The Mallorn Council was initially created as a coalition between the Herenyar( whose symbol was a Mallorn (Now disbanded)) and the Galadhrim Elves of Lothlórien, the land of Mallorn trees. It quickly expanded to encompass all the Elven races, from the far West to the uttermost East. The council was held within Ellemar, city of the Herenyar, when it first started. The name Mallorn Council came from the 2 factions' close relationship with the Mallorn trees. The Mallorn Council has also seen some decline for a time in it's early history, post disbanding of the Herenyar, Lossedhil and the Avari factions. The name of the council and subsequent events and titles stuck around, even past the point where the Herenyar were not even part of the council any more and so many other elven factions joined up, and unto today.

The Council, then led by SinzPet, Faelon and Celleborn started working together more than ever after the losses of other member-factions. The everlasting friendship and kinship between the elves is yet witnessed in the "Mallorn Party".


Entering into the Mallorn Council enters your faction and all of it’s members in an alliance between all the member-factions, and only Elven factions are allowed to enter. Entering into the Mallorn Council is also a promise that you as a leader will always enforce our own rules and that you will make whomever succeeds you to your throne make the same promise. Leaders of member-factions choose their own successor amongst their own people, in whatever way their Government has decided to do so.

Members protect and help each other. Members do not kill, grief or steal from each other. And members do not talk trash about the others within the alliance, they defend one another. Unless the member in question is the aggressor in the scenario (an appropriate exception).

An attack against one of us, is an attack against All of us. Regardless of circumstances.

Members do not stab each other in their backs. Members do not make secrets plans behind each others’ backs. In fact, they do not hold secrets against each other if they concern any other member-faction in any way. All things that concern any elven factions, in any way, need to be talked about in the mallorn council. Members do not hold personal grudges against other members. If issues arise, they resolve them peacefully and respectfully internally. Members do not start, participate in or support any ploys to overthrow the government of other member-factions under any circumstances. In fact, if they hear of any such plots, they report it to the Mallorn Council immediately. They support the target of the plot to 100% of their ability. Regardless of whether or not they happen to have any unresolved issues with them at the time.

Member-factions of the Mallorn Council have open borders on trade and travel, and dual citizenship amongst factions is not uncommon.

The Mallorn Council decisions are made by majority vote, and once a result is found, it is final. Even if a member faction should disagree with the outcome, they honor the result of the vote no matter what.

The only people that are allowed to join the Mallorn Party are the faction members of factions that are in the Mallorn Council, the elves from the member-factions. And whether they allow their recruits to be at the party is up to each individual member-faction. The High-Elves for example have never allowed their recruits to attend the Party, while Dorwinion has.

Dorwinion being half-elven, is a special case. The highest rank of elves in Dorwinion attains membership of the Mallorn council, elves of the faction having access to Mallorn council events, on rare occasion, such as when Dorwinion hosts the Mallorn party or related event, the men of Dorwinion may be included in the proceedings.

Any elf that brings poisoned drinks, places poisoned drinks, gives poisoned drinks to any1 or anything like that at Mallorn Parties will be permanently banned from all future Mallorn Parties, regardless of who they are.

Any outsider, be they ally, foe or neutral, who goes to a Mallorn Party will be killed. This seemingly harsh punishment is because to us elves, it is much more rude to interrupt people's events like that, so we're sending the message to stay away.

The only exceptions to these rules happen when the highest government officials, 1 from all member-factions present at the time, agree to make them.

Citizen of the member-factions are strictly forbidden from sharing details about the council (other than what is publically available on this page) or the location of the Mallorn party with outsiders. They are also forbidden from being associated with any "evil" councils or other evil groups.

Anyone found guilty of treason will be hunted until the ends of Middle-Earth.


Current Members:

High Elves( Noldor/Vanyar, with some rare Falmari, mostly Noldor though. Sindarin and Silvan blood is also quite common, as the high-elves often had kids with the elves of Middle-Earth)

Wood-elves( Silvan/Sindar/Avari)

Galadhrim( (Mostly )Silvan/Sindar/Avari/Laiaquendi/Noldor)(The Galadhrim Elves are very diverse in mix of Elven races)

Dorwinion( Silvan/Sindarin/Avari elves, and the other half of the faction is made up of Northmen/Half-Elven)

Former Members:


Lossedhil( Sindar)

Firstborn of Greenwood( Sindar/Silvan)

Avari( Avari/Silvan)

Brief descriptions of the member factions, current & former:

High Elves: Tareldar, the High Elves, are the Quendi who have seen the light of the Two Trees, or are descended from those that have. Due to events such as told in the Silmarillion and Fellowship of the Ring, the High Elves can still be seen in Middle-earth at the end of the Third Age.

