  

Dragon Legate- aidansebastian  

Grand Cataphract- (Empty)  

Grand Admiral- (Empty)  

Grand Dragon Warlord- tchri006 

Dragon Warlord- (Empty) 

Dragon Lord- QQQQQQWERTY, TheKrimsonWolf, ShaDowPHOenix9903 

Dragon Priestess- LadyNightScream 

Grand Architect- SithAnakin 

Captain of the City Watch- ShaDowPHOenix990 

Merchant- SithAnakin, OBSIDIAN_FOX 

Fisherman- minecraft_forevr 

Small Business Owner- D_Coop_Sloot 

Builder- ShaDowPHOenix9903 (walls, defense) SithAnakin (chief builder)

and many more.     

New ranks: (will be changing to this soon) 

☀ Dragon Order ranks:

Khan: The Khan is the supreme king of rhudel and emperor of the khaganate. He also rules the confederacy of easterling civilizations. He has ultimate power.

Dragon Legate: The Dragon Legate is the right hand man of the Khan.

Grand Dragon Warlord: The Grand Warlord rules over all the (states) regions of rhudel and oversees them.

Dragon Warlord: The warlord is a lord who rules an entire region (state) of rhudel. He leads a regional army.

Dragon Lord: The Dragon Lord rules a city or town that is part of a certain region. He rules a town/city army. These men are part of the great dragon counsel.

Dragon Priest: Dragon Priests are the great priests of rhudel.

Dragon Knight: The Dragon Knights are the grandest knights of Rhudel, and you can only get this rank by being invited by the Khan. They are the lowest rank of the dragon orders. The Dragon Knights act as personal bodyguards of members of the order and of the khan respectfully.

Common ranks:

Government Official: Government officials are players who help manage cities, build projects, etc.

Seargeant: Seargeants are military men who rule small forts and small forces.

Golden Knight: The Golden Knights are soldiers of Rhudel, who are quite skilled in combat. They may be given more responsabilities and powers than an ordinary soldier. All ranks above this rank, including this one, must have over 1000 rhudel alignment.(edited

Warrior (Citizen): The warrior is the main rank of rhudel. When not in wartime, they are ordinary civilians. They may chose to live in a city where they will be assigned (or they can choose if the warlord wills it) a job to help in the city.

Recruit: Recruit is a half rank of the faction, as recruits are not full members. They will travel to Mistrand, where they will have to gain 100 easterling alignment by giving a task or quota to do before becoming full members of the faction. They will complete the quota, be given a chance to reside in a city, and become a citizen/warrior of rhudel


The Golden Easterlings are closely allied with the rest of the Confederacy as well as Near Harad. The Golden Easterlings are neutral towards Dorwinion.


The Golden Easterling's enemies are the Kingdom of Dale and Gondor.

The Empire of the East

As more Rhûn factions are implemented into the mod, the Empire of the East will grow in power. The Confederacy consists of:

Rhudel (The grand Golden Easterling Kingdom, greatest Kingdom in all the East!)

Khand (Variags of the southern steppes, known for being skilled horsemen.)

Wainriders (A confederation of easterling tribes united in their hate for the west, who were known for using chariots and wains to wage war.)

Far Rhûn Easterlings (The mysterious and exotic tribes of the far east, who live south of the mountains of the wind or east of the red mountains.)

Their borders contain most of the lands of Rhûn and are united and closely intertwined people.


The Golden Easterlings are derived from a cult of dragon worshippers, who were sent by Pallando the Blue to spread their dragon religion. Thus the reason their armor appears to resemble dragon scales. They are fascinated with gold, just as the dragons they worship.

The Loke-Egleria function as the capital faction of the great Confederacy.


The Easterlings worship four different dragon-gods and are controlled by a dragon cult known as the Loke-Egleria. Here are the four different dragon-gods:

Lòcë Aeara:

-She is one of the four Dragons of the East.

-She is the deity of water and all bodies of it, life, and the moon.

-Aspects of Aeara include: Understanding, intelligence, honesty, devotion, mercy, forgiveness, compassion, indifference, heartlessness, laziness, indolence, rigidity, unpredictable, lack of daring, lack of concern, and instability.

-The Colors associated with Aeara are Blue and Purple.

Lòcë Oron:

2016-03-06 18.47.56

Tribute to Lòcë Oron (Built by SirWilsonGS)

-He is one of the four Dragons of the East.

-He is the deity of the earth, nature, and time.

-Aspects of Oron include: Consistency, wisdom, conscientiousness, happiness, patience, perseverance, punctuality, caution, resistance, responsibility, carefulness, firmness, reliability, ambition, respect, ind

ifference, cumbersomeness, irregularity, timidity, and scornfulness.

-The Colors associated with Oron are Brown and Green.

Lòcë Vaiya:

-She is one of the four Dragons of the East.

-She is the deity of the sky, weather, and the stars.

-Aspects of Vaiya include: Vigilance, freedom, kindness, trust, clarity, lightness, independency, dexterity, optimism, diligence, joy, lack of perseverance, dishonesty, gossipy, inconstancy, touchiness, and prodigality.

-The Colors associated with Vaiya are White and Black.

2016-03-13 16.04.33

Throne room of Mistrand with tribute to Lòcë Agar (Built by Joetatoe)

Lòcë Agar:

-He is one of the four Dragons of the East.

-He is the deity of fire, war, and the sun. 

-Aspects of Agar include: Vigorousity, enthusiasm, courage, decisiveness, power, honor, daring, irritability, destructiveness, instability, passion, jealousy, voraciousness, violence, hate, and anger.

-The Colors associated with Agar are Red and Gold.