Rangers of Ithilien
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General Information
Government type Lordship
Current Ruler(s) Icefrone
Emblem The Tree of Gondor with a Moon above it.
Flag Banner of Ithilien
Claimed Lands Ithilien and all of it's sub-biomes
Map of Lands None
Capital Cair Andros
Allies The allies of Gondor
Population Unknown
Used NPCs All Ranger of Ithilien NPCs
Rangers of Ithilien are a sub-faction of Gondor.


Ithilien Rangers are ruled by Prince of Ithilien.

How to join?

To become a ranger of Ithilien you have to fulfill a couple of requirements. These requirements should be fulfilled in a temporarily build up base, which can be dismantled when allowed in the corps. This will show if you are able to survive on your own.

  1. You have to have experience with playing Minecraft and the mod (2 months at least).
  2. You have to get 500+ alignment for Gondor and positive alignment with Rangers of North and Rohan.
  3. You have to earn 2000 coins. This is so a ranger may recruit an army which will help him/her in hunting enemies who possess one. You can keep the coins after showing them.
  4. You have to answer a few questions. Contact Tarixxiv for the questions.(do it as the last step because doing so without proving you are worthy wastes both your and prince's time)
  5. You have to beat Icefrone once in 5 tries in Player vs Player combat. This is because the Rangers of Ithilien are an elite force and recruits should show their pvp skill.
  6. You have to visit the following regions which belong to Gondor's biggest allies: Rohan, Eregion, Erebor, Lindon and Eriador. This is so the rangers may help allies in time of need.
  7. Last but not least; you are to act respectfully and not be ill-mannered.

If there are any questions or confusion about the above, ask Icefrone, Prince of Ithilien.

Official title

The title of "Ithilien Ranger" is the official title of the sub-faction and may only be used by rangers who have finished the requirements. It may be used in any colour that one wishes besides dark blue and black which are hard to read. The title "Gondor" in blue (this one between grey and light green) is the title for recruits of the sub-faction.

Server history

The Realm of Ithilien was occupied by legions of orcs when Atanvarno first entered the realm. After his many victories against both Mordor and Harad he became the first Prince of Ithilien. After some time he built Osgiliath (current capital of Gondor) and remained there after he finished building.

The title of prince was given to Bearclaw. He made the rangers a great and wealthy part of Gondor until the shadows of Mordor spread over it. After some time the shadows reached the Prince and he disappeared.

The rangers of Ithilien were scattered, until they were united by TheLazyCow. He started building Henneth-Annûn, a hidden fortress in the woods. He quickly became Captain of the Ithilien Rangers and was tasked with making the rangers an elite force for the army of Gondor. After he started recruiting he was proclaimed Prince of Ithilien by Atanvarno the 5th king of Gondor. TheLazyCow was a great leader but he took an arrow to the knee.


Henneth annun

Henneth-Annûn: a secret hideout built by TheLazyCow somewhere in the northern part of Ithilien. Its location is kept secret.