Wood-elves: The Wood-elves are a mix of Silvan( wood-elves), Sindar( grey-elves) and Avari( the unwilling) elves, Silvan being the most numerous. Distrustful of most strangers that pass their borders, the Wood-elves utilize stealth, speed, and the bow to defend themselves.

Galadhrim: The most diverse Elven people, the Galadhrim are a eclectic mix of Silvan, Sindar, Avari, Laiaquendi( Green-elves) and Noldorin( deep-elves) elves. With stealth to rival the Wood-elves and a skill with the bow that would turn Elladan the son of Elrond green with envy, the Galadhrim Elves survive surrounded by the darkness.

Herenyar: The Sea-elves under lord Herenyon. They held many of the islands around middle-earth as their domain.

Lossedhil (non-lore): The white Sindarin elves of the north. These elves dwell in the snow-covered cold north of Middle-Earth.

Avari: The Dark Elves, the Unwilling who refused the journey to Valinor. They too know that they must pass Into the West or fade into a rustic people, slow to forget and be forgotten. Eöl (The inventor of Galvorn) was not of their number, despite being described as a "Dark Elf" (this was just a title, not his race. He was a Sinda-elf).

Firstborn of Greenwood (non-lore): A small branch-off of the Wood-elves that makes its home in Northern Mirkwood and Mirkwood Corrupted, the Firstborn of Greenwood do everything they can to stem the dark that has enveloped their homes, but not themselves.

Dorwinion: A Faction of both Men and Elves, great winemakers. The Men of the faction are descendants of Gondor and northmen from dale while the elves of the faction are descended from Silvan, Sindarin and Avarin elves.

Mallorn Lords/Ladies:

Mallorn Lord/Lady is a special Council-title that was created 2017-12-06, that can only be given to former Kings/Queens of Mallorn-factions. They are allowed to stay serving on the Mallorn Council for life. And if there is ever a stalemate in the voting process amongst the current leaders (for example: 2 out of 4 leaders vote yes and 2 vote no), they have the authority to cast the deciding vote and break the tie. But only in situations like in said example, where the leaders just cannot reach a decision on their own.

If a current Leader on the Council nominates a former Leader of a Mallorn-faction for Mallorn Lord, all the current Leaders need to take a vote on the matter based on if they believe he/she has been a participant of the mallorn council long enough or contributed substantially enough to their faction/the council and if he/she is in good standing with the mallorn council members upon leaving their position. And only if All of them agree, the nominee will be granted the title.

Having this system in place allows the Council and current leaders to draw upon the wisdom and experience of former leaders whom all factions at the time of the vote agreed would be helpful and valued in the future. It also serves as a high recognition within the Council. To reward those great leaders for their wisdom, time and great effort and love they put into the factions and the alliance.

A prerequisite for a Mallorn Lord/Lady to be able to keep his/her title is that they remain on the side of good, never betray this council and always keep her secrets.

Current Mallorn Lords:

  • Cchatts - approved 2017-12-09.
  • SinzPet - approved 2018-03-04.

Mallorn Party:

The Idea for the Mallorn Party originated with a High-Elf named CountSVZ (Kuzeyli), he passed the idea along to king SinzPet and the High-Elven Council. The council tweaked the idea a bit, but it did not take long before the planning of the first Mallorn Party was well under way.

The concept of the Mallorn party is that all elves should meet and have a party once a month, to strengthen the relationships between all the elven factions.

The Mallorn Party is held on the first Saturday of every month. At 3pm British time, which should be 4pm Sweden/Central European time = 7am US west coast time = 10am US east coast time = 5pm Greece time = 11pm Western Australia time. This time was chosen to be the most fair time to hold such a party, as most players on the server are either from the US, or from Europe. But 11pm Western Australia time does give the people around those time zones a somewhat fair chance to join anyways. So the chosen time gives a maximum amount of players the maximum chances of being able to attend the Party.

Timezones, Wintertimes
Timezones, Summertimes

Any player with dual citizenship, one of which being elven, needs to be granted an "Official Exception" from the Mallorn Council before being being able to attend the Mallorn Party.

