TheJulkkis is an evil orc, that lives to do evil things in the world of Middle Earth. He is a bloodthirsty killer, that loves to bring suffer and pain on other beings. He now, is a lieutenant of Mount Gram, and is waiting for the dark times to come upon Middle Earth.


TheJulkkis is a cruel orc. He personally loves slaughtering and torturing beings, with  his favorites being the little folk of The Shire, hobbits . It is rumored that he tears out their insides and cooks them (Okay,that's a bit dark...). He also likes to kill Rangers of the north , some of his sworn enemies. Sometimes he also kills the elves, but that is pretty rare.                                                                                                             This, has caused him to encounter some players from the rangers of the north faction. Many other good players would probably not miss a chance of bringing him to justice either. TheJulkkis himself doesn't mind this, as he believes that this makes his job much more interesting.

Servant of The Great Eye

Before he joined the orcs of Gundabad , TheJulkkis was a Mordor orc, who served the dark lord Sauron. While his faction was different at the times, TheJulkkis was not. He was the same bloodthirsty killer, known to kill the men of Gondor. He also met and talked with some of his fellow Mordor players, these including the lord of Barad Dur, Morishi and the player who ruled the Mordor at the times, ItsSecret.                                                At these times, the land of Rohan was on the edge of a civil war. This war was happening between the lord of Rohan Mewarmy, and his loyal servants Elizaer and Eomer_. TheJulkkis was preparing for the war at these times, creating himself armor and equipment. But, as the civil war ended much more earlier then expected, TheJulkkis left, disappointed. At the same times, he also left the land of Mordor , to travel around the world of Middle Earth.                                                                                                                                                                                              

The Lieutenant of Mount Gram

After a long, big journey around Middle Earth, TheJulkkis joined the orcs of Gundabad . After helping the war-chief of Mount Gram, Lord_Morghash_IV, the orc decided to join this fortress. He soon rose in the ranks of his faction, becoming a lieutenant, and Lord_Morghash's loyal servant. TheJulkkis after this started a huge killing spree on the little folk of the Shire, hobbits . He also slayed many elves, and rangers of the north . This, caused many hobbit sheriffs to come after him, but they were all slaughtered by the crazy orc. But, one day, TheJulkkis had an encounter with one of the most respected rangers of the north, Combobob. And while both of the fighters survived this encounter, TheJulkkis here learned that he needed to be more careful in the future.