The Vinyondolindrim are the elves and dwarves of Vinyondolind, The "New Gondolin" faction.

Vinyondolind is a Vassal State to both the High-Elves and the Dwarves of the Blue Mountains. It is a Trading Centre for the two factions at the border of the factions' lands. It's name is in Quenya and means "new-Gondolin", and it is built in the image of it's namesake. It's warriors wear Galvorn armor and use the High Elf title (if they are elven), or the Blue Dwarf title (if they are Dwarven), with black color. Since the beta 25 update they can also use the Gondolin title with a light blue color, if they have it availabe.

The Vassal recruits players to help him build and to be part of his faction, though the faction is still a vassal state to the high-elves and the blue dwarves.

This is the closest correlation between Dwaves and Elves that Middle-Earth has ever seen.


1st Vassal of Vinyondolind FFub.


The highest authority within Vinyondolind is the Vassal, who in turn answers to the Kings of the High-Elves and the Blue Dwarves.


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The Vinyondolindrim only have their one giant build, Vindondolind. They were only granted the land on which to build this magnificent city when they agreed that they could never claim more of the High-Elves' or the Blue Dwarves' lands. The city is huge and there is a lot of room to build within it.

The Surface of the City is more Elven, while the underground is more dwarven. All High-Elves and Blue Dwarves can enter the city when ever they want, as this is a trading city for the two factions. They can also help the vassal build it if they so choose.


Here you will be able to find everything about the politics and foreign affairs. As this faction is a vassal state to the High-Elves and the Blue Dwarves, it is by extension allied with the same factions that it's mother-factions are.

Joining Vinyondolind

(To be added by FFub.) It is possible that you will have to gain +100 with both the High-Elves and the Blue Dwarves, but this is not yet known.