The Mallorn Party is special in the regard that it is hosted by different elven factions every time, and in different cities. Meaning; if say the High-Elves host a party, it could be hosted in Mithlond one time and Forlond another, and so on. It's Location is secret to all except the players attending it.

List of Mallorn Party Locations

  • 1st Mallorn Party - Mithlond, Lindon
  • 2nd Mallorn Party - Thranduil's Halls, Mirkwood
  • 3rd Mallorn Party - Mardalcar, Lindon
  • 4th Mallorn Party - House of Nimrodel, Lothlóriën
  • 5th Mallorn Party - Mardalcar, Lindon
  • 6th Mallorn Party - Thranduil's Halls, Mirkwood
  • 7th Mallorn Party - House of Nimrodel, Lothlóriën
  • 8th Mallorn Party - Forlond, Forlindon, Lindon
  • 9th Mallorn Party - Project Sanctuary, Mirkwood (May 7th)
  • 10th Mallorn Party - Lothlóriën (June 4th)
  • 11th Mallorn Party - Limpeturion, Dorwinion (Juli 2nd)
  • 12th Mallorn Party - Rhûn Forest (August 6th)
  • 13th Mallorn Party - High-Elves (October 2nd)
  • 14th Mallorn Party - Wood-Elves (November 5th)
  • 15th Mallorn Party - Lothlóriën (Dec 3rd)
  • 16th Mallorn Party - Golden Ford Palace Dorwinion (Jan 7th 2017)
  • 17th Mallorn Party - Rivendell, High-Elves (Feb 4th 2017)
  • 18th Mallorn Party - Mirkwood (Mar 4th 2017)
  • 19th Mallorn Party - Lothlóriën (Apr 1st 2017)
  • 20th Mallorn Party - Fair Lake, Dorwinion (May 6th 2017)
  • 21st Mallorn Party - High-Elves (June 3rd 2017)
  • 22nd Mallorn Party - Wood-Elves, Forest Gate (July 1st 2017)
  • 23rd Mallorn Party - Galadhrim (Aug 5th 2017)
  • 24th Mallorn Party - Dorwinion (Sep 2nd 2017)
  • 25th Mallorn Party - High-Elves (Oct 7th 2017)
  • 26th Mallorn Party - Project Sanctuary, Mirkwood (Nov 4th 2017)
  • 27th Mallorn Party - Dorwinion (Dec 3rd 2017)
  • 28th Mallorn Party - Lothlóriën (Jan 6th 2018)
  • 29th Mallorn Party - High-Elves (Feb 3rd 2018)
  • 30th Mallorn Party - Wood-Elves (Mar 3rd 2018)
  • 31st Mallorn Party - Lothlóriën (Apr 8th 2018)
  • 32nd Mallorn Party - High-Elves (Jun 9th 2018)
  • 33rd Mallorn Party - Dorwinion (Jul 7th 2018)
  • 34th Mallorn Party - Wood-Elves (Aug 4th 2018)
  • 35th Mallorn Party - Lothlorien (Sep 2018)
  • 36th Mallorn Party - Dorwinion (Okt 14th 2018)
  • 37th Mallorn Party - High-Elves (Nov 3rd 2018)
  • 38th Mallorn Party - Wood-Elves (Dec 8st 2018)
  • 39th Mallorn Party - Lothlorien (Jan 12th 2019)
  • 40th Mallorn Party - Dorwinion (Feb 17th 2019)
  • 41st Mallorn Party - High-Elves (Mar 2nd 2019)
  • 42nd Mallorn Party - Wood-Elves (Apr 6th 2019)
  • 43rd Mallorn Party - Lothlorien (May 4th 2019)
  • 44th Mallorn Party - Dorwinion (Jun 8th 2019)
  • 45th Mallorn Party - High-Elves (Jul 20th 2019)
  • 46th Mallorn Party - Dorwinion (stepped in for Wood-Elves) (Oct 26th 2019)
  • 47th Mallorn Party - Lothlóriën (Nov 9th 2019)
  • 48th Mallorn Party - Dorwinion (Apr 4th 2020)
  • 49th Mallorn Party - High-Elves (May 2nd 2020)
  • 50th Mallorn Party - Mallorn Council (Jun 6th 2020)
  • 51st Mallorn Party - Wood-Elves (Jul 18th 2020)

The Mallorn Party usually starts with a great feast, at a great table, where elves eat, drink and dance to their heart's content.

