The Rangers of the North have many cities, fortresses, and towns scattered throughout Eriador, the Lone-lands, Minhiriath, Bree, Northern Enedwaith and many other provinces. Each of these structures is governed by one of the Lords of the Rangers.


Fornost is a large rectangular city built of Arnor brick. It sits on a hill overlooking surrounding farmlands and a river to the west. A large stair on the west side leads up to the main gate, which is guarded by a portcullis. Within is a large courtyard. The courtyard has exits on the north, east, and south. The north exits lead to guardrooms and battlements. The south exit leads to a large orchard that sits within the walls. The east exit is another portcullis, which allows access to the inner city. The inner city houses storage vaults, multi-story residences, and the Great Hall of the city, which is where the Lords convene to do their political business.

Fornost is administrated mainly by Combobob, the Chancellor.

Fortresses under Fornost supervision:


Minas Thor

Minas Thor is a large fortress city built of Arnor and High-Elven brick at the very western borders of Arnor along the Great Eastern Road. It was built by Lord RomanGuy1453 in the Arnorian province of Annúndor. It is the capital of both the Province of Annúdor and the Diocese of Arthedain. Currently, the city is being redesigned and as such, many the structures within have been demolished, and while the city itself is currently quite empty, it remains one of the most important Arnorian builds in the western lands of the faction. Minas Thor is owned and adminstered by Romanguy1453 Fortresses under Minas Thors' supervision:


Fennas Drunin

Fennas Drunin is the capital of the Angle and of the Diocese of Rhudaur. The 'last stronghold' of the dunedain people, It is a colossal walled city located in the very tip of the angle which hosts multiple large scale shops and houses, and is the primary and largest city in the Angle. It is currently administered and was built mostly by Combobob.

Fortresses under Fennas Drunin supervision:



Ellengard is a leafy city located in the province of Eryn Vorn, or the blackwood. It is a cosy city with ample farmland and a large lumber business, it was built and it is administered by Erathil and it continues to be the Capital of the Eryn Vorn province.

Lond Daer

The city of Lond Daer is a fortress city built upon the coasts of Arnor. It was the first haven of the Numenoreans in Middle Earth and it has stood as a monument to the first age since. It remains intact and thriving under its rule by the Crown (temporary).

Fortresses under Lond Daer supervision:



Archet is a logging town located in Chetwood, Bree. It remains the logging capital of the nation and works are currently being done to create the first builds there. Hand built by the Captain of Chetwood, Sir_Punchwood_, it has a large central market and fountain as well as multiple logging camps dotted around its perimeter.

Fortresses under Archet supervision:

Ered Toss


The settlement of Combe is built on a small lake a short way from the Chetwood Estate of Sir Punchwood. Built by HarrMac it has frequent trading with Archet and Bree, a short walk away.

Fortresses under Combe supervision:


Minnas Alqua

Minnas Alqua is a heavily fortified citadel built and under the command of JJofJ. It has withstood multiple sieges, only to be taken once due to some unfortunate circumstances. It contains an inn, a town hall, a library, hospital, and a few shops in the SW section of the city. The SE section contains a large amount of shops and a warehouse/granary. The northern half is WIP as of this moment.

Fortresses under Minnas Alqua supervision:

Tyrnost: a heavily fortified octangular fort at the South Downs wp. It is WIP.

Vinya-Alqualonde: a town that will be built to the west of Minnas Alqua, it is a heavy WIP.


Brill is one of the many towns that fill Bree land with vibrant commerce. Located to the south east of the Bree waypoint Brill was once the old Bree before Lord Mazerinth began building Bree proper. It enjoys multiple residents, annual christmas celebrations and a large arnorian tower that sits inside its solid walls, looking over the pastures of Bree-land.

Fortresses under Brill supervision:


Minecraft LOTR Mod Official Server Builds Showcase Ep

Minecraft LOTR Mod Official Server Builds Showcase Ep. 2- Fornost


One of the gates of Cardolandain.


Annuminas occupies a massive area of land inside the lake itself and it's governed by Elendil_The_Tall. It hosts one of the largest great halls in Middle Earth and it has multiple bridges running across both the river and the fortress itself. It has a storage vault, multiple farms and the Halls of High King Elendil_The_Tall of Arnor. It is the De Jure capital of Arnor.

Fortresses under Annuminas supervision:

Tar Coron Fortress (managed by _Chancellor)


Bree is a town in the larger land of Bree. It began to be built by Skelesam, the Chieftain of the Rangers, but he passed on the responsibility to his predecessor Hell_Metallicus. It is one of the most detailed Ranger builds and is home to The Prancing Pony & The Commonwealth Club. The town of Bree is finished thanks to the efforts of Mazerinth who servers as it's Lord.

Fortresses under Bree supervision:



Tharbad is a city on the northern shore of the Greyflood River, which separates Minhiriath from Enedwaith. This great city functions as Provincial Capital for Minhiriath, sometimes referred to as the Province of Tharbad. Two roads meet at Tharbad, and both crosses the river at that point. The city sits on a man made hill and is protected by big, white walls. The city is governed by LegoOskar, Lord of Tharbad and Provincial Lord of Minhiriath.

Fortresses under Tharbad supervision:



Greyguard is an ancient structure built by the Men of Arnor at the end of the First Age. Located in the far north of the Forodwaith, this now ruined fortress was men's first defense against the spawn of Morgoth. Till this day the fortress is maintained by the Dúnedain stationed there, ready to take action should evil emerge from the dark abyss located near the forbidden valley. The build is under the supervision of SentinalGuard23.

Fortresses under Greyguard supervision: