" The end comes soon. We hear drums, drums in the deep. They are coming."
Ori's last entry in the Book of Mazarbul


Deep under the Misty Mountains in the ruined cesspits of Khazad-dûm, awoke a new threat to Middle-Earth. An abominable hybridisation of the remnants of the Black Númenórean elite and the fiercest of the Uruks of Gundabad. How this foul creature came to be is unknown, however, some propose that its awakening could have been the work of Melkorists far down in the pits of Moria, creating a being for only one cause: the slaughter of the Free Peoples.

Fire Legion

While in the deeps Moria, he set his cold eyes upon the blazing magnificence of Felagrog, known to outsiders as Durin’s Bane, whom he pledged his life to. The fiery demon named him Narkûl and sent him to the Balrog Halls under the rule of his right-hand, Nagithas the Indomitable, War Chief of Gundabad. Here he became a warrior of the Fire Legion and embarked on several raids upon the Elves of Rivendell. Within only several days, he had single-handedly slaughtered over a thousand Elves of Imladris and named his mighty cleaver "Elrond's Bane", a name which became feared by elves from all corners of Middle-Earth. However, this had not quenched his thirst for blood. He yearned to wipe out the remaining dwarves that had fled from the orc-infested realm of Khazad-dûm, some of which, had settled in the Iron Hills. And so his journey began. Leaving the darkness of Moria behind, he ventured through the Vales of Anduin to the borders of the corrupted forest of Mirkwood. There he took temporary refuge in the seemingly abandoned fortress of Dol Guldur and fended off hordes of Wood-Elves as he made his way through the remainder of the forest. By the cover of night, he began to make his way through Dale until he finally set eyes upon the blood moon casting a fiery light onto the west peak of the Iron Hills. Then the slaughter began. Brandishing a battleaxe forged by the Black Uruks of Mordor, Narkûl wiped out all the Dwarves he could find, however, they were just too scarce to fulfil his desire for Dwarf blood. Instead, he decided to pay a visit to the Blue Mountains where he hoped to find an abundance of Dwarves. Clad in orcish armour Narkûl brought death to everything in his path as he travelled through the lands of Eriador. Eventually, he reached the fallen city of Nogrod and his hunt for Dwarves begun again. Narkûl searched far and wide, driving the Dwarven filth out of their hiding places in the mountains. Akin to the pointy-eared scum of Rivendell, the Dwarves likewise began to fear Narkûl and the battleaxe he bore.

Ice Legion

Not long into serving as a Warrior in the Fire Legion, Nagithas promoted Narkûl to Ravager and relocated him to Fanuidhol where he became Chieftain Ushnotz's second-in-command. After moving in, Narkûl took the opportunity to venture into the far south of Middle-Earth. Atop a fearsome warg, he traversed the desolate Brown Lands and apocalyptic hellscape of Dagorlad, the treacherous mountains of Mordor, the plains of Gorgoroth and through the slave-ridden fields of Nurn. As he summitted the peaks of the southern mountains of Mordor, the Desert of Lostladen appeared on the horizon. Attempting to avoid the Great Desert of Near Harad, Narkûl journeyed south-west through Harnnenor till he reached the Southron Coasts. From there he headed south past Izêm-ulzuz and through Emyn Haecharad. With great haste, Narkûl then began to venture south-east towards the capital of the Moredain Kingdom: Aglar al-Harad. There he hoped to form relations with the Far Haradrim known as the Morwaith and, with the help of some allies of Gundabad, Narkûl was successful. Propelled by the success of his venture, he travelled back to Fanuidhol bearing many trophies and oddities from Harad.



The horrific sight of Narkûl atop his white warg is something to be feared. Being bred from both Gundabad Uruks and Black Númenóreans, he stands almost two metres high, something almost unheard of in Orcs, and is much more powerfully built than average Orcs. His skin is a pale, sickly grey and his eyes have become translucent, yellowed orbs due to his time spent in pure darkness. His mouth is a festering pit of layer after layer of huge rotting teeth and his face is painted with Dwarven blood around his eyes and jaws. Narkûl's head is completely bare of any hair and like his Uruk kin, he has large pointed ears like curved daggers.


One of Narkûl's most terrifying traits is his unpredictability in combat. Some times he may pick off his prey from a distance using his corrupted Elven bow, but others he rushes in and ambushes his targets utilising guerilla tactics, swiftly overwhelming them. This can create the illusion of an unstructured approach, however, Narkûl seldom overlooks such structure and carefully analyses a situation before making a move.

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