After the feast, the host of the party usually launches some form of competition. This competition is entirely up to the host, literally anything they can conjure with imagination and the great sandpit of Minecraft and the LOTR mod.

The winner of this competition wins the title "(number of Mallorn Party) Mallorn Champion"

List of Mallorn Champions

  • 1st Mallorn Champion, vaclav999
  • 2nd Mallorn Champion, Faelon
  • No 3rd Mallorn Champion due to lag making the competition totally impossible.
  • No 4th Mallorn Champion, tied between teams A( Orchidcube, Shinare, LibertyMom, ZorviaGames & meliath) and B( SinzPet, Overlordess, vaclav999, Velenne & SummerCharry), due to lag making it impossible to finish the competition.
  • 5th Mallorn Champion, Mithlond
  • 6th Mallorn Champion, SinzPet
  • 7th Mallorn Champion, LordCelebrimbor
  • 8th Mallorn Champion, LibertyMom
  • 9th Mallorn Champion, SinzPet
  • 10th Mallorn Champion, LordOropher
  • 11th Mallorn Champion, Orchidcube
  • 12th Mallorn Champion, ZorviaGames
  • 13th Mallorn Champion, SinzPet
  • 14th Mallorn Champion, FishFinger
  • 15th Mallorn Champion, LordOropher
  • 16th Mallorn Champion, Cchatts
  • 17th Mallorn Champion, RedSword12
  • 18th Mallorn Champions, the High-Elves
  • 19th Mallorn Champions, Team Green: SinzPet, LibertyMom, JAB24601, Professor_Hunter & scorpion7x
  • 20th Mallorn Champion, Olgierd_
  • 21st Mallorn Champion, Gingilipho
  • 22nd Mallorn Champion, TheSmileBC
  • 23rd Mallorn Champion, Olgierd_
  • 24th Mallorn Champion, RikjeB
  • 25th Mallorn Champion, RikjeB
  • 26th Mallorn Champion, -
  • 27th Mallorn Champion, Team Males: SinzPet, Dextrositylight & RikjeB.
  • 28th Mallorn Champoin, Team Green: Olgierd_, Erurehto, SildarFlame & Candj_.
  • 29th Mallorn Champion, vQ7R.
  • 30th Mallorn Champion, Olgierd_.
  • 31st Mallorn Champion, SinzPet.
  • 32nd Mallorn Champion, Team Elves.
  • 33rd Mallorn Champion, wogleslaw.
  • 34th Mallorn Champion, Olgierd_.
  • 35th Mallorn Champion, Team Red: Orchidcube, SinzPet, wogleslaw, MeowKitty12, Yatropy, DerpyMacDerpFace & Ghastly__Bespoke.
  • 36th Mallorn Champion, SinzPet & RivkahLómelindë.
  • 37th Mallorn Champion, Agonaj.
  • 38th Mallorn Champion, xHenkka & ElfKingAnte.
  • 39th Mallorn Champion, Team Blue: MeowKitty12, LaurenSappy, Agonaj, Mithlond, ElfKingAnte & Tojn.
  • 40th Mallorn Champion, Team Blue: SinzPet, Dextrositylight, MeowKitty12 & wogleslaw.
  • 41st Mallorn Champion, Sniperghostf.
  • 42nd Mallorn Champion, DerpyMacDerpface.
  • 43rd Mallorn Champion, Mithlond.
  • 44th Mallorn Champion, SinzPet.
  • 45th Mallorn Champion, Awesome2718.
  • 46th Mallorn Champion, CitrusBunnie.
  • 47th Mallorn Champion, Arodas & Orneno.
  • 48th Mallorn Champion, Sniperghostf.
  • 49th Mallorn Champion, DerpyMacDerpface.
  • 50th Mallorn Champion, Xerxesbacon.
  • 51st Mallorn Champion, Oega (Arodas).

Extra Info on the various parties

  • 1st Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: SinzPet (High-elf), internet_miners (High-elf, now Capt9Captain), Faelon (Wood-elf), Penguin_Palace (Snow-elf), vaclav999 (High-elf), Eldarion26 (High-elf), LibertyMom (High-elf), ZorviaGames (High-elf), _Cindar_ (High-elf) and WholockianDalek (Wood-elf) Type of competition: A Sword/Bow fight with faction armor.

Round 1:

LibertyMom vs Eldarion26. Victor: Eldarion26.

vaclav999 vs Penguin_Palace. Victor: Penguin_Palace, but he left before his next match, so vaclav999 was declared winner of this fight by Penguin's forfeit.

