The Free Peoples of the land of the Yellow Iris
Yellow Iris flag
Flag of the Free Peoples of the Land of the Yellow Iris
General Information
Government type Monarchy
Current Ruler(s) Miner49er876
Emblem Yellow Irises
Flag None
Claimed Lands Gladden Fields
Map of Lands None
Capital Caras Ninglor
Allies Gundabad (Moria)
Population 13
Used NPCs Gundabad Orc, Gundabad Archer, Gundabad Warg, Gundabad Uruk and Gundabad Uruk Archer

The Gladden Fields

The Free Peoples of the Land of the Yellow Iris is a faction created by recneps in the Gladden Fields. They are currently at peace with Gundabad as Gundabad has many camps in the area, thus making any hostilities unfavorable. The Recneps, or miner49er876, is trying to recruit more members into the faction, as well as flatten land for a huge fortress-city West of the waypoint, so far the flattening is still in progress but is on its way to being complete.


The Gladden is known as a free faction, kill whoever... do whatever, just try not to break the rules, killing another member is greatly dis advised as you may incur the wrath of the higher ups, we encourage team work in the faction.

We are mainly assassins and so can take contracts from other factions to take out target, although this doesn't happen often, when it does it can be worth doing.

The Gladden is hated on the server for our murdering, although this makes us a lot of enemies, it gives us more people to fight and kill which allows us to thrive.

We have many veterans in our faction that are knowledgeable and smart, with these players the Gladden has become the largest and most efficient assassin faction, with no direct ties to other factions ours is very unique.


To join the Gladden you must reach the biome of course, and also you must be accepted by the higher ups, the faction is about freedom, kill whoever.. do whatever... this means no alignment is needed as that wouldn't be free, you could be an orc, elf, man etc etc and still join us.

You will most likely have to build your own house on the Gladden flat, which is a large area of flattened land, it does not have to follow any build style or be pretty, we just encourage that it's sturdy and keeps players out.

Members include:

Miner49er876 King of the Free Peoples of The Land of the Yellow Iris

Sebrom The Listener

Wintercoop The Silencer

DaGamer9901 Master Memer

Owid Assassin

Summersharry Assassin and Pleb

Rickyc Assassin

FreakishMovie Assassin

MineOfDuty Eliminator

Echocow Eliminator

Julia75 Eliminator

NanoHawk Eliminator


In the past, they fought a war with the Dwarves. The Gladden-Dwarven War started with the murder of GLASSDUCK by recneps, due to the fact that GLASS had a bounty on him for murder. The war was fought mainly at Erebor, with the peoples of the Gladden sneaking in and murdering people, then returning home with the loot. The war ended after SquatchThunder, the Dwarven high king, was killed by recneps in a 3v5 battle. Because of that victory, the peoples of both factions, excepting a few people such as Squatch and recneps, started swearing and yelling at each other. Joetatoe got mad and said "NO MORE WAR." There was NO MORE WAR. The Gladden considers this a victory, but the dwarves might as well.

Miner49er876, or Recneps, was strongly allied with Lorien , during Celleborn's original rule, and under Cookminer's house system, had a somewhat honorary House of Lorien consisting of this faction. However, relations with the new, and old, lord, Celleborn, are not so cordial due to the fact that the other elven kings, Faelon and SinzPet, do not like him, and the fact that some players from Lorien griefed the city of Caras Ninglor, although unencouraged by Celleborn, still have had perverse effects upon their relations. Recneps is skilled at alchemy, archery and persuasion.


Why do people keep saying gladden had good builds??? Like did you ever go there? That place had the rattiest builds on the server. They all used dirt, cobble and mud and looked like a 3rd world country so i don’t get why people act like it’s some sort of superior form. The people in gladden were assholes so i don’t see why people admire their builds because they weren’t even good. Like half the time they were big boxes. And don’t get me started on all copycats who think they are cool for posting a picture of their shoddy “builds” thinking they are cool because it’s the hip thing to do because it’s not. GLADDEN BUILDS ARE UGLY SO STOP IT.-Aiglos