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  This is a vassal (sub-)faction of the High Elves created and led by H_King_Gil_galad. The name Muinë Quendi translates roughly to hidden/secret elves and as such they are both hard to find and known for building hidden cities. The Muinë Quendi are not an aggressive or warlike people rather they prefer to create works of literature, song, and poetry along with elegant metal workings.

The Muine Quendi feel that history should not be forgotten and many toil to collect the tales and stories of the world. Their libraries contain books ranging from the marching orders of Angmar to the recipes of the Shire.


Currently ruled by _Ecthelion, formerly named  H_King_Gil_galad.

H_King_Gil_galad who functioned as Lord of the Faction has "Passed into the West."


Lord: _Ecthelion (Formerly: H_King_Gil_galad)

Oversees all affairs.

Cartographer(s): bluebowser31, Thomas_of_Hunter

Explores for new building locations and makes maps of lands occupied by the faction.

Guardian: AwesomenessGuy

Is in charge of Troll Hunts, functions as General in times of war, and serves as the shield and sword of the Muinë Quendi.

Members List:





The Muinë don't currently own any specific territories but rather live in the lands of Eriador owned by the Rangers of the North .


As a vassal faction the Muinë Quendi are loyal to the King of the High Elves and answer his calls for aid when they come. Aside from that they are a faction that is neutral overall desiring to avoid major conflict. However individual members boast both very high and very low allignment with Elvish and Orcish factions respectively. 


H_King_Gil_galad (Founder)



AwesomenessGuy (Guardian)


Ost Uin Gûl (Translation: Citadel of Knowledge) (In Progress)

Othrond Uin Lind (Translation: Underground City of Singing) (Lost to the Reset)

Othrond Uin Parma (Translation: Underground City of Writing) (Lost to the Reset)


In writing the Muinë Quendi use Sindarin, however in conversation Quenya and the common tongue are the most commonly heard.

Titles Used

(Members of only Muinë Quendi)

Elf [Light Blue]

Elf title light blue color

(Members of both the Muinë Quendi and the High Elves)

High Elf [Light Blue]

High Elf title light blue color

High Elven Lord [Light blue] (Only for High-Elven Nurmáhani and Tarmáhani)

High Elven Lord title light blue color