SinzPet vs internet_miners. Victor: internet_miners.

Faelon vs ZorviaGames. Victor: ZorviaGames.

Round 2:

Eldarion26 vs vaclav999. Victor: vaclav999.

internet_miners vs ZorviaGames. Victor: ZorviaGames.

Round 3:

Fight for 1st place: vaclav999 vs ZorviaGames. Victor: vaclav999, Champion of the first Mallorn Party.

Fight for 3rd place: Eldarion26 vs internet_miners. Victor: Eldarion26.

  • 2nd Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: Faelon (Wood-elf), TheBlueTrixter (Wood-elf), SinzPet (High-elf), internet_miners (High-elf), Orchidcube (Lothlóriën), cchatts (Wood-elf), Shinare (Wood-elf), WholockianDalek (Wood-elf), Hayoo (High-elf), Overlordess (High-elf), Eldarion26 (High-elf), Glawaron (High-elf), tobi_raschi (High-elf) Type of competition: Archery fight with Mirkbows and wood-elven scout armor.
  • 3rd Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: SinzPet (High-elf), Orchidcube (Lothlóriën), LibertyMom (High-elf), ZorviaGames (High-elf), Valetty (High-elf), vaclav999 (High-elf), summersharry (Lothlóriën), Matt_Awsm98 (High-elf) Type of competition: Sword fight in an arena full of obstacles.
  • 4th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: Orchidcube (Lothlóriën), Shinare (Wood-elf), SinzPet (High-elf), Overlordess (High-elf), vaclav999 (High-elf), Eldarion26 (High-elf), LibertyMom (High-elf), ZorviaGames (High-elf), Velenne (High-elf), RedRupee88 (High-elf), meliath (Lothlóriën) Type of competition: Team Barrel ride on a river, while another team shot arrows at the barrel-riders.
  • 5th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: SinzPet (High-elf), TheBlueTrixter (Wood-elf), Orchidcube (Lothlóriën), LibertyMom (High-elf), ZorviaGames (High-elf), Velenne (High-elf), Mithlond (High-elf) Type of competition: Parkour Challange.
  • 6th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: SinzPet (High-elf), LordOropher (Wood-elf), Shinare (Wood-elf)(didn't fight), Hayoo (High-elf), Overlordess (High-elf), Eldarion26 (High-elf), LibertyMom (High-elf), Deus_Cruentus (High-elf), _Cindar_ (High-elf), Ningannel (High-elf)(arrived late, missed the feast), Ave_the_king (High-elf)(Left before the party started). Type of competition: Archery PvP with wood elven scout armor and mirkwood bows. Food and Drinks: Kebabs and Red Wine.

Round 1:

Hayoo VS LordOropher. Winner: Hayoo.

SinzPet VS LibertyMom. Winner: SinzPet.

_Cindar_ VS Deus_Cruentus. Winner: _Cindar.

Overlordess VS Ningannel. Winner: Ningannel.

Round 2:

SinzPet VS Hayoo. Winner: SinzPet.

_Cindar_ VS Ningannel. Winner: Ningannel.

Round 3, Final Round:

SinzPet VS Ningannel. Winner: SinzPet.

  • 7th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: Orchidcube (Lothlóriën)(did not fight in the competition, she hosted it and thus could not fight), SinzPet (High-elf), TheSmileBC (Wood-elf)(only attended the feast), Valetty (High-Elf), LordOropher (Wood-elf)(arrived after the feast), LibertyMom (High-elf), Ave_the_king (High-elf)(only attended the feast), ZorviaGames (High-elf), LordCelebrimbor (Lothlóriën), Jacobiner (Lothlóriën), MrHobbit1234 (High-Elf)(only attended the feast). Type of competition: Underwater PvP with Hithlain cloaks and Dunlending Tridents. Food and Drinks: Cakes, Lembas, Lemons, lettuce, Miruvor, Lemon liquer and Red Wine.

Round 1:

SinzPet VS ZorviaGames. Winner: SinzPet.

Valetty VS Jacobiner. Winner: Valetty.

LordCelebrimbor VS LibertyMom. Winner: LordCelebrimbor.

LordOropher VS SinzPet (Had to fight twice because of uneven numbers). Winner: LordOropher.

Round 2:

SinzPet VS LordOropher. Winner: LordOropher.

Valetty VS LordCelebrimbor. Winner: LordCelebrimbor.

