General Information
Government type Lordship
Current Ruler(s) Rumil
Emblem None
Rivendell banner
Claimed Lands Rivendell, Rivendell Hills
Map of Lands
Capital Rivendell (Disputed with the High Elves)
Allies Unknown
Population 9
Used NPCs High-Elves
Rivendell, also known as Imladris, is currently an unofficial faction founded by Rumil on May 17th, 2020. He rules from his seat at Rivendell.

Rivendell is affiliated with the publication Rivendell Times, operated by the Woodman Live media group.

How to Join

Because of the nature of Rivendell's unofficial status and the situation with the High Elves, the faction is currently only accepting players which have been around for a while. New players who are interested, please still reach out! We'd love to get to know you. However, for now, we recommend exploring the mod and if you really want to join, then you can in a couple short months!


  • Rumil, First lord of Rivendell
  • Erurehto
  • Aiglos_
  • KefinLOTR
  • Carnifindion
  • Sartavaryon
  • monkeyan508
  • DookieHands
  • Morgul_Lord
  • deusexmachina4


epic builds only B)


The House of Elrond is built south of the waypoint. Construction started on January 28th, 2020, when 14 players aided Rumil in demolishing a mountain in the way. Terraforming (including the addition of countless custom trees) and decorating the interior are currently underway.

The front door of Rivendell, where weary travelers may find refuge.

KefinLOTR's Homestead

KefinLOTR built a lovely homestead directly at the Rivendell WP.

Erurehto's Homestead

Erurehto's homestead is nearby the House of Elrond. Although fully furnished, the terrain still needs to be completed.


Rivendell was established on May 17th 2020 by Rumil and seven other players. Previously a High-Elven city-lord of the waypoint build, the split occurred due to a series of grievances against the High-Elven leadership who were led at the time by DerpyMacDerpFace.

On June 10th, 2020, Rumil hosted Rivendell's first official Mass. In attendance from the Rivendell faction were Rumil, Aiglos_, Morgul_Lord, and Erurehto. Also present were RaymondWang from Angmar, and Noloite from the Woodmen of Mirkwood.

Rivendell was accepted as an official faction by the admins on Speptember 27th 2020. 

Rivendell first mass

Depicted from left to right are Aiglos_, RaymondWang, Noloite, Erurehto, and Morgul_Lord. Picture taken by Rumil.

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