This page is to function as a hub for anyone interested in putting up a page about their roleplay on the server, so that they can show it off outside of just their own faction page and that newcomers to the wiki might know the legends around some of the big names on the server.

This means, that because this page is largely for new players just players in general to learn more deep lore of the server and it's players, these pages have to be based on true events, false information and lies will not be tolerated, and pages with such content will be removed.

If there is a renowned character put on this list that lacks a page, this is an indication that one should be made. HOWEVER as roleplay is a matter of import to some of us, please only create a page for a character if you know you can do it some kind of justice. Don't just make a page and leave it with one or two sentences saying the person exists.

As with anything of this nature, feel free to add more! Also if you know about a character but don't know enough about them yourself to make a proper page for them, consider putting them on the list and see if someone else with some more server history knowledge can fill in the blanks!

Good-aligned Characters

SinzPet, 2nd High King of the High-Elves

Mewarmy, Bringer of Dawn 

Atanvarno, Former King of Gondor

Gaja the Wandering King

Skelesam, Chieftain of the Dunedain, Armorer of the West

Azaghal III (SquatchThunder), Dwarven High King

Fundin II Dwalinul (SpoangityBob), King of Khazad-dum

Cynwolf Eirikson, Lord of the snow (Icefrone)

Lego_Army, King of Rhovanion, Lord of Dale

Alfarin Ironhand (wille912), King of the Red Dwarves

Delri Bladedancer (LTucker8801) Lord of Gatholgardu (Red Dwarf)

Kilor Ironhelm (SpeedySC), Former Dwarven Lord and King of Gondor


Raedus, Son of Belthor (CHead2000)


Sudry Knotwise(bald beagle)

Landor, The High-elf (Epic_Gillian)

Thain_Vibiras (formerly vibrava4444)

Nopaosak, Master of Buckland

Urulóki-aiwë Elen (Phoenixstar117)


Caranthir, The Grey-Elf (TheIceInferno)

PizzaKingOfPizza, Lord of Dale

Gondhir Silverbone-Blackthunder, (Gondhir)

Malach Silverbone

Evil-aligned Characters    

Sebrom Sekeren, The Lost Soul

Lord Sauron of Mordor (Faylynn), Dark Lord of Middle-Earth

The Witch-King (okurskull)

Lord Saruman of Many Colors (SpadeCompany/Joetatoe), Lord of Isengard

Captain Dorgûz (SpadeCompany), Captain of the Uruk-hai and Master of the Pits of Isengard

Dagalûr the Great (Bubbaberet), Former High Chieftain of Gundabad

Gombar the Black (SirWilsonGS), Former High Chieftain of Gundabad and War Chief of Caradhras

Khyldash The Warg Tamer (SirWilsonGS), Former War Chief of the Plains

Gorzûthar the Cruel (SirWilsonGS), Chieftain of Barazinbar

Ongdagul the Vaulted (Iluvatars_Bane), War Chief of the North

Nagithas the Indomitable (Grievous1138), War Chief of Moria

Narakhor II (jonnymoomoomoo), War Chief of the Goblin Clan

Kryx/Golbûrz (Capt_Percy) former High Priest of the Dragon Clan & founder of Goblin-Town

Ar_Korthon, High Priest of the Dragon Clan, Voice of Scatha

Morghash IV (Lord_Morghash_IV), Former War Chief of Mount Gram

Harag-nagh (Helper1318), Former War Chief of the Goblins

Shagor-tûr the Endless (MysteryFTW), High Lieutenant of the Steel Legion in Moria

The Shade of Caradhras (Optomuncher)

Sorzau the Dreamlord (DreamLordDarkrai), Lieutenant of the Goblin Clan, Monk of Ancalagon

Ikwezi, The Moredain Spirit Doctor (DreamLordDarkrai)

Jirr'kell Arecal Nevak

Er Mûrazôr, the Black Prince and King of Angmar (Er_Murazor_)

Caradoc Burntshield (Caradoc_Blood_Axe), War Chief of the Kingdom of Rhudaur

Khamûl the Black (Khamul_The_Black), Lord of Dol Guldur

The Gloom of Núrn (The__Overlord), Nazgûl of Dol Guldur

Ufthak the Jailer (Grievous1138), General of Dol Guldur

Olog-Scara, Spider-Lord of the East (TheKrimsonWolf)

War Chief Haze (The_Haze) of Dunland

War Chief Telemmaite (Telemmaite) of Dunland

Aglarion the Second (Aglarion_II), The Last Kingsman

Serpent-Emperor Karseius (Karseius), Legendary Serpent-Lord of Harad

Empress Shamiir (shamiir), Serpent-Empress of the Astrasi Empire

Scrubor, Rebel Prince of Pertorogwaith

Ganbatar, Golden Dragon of Khand, Serpent Prince of the Confederacy of Easterlings (BDdeuce)

Dol Guldur Witch King (Lord Witch King)

Yeti the Barbarian (king_yeti), Scourge of the East

Kvesir I, Iron King of Umbar

Dhakvul, King of the Black Shores

Normiedar, the Warg of Umbar

Lord Funyun, The Schemer

"Neutral"-aligned Characters

Arantoer II (TheSmileBC), Former King of Gondor

Mogwai (Evil_Mogwai), First Warchief of Dunland

King Boro II (Half_troll_king), King of The eastern Vikings  

Mormîl the Shipwright (TrueKnightmares) Lord of Gaeraenor and Tarnost  

Imrazôr Víturi, Prince of Dol Amroth  

Cizin al-Korth, High King of the Tauredain

Julianroma, Warlord of the Tauredain

Members of The House of Punchwood, Governor of Toron Dor