Round 3, Final Round:

LordOropher VS LordCelebrimbor. Winner: LordCelebrimbor.

  • 8th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: SinzPet (High-elf), TheSmileBC (Wood-elf), InternetMiners (High-Elf), LordOropher (Wood-elf), LibertyMom (High-elf), DaGamer9901 (High-Elf), Rikz5 (High-Elf), Saywhat77 (High-Elf), _Cindar_ (High-Elf), PilotX95 (High-Elf), DextrosityLight (High-Elf) and Quaggazebra (High-Elf). After the party, 4 other players came to watch the After-Party in the arena of Forlond: LordCelebrimbor (Lothlóriën), mewarmy, FFub (New-Gondolin) and asger4407 (High-Elf). Type of competition: Free-for-all, Last man Standing, Knife-Fight with Dwarven daggers and no armor. Food and Drinks: The Feast was skipped due to the host being unable to be there himself (internet problems).
  • 9th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: SinzPet (High-elf), TheSmileBC (Wood-elf), Shinare (Wood-elf), MyrFlora (Lothlóriën), Mr_Manveru (Dorwinion), LibertyMom (High-elf), ZorviaGames (High-Elf), DaGamer9901 (High-Elf), Rikz5 (High-Elf), Alydris (High-Elf), _Cindar_ (High-Elf), DextrosityLight (High-Elf) and Malachi0404 (High-Elf). Type of competition: This Competition was an Archery-Fight on a giant field of water, covered in 3-meter-tall Reeds all over the place, thus limiting vision a great deal. The fights varied from 2 contenders to 4. Food and Drinks: Grapes and Pies with Red and White Wine.

Round 1 of this competition was fought in 4 stages.

Round 1, Stage 1: Rikz5 vs Shinare vs Mr_Manveru. Rikz5 Won.

Round 1, Stage 2: DextrosityLight vs SinzPet vs TheSmileBC vs MyrFlora. SinzPet Won.

Round 1, Stage 3: LibertyMom vs ZorviaGames vs Malachi0404 vs Alydris. LibertyMom Won.

Round 1, Stage 4: _Cindar_ vs DaGamer9901. _Cindar_ Won.

Round 2, Stage 1, Final Battle: Rikz5 vs SinzPet vs LibertyMom vs _Cindar_. SinzPet Won.

  • 10th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: SinzPet (High-elf)(had to leave before the competition), LordOropher (Wood-elf), Shinare (Wood-elf), lokinpoikanen (Wood-Elf, Shinare's brother), Orchidcube (Lothlóriën), Peryite (Lothlorien), Aventuras (Avari), LibertyMom (High-elf), ZorviaGames (High-Elf), DaGamer9901 (High-Elf)(arrived after the feast), The_Awesome (High-Elf), Gil_Galad (High-Elf), InternetMiners (High-Elf), DextrosityLight (High-Elf), Quaggazebra (High-Elf) and Malachi0404 (High-Elf)(Had to leave after the feast). Type of competition: Race in Wood-Elven Scout Armor across hills and fields. Food and Drinks: Grapes, Lettuce, Lembas, Lemons, Pies, Cakes and Berries with Red and White Wine and Lemon Liquer. This Party was Largely Ruined by the Stinking Party-Crashers: mewarmy(Now banned, RIP), Atanvarno, Wille912, Sebrom(Now Banned RIP), EAGLE_117 and Tir_Cuithil. Forever shall it be remembered. mewarmy did kill off the Tir_Cuithil at the end though, so he redeemed himself a little. Winner of the Competition was LordOropher. In 2nd place came InternetMiners. And in 3rd place we find ZorviaGames.

