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Combat statistics
Health Points 20 HP
Armour Ranger Armour
Armour Points 15
Attack Strength 7
Faction Rangers of the North
Biographical Information
Other names Sudry Knotwise, Bald, Beagle
Titles None
Realms Ruled None
Weapon Dol Amroth Sword
Physical Description
Race Half Dunedain, Quarter Hobbit, Quarter ?
Culture Bree
Gender Male
Playing this mod since February 2016

Before Birth

Sudry Knotwise was raised in the town of Bree by his father, Wilibald Knotwise. Wilibald's origins are unknown but is known to be half hobbit on his father's side. He moved there because of it's mixed human, hobbit population and he was too tall to be a hobbit, but to short to be a human so he fit right it. His mother was a ranger, who happened to be short for a human. Sudry's parent's met one night at an inn called The Prancing Pony in Bree. Every week his mother would return to Bree for a drink and every week his father would join her. Eventually Wilibald proposed to Sudry's mother and they married and had a child, Sudry.

Early Life

When Sudry was age 14(He is only half-human so he ages slower than the average human, his maturity is the same as a ten year old human), Sudry's mother was called to fight in an unnamed war(If you know of a good war to go here please suggest) that she never returned from. For the nine years following Sudry was raised solely by his father and watched him open his own tavern, the Rowdy Rooster. At the age of 23(maturity = twenty year old) Wilibald was killed by a Gundabad Uruk in an invasion on Bree. After this event Sudry became the sole owner of the Rowdy Rooster and met Ranger inhabitants of Bree such as Combobob and JimmyPage13.

Ranger Life

At age 24 Sudry decided it was time to follow in the way of his mother and, with the permission of Elendil_The_Tall, became a ranger recruit. After doing a quest for his friend, JJofJ, Sudry was accepted by Skelesam, the chieftain of Arnor, as a true Ranger. After this happened Sudry began work with JJofJ on the creation of a new Ranger City to be ruled by JJofJ.

And thus we are now caught up with the life of Sudry Knotwise.