This is the story of Olog-Scara, Spider Lord of the east (WIP)

Back story

Nobody knows Olog-Scara's place of birth or his parents. All that is known is that as a baby he was taken in by a pack of wolves. While he was growing up he had to keep up with the other members of the pack or he would have starved, this led to him having extremely heightened sense, unnatural speed and long sabre like fangs in place of teeth. when he was 15 he was hunting in the Wilderland with his pack when a group of wood elven hunters jumped out of the trees slaughtering his pack. Olog-Scara barely escaped alive, to get out he had had to leap at one of the wood elves tearing there throat out, he then ran off into the corrupt darkness of Mirkwood. Alone in the one place his pack feared, his instict took over and he started looking for food killing anything with meat and eating any plant that looked edible. One day after foraging all afternoon Olog-Scara needed rest so he crawled into his cave and tried to doze off, as he was dozing off he heard slight rustling noises nearby so he got up and prepared for a fight. But what he saw did not scare or threaten him it merely intrigued. In-front of him stood 2 Giant spiders and one slightly smaller spider (although not by much) slowly he got up and walked towards the smallest spider. To his surprise he could hear them whispering in a very raspy form of wolf speech. Cautiously he talked to them slowly learning their way of speaking better until they decided to let him join their pack he happily agreed after being alone in Mirkwood for weeks. And that is how he became so akin to spiders and wolves. After 7 years of hunting and living with his spider pack Olog-Scara decided he wished to take revenge on the elves who slaughtered his pack needlessly. And so he began his journey of revenge. (Clarification because i wasnt sure how to add this to the backstory well Olog-Scara is a Werewolf/Half troll cross breed.)(This section of the story is complete fiction and not based on events)

The Journey

Olog-Scara realised that to become powerful enough to exact his revenge he would need support from other two-legs. He had heard rumours from some of the spider riders of 3 wood elf despisers who were hiding out in the peaceful land of hobbits, the Shire. Needing support he traveled the long road to meet them and gain their support. He found all three of them in an old tavern called the sleeping dragon, as he walked in he instantly knew who they were all three sitting around a table drinking with weapons on their hip. Olog-Scara walked to their table and as he passed the bar he ordered a round of drinks for them. When he sat down they murmured in annoyance but were quieted by the spider fang spear on his back, after the drinks showed up though they were more than happy to have him around.after an afternoon of talking and persuading them that they should act on their hatred of wood elves, they finally agreed to accompany him back to Dol Guldur to try and revive the great kingdom. During there travels they encountered many people who sought to take advantage of their small numbers but all were slaughtered and looted without hesitation. After 7 days of hard travelling they finally arrived. And so Olog-Scara's rise to power began.

The Rise to Power

Once the 4 travellers arrived in Dol Guldur they decided they would need a fortress to have as the base of their push for leadership and power. for 2 longs months they worked building the high walls and tall towers with no help except the help of one unknown stranger(pancakeponcho). once it was finally built they were all astounded at the strength of the walls and height of the towers. Then once their construction was complete Olog-Scara sent messengers to spread the word that a new master had taken control of Dol Guldur. When word reached The Witch King of Dol Guldur (Lord_Witch_King) he decided it was no longer time to rest and stay quite with the arrive of these warlike newcomers who where claiming his title it was time to expand! He contacted Olog-Scara denying him his claim on the throne of Dol Guldur, Olog-Scara and The Witch King negotiated at great lengths until Olog-Scara accepted an offer to be the Co-ruler and general of Dol Guldurs armies. After becoming the general Olog-Scara began working on plans of expansion and his mind turned away from his revenge on the wood elves and towards the expansion and empowering of Dol Guldur. With Olog-Scara and the Witch King working together Dol Guldur rapidly expanded, they constructed fortresses as places of power in East Bight and the Mountains of Mirkwood. One day Olog-Scara was traveling through the Woodland realm with a raiding party when a group of elven hunters dropped from the trees and shot all of his guards dead before he could even react, then they turned their bows on him he looked at the closest one and instantly recognised it as the elf who had shot his pack leader when he was a younger. The very sight of the hunter caused him to go into a berserkers frenzy, he made a sound that was half a roar and half a howl and then jumped on one of the hunters tearing him to pieces with his bare claws, the elves instantly loosed their arrows and they all found their mark but he just brushed them off and launched himself at the nearest elf tearing his throat out, all the while roaring in fury, then throwing the lifeless body into two other elves knocking them over, he then proceeded to slowly walk up to them all the while staring into the eyes of the hunter from his youth, the last one standing and he crushed the two elves on the grounds heads with his huge clawed feet without breaking eye contact with the last elf who was practically shaking at this point. He then grabbed the elf's own sword and hacked off his feet and his arms, he threw the sword on the ground and put the barely breathing elf on his back and loped to the place his pack was slaughtered he then threw the elf on the ground and plunged his clawed fist into the elfs chest and tore out his hear then proceeding to take a large bite out of it causing it to spurt blood everywhere. He spread the elfs heart blood over the graves of his pack and then went back to the lifeless body of the elf crushing its skull and then drenching himself in what was left of the elfs blood. The blood is still in his fur today and thus he is called by many, The Krimson Wolf. It was on that day that he got his revenge and that day that... [To be Continued]