  • 11th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: SinzPet (High-elf), Orchidcube (Lothlóriën), LibertyMom (High-elf), DaGamer9901 (High-Elf), The_Awesome (High-Elf), AW_2008 (High-Elf)(left before the competition), DextrosityLight (High-Elf & Dorwinion), Quaggazebra (High-Elf & Dorwinion), vaclav999 (High-Elf) and PilotX95 (High-Elf)(left before the Competition). Type of competition: Butterfly-catching Competition. Food and Drinks: Grapes, Berries, Olives, Corn, Fish, Pies, Cakes, Turnips and Steaks with Red and White Wine. The competition was to catch as many butterflies in jars as possible, within 4 minutes. The winner was Orchidcube, with an impressive haul of 7 butterflies. In second place came SinzPet, with 6 butterflies. And in third place came LibertyMom, with 5 butterflies.
  • 12th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: LibertyMom (High-elf), Shinare (Wood-elf), ZorviaGames (High-Elf), DextrosityLight (High-Elf & Dorwinion), Quaggazebra (High-Elf & Dorwinion)(Left before the party really started), Aventuras (Avari), FishFinger (Avari) and Cornchev (Dorwinion). Type of competition: 1st challange was to fight Orcs and the 2nd one was fight other players 1 vs 1 with no weapons and what ever armor you had on. Food and Drinks: Fruits. The Feast at this party got interupted by NPC invasions that blew up the feasting table over and over again. The first Challange of the Mallorn Competition was to kill off as many orcs as possible. The second challange was a 1 vs 1 fight without any weapons. The contestants entered a small room and battled it out. ZorviaGames won the games and became the 12th Champion.
  • 13th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: LibertyMom (High-elf), FishFinger (High-elf), SinzPet (High-elf), vaclav999 (High-elf), _Eruvatar_ (High-elf), Orchidcube (Galadhrim) and JefferTheDeather (High-elf). Type of competition: sword fight with faction armor. Food and Drinks: Fruits, meats and berries and Red wine and rum.

This Mallorn Party was supposed to have been held back in September, but the server had a world-reset and the party was moved to October.

Round 1, Fight 1: SinzPet vs vaclav999. SinzPet won.

Round 1, Fight 2: _Eruvatar_ vs FishFinger. _Eruvatar_ won.

Round 1, Fight 3: JefferTheDeather vs Orchidcube. JefferTheDeather won.

Round 1, Fight 4: LibertyMom vs FishFinger (who here recieved a 2nd chance to get back into the game). FishFinger won.

Round 2, Fight 1: SinzPet vs _Eruvatar_. SinzPet won.

Round 2, Fight 2: JefferTheDeather vs FishFinger. JefferTheDeather won.

Round 3, Finale: SinzPet vs JefferTheDeather. SinzPet won.

  • 14th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: LibertyMom (High-elf), FishFinger (High-elf), SinzPet (High-elf), AW_2008 (High-elf), Orchidcube (Galadhrim), LordCelebrimbor (High-elf), Shinare (Wood-Elf), Cchatts (Wood-Elf), PilotX95 (High-Elf), Gingilipho (Galadhrim), leonke (Galadhrim), and Zeboim (Wood-Elf). Type of competition: Archery PvP up on a giant Mirk-Oak, with Wood-Elven Scout armor. Food and Drinks: Fruits, berries, vegetables and Cakes. Drinks served were Red wine, among some others.

Round 1, Fight 1: LibertyMom vs Gingilipho. Gingilipho won.

Round 1, Fight 2: PilotX95 vs LordCelebrimbor. LordCelebrimbor won.

Round 1, Fight 3: OrchidCube vs FishFinger. FishFinger won.

Round 1, Fight 4: Zeboim vs leonke. Zeboim won.

Round 1, Fight 5: SinzPet vs Cchatts. SinzPet won.

Round 1, Fight 6: Shinare vs AW_2008. Shinare won.

Round 2, Fight 1: Gingilipho vs LordCelebrimbor. LordCelebrimbor won.

Round 2, Fight 1: FishFinger vs Zeboim. FishFinger won.

Round 2, Fight 1: SinzPet vs Shinare. Shinare won.

Round 3: Round 3 was a Free-For-All between the 3 finalists LordCelebrimbor, FishFinger & Shinare. FishFinger won after having shot Shinare just before he himself would have died and thus became the 14th Mallorn Champion.

After the main Competition a side-competition was held, a FFA race to climb a bunch of trees to reach the Wooden Cup at the top. Gingilipho won that one :)

This party was remarkable for how much fun the attending elves had while there :D

  • 15th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: LibertyMom (High-elf), Alydris (High-elf)(Arrived late to the Competition), SinzPet (High-elf), Valetty (High-elf), Orchidcube (Galadhrim), RedSword12 (High-elf)(Had to leave the competition early), LordOropher (Wood-Elf)(Arrived super late to the competition), Alithir (Wood-Elf)(Only attended the competition, And left it early), Tavi92302 (High-Elf)(left the competition early), Naga_Yokusaki (Galadhrim), leonke (Galadhrim), and _Cindar_ (High-Elf)(Only attended the Feast). Type of competition: Precision Archery, while riding in a minecart around a specially designed course with 14 haybale pillars as targets. The goal was to shoot each pillar once. Food and Drinks: Fruits, vegetables, Cakes, kebabs, venison, Olives and Lembas. Drinks served were Carrot wine, Lime Liqueur, cactus liqueur, Corn liqueur, melon liqueur, lemon liqueur, white wine, red whine, araq and Miruvor.

