The Free Peoples of the land of the Yellow Iris
Yellow Iris flag
Flag of the Free Peoples of the Land of the Yellow Iris
General Information
Government type Monarchy
Current Ruler(s) miner49er876 (Formerly)
Emblem Yellow Irises
Flag None
Claimed Lands Gladden Fields
Map of Lands None
Capital Caras Ninglor
Allies Gundabad (Moria)
Population None
Used NPCs Gundabad Orc, Gundabad Archer, Gundabad Warg, Gundabad Uruk and Gundabad Uruk Archer

The Gladden Fields

The Free Peoples of the Land of the Yellow Iris was a faction created by miner49er876 in the Gladden Fields. It was a free faction so you could kill anyone as long as it didn't go against the server rules.


The Gladden Fields were founded on April 24th 2015 by miner49er876 as a farming faction with very close relations to Lothlorien. Miner developed an alliance with Gundabad, whom he sold his crops, and recruited the player Sebrom. Relations with Lorien and the other good factions, however, began to collapse when in early September 2015 the Gladden players slew GLASSDUCK, a dwarf of Khazed-Dum. The dwarves subsequently declared war on Gladden, and shadowninja joined the faction shortly afterwards. The warriors of the Yellow Iris launched a series of raids on Erebor, and in the final battle on November 2nd 2015, the three Gladden players were confronted by five dwarves led by SquatchThunder below the gate of Erebor. In the ensuing battle, Squatch was slain by miner before the Gladden soldiers were forced to flee, causing a salt war. Due to the toxicity of the ensuing argument, the admins forced the two sides to end the war. Shadowninja vanished shortly afterwards.

Despite peace with the dwarves, new conflicts quickly broke out in late November 2015 when PolarClad, ChrisR, and mewarmy joined Gladden. The hosts of good rallied against the Yellow Iris, and although Gladden won all the major battles of the war, the faction lost most of its players in December of the same year when Sebrom and PolarClad were banned while mewarmy returned to Rohan and ChrisR founded his own assassin faction. This left Miner as the last player in Gladden, with his only ally being Gundabad as Lothlorien cut off relations and imposed a kill-on-site on November 24th.

Despite Gladden’s fall from power, miner continued fighting good aligned players in small skirmishes across Middle-Earth along with his soldier Wintercoop. On August 1st 2016, the unbanned Sebrom rejoined Gladden, and with him new players began to flow in. While Sebrom was once again banned on August 21st 2016, miner and his men continued battling the Dwarves, and were strengthened by a group of Grey Dwarven players led by DJMax2ee who defected to the armies of the Yellow Iris. In mid 2017, after almost two years of war a treaty between the two sides was at last reached, and miner fell into inactivity afterwards. In late November 2017, miner was banned from the server, finally ending the Gladden Fields. 

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