Each contestant rode the course twice, their final score was the combination of both of their rounds.

Final results:

  1. LordOropher: 16 points
  2. Orchidcube AND Alydris: 15 points
  3. RedSword12: 12 points
  4. Naga_Yokusaki: 11 points
  5. Leonke: 10 points
  6. SinzPet: 9 points
  7. LibertyMom: 8 points
  8. Valetty: 6 points
  9. Alithir: 14 points - DISQUALIFIED for shooting an arrow into the course while a contestant was competing
  10. Tavi92302: - DISQUALIFIED for running on the course while another contestant was competing, ruining the pointing system for the entire round.

Making LordOropher the 15th Mallorn Champion!

  • 16th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: DextrosityLight (Dowinion and High-Elf), QuaggaZebra (Dorwinion and High-Elf), SinzPet (High-elf), LibertyMom (High-elf), Capt9Captain (High-Elf, Fangorn and Dol Amroth), cchatts (Wood-Elf), Shinare (Wood-Elf), TheSmileBC ((Wood-Elf,) Dorwinion man, Rohan & Blue Dwarves), Gingilipho (Galadhrim), Alydris (High-elf)(Only attended the Competition), Alithir (Wood-Elf), euron1juusto (Wood-Elf), Yiinn (Galadhrim), bjvterhorst (Wood-Elf), RoyalSapphire (Dorwinion), DerVlltx (Dorwinion), TBNR_Athanyan (Dorwinion), BionicWeirdo (Galadhrim), catman_ (Dorwinion), AgsterDark (High-Elf), HogwartsCrafter (High-Elf), Demonicdefnder48 (Dorwinion), KonradSoderlund (Dorwinion), Schreurtje (Wood-Elf), Zeboim (Wood-Elf), 1elmo (Wood-Elf). Type of competition: Tag Team Competition where each team had to build a dirt staircase up to a chest, one players at a time and one dirt per player at a time. Once they reach the chest they each had to grab a flower from within one player at a time. Then all players gave their flowers to the referee and ran up to Dextrositylight. First team up won. Food and Drinks: Fruits, Cakes, Olives and berries. Drinks served were white wine and red whine.

Tag Team Competition where each team had to build a dirt staircase up to a chest, one players at a time and one dirt per player at a time. Once they reach the chest they each had to grab a flower from within one player at a time. Then all players gave their flowers to the referee and ran up to Dextrositylight. First team up won.

The teams were:

Team Shinare:

  • Shinare
  • Zeboim
  • QuaggaZebra
  • Bionicweirdo
  • Yiinn
  • euron1juusto
  • RoyalSapphire
  • Gingilipho
  • Demonicdefnder48

Team cchatts:

  • cchatts
  • SinzPet
  • LibertyMom
  • Scheurtje
  • 1elmo
  • bjvterhorst
  • Capt9Captain
  • AgsterDark

The Winning team was Team cchatts! Making cchatts the 16th Mallorn Champion( and sort of the entire team...).

  • 17th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: CountSVZ (High-Elf), DextrosityLight (Dowinion and High-Elf), QuaggaZebra (Dorwinion and High-Elf), SinzPet (High-elf), LibertyMom (High-elf), raginghellhound (Wood-elf), Liodir (Dorwinion Man( special circumstanced allowed him to attend)), catman_ (Dorwinion)(did not compete in the competition), KonradSoderlund (Dorwinion & High-Elf)(was banned from attending the 18th party), AiglosHamfast (High-Elf), RedSword12 (High-Elf), M8trixCraft (High-Elves)(was banned from attending the 18th party), wogleslaw (Galadhrim)(arrived only for the After-Party) & Akendite (Dorwinion)(arrived only for the After-Party). Type of competition: Precision shooting with arrows. Food and Drinks: Carrots, lettuce, pumpkin pies, cram, chestnuts, corn and berries. Drinks served were white wine, red whine, araq, ale and cider.

This Mallorn Competition was set up as follows:

3 shooting-booths, from where the contestants where supposed to hit a target dead-center a distance away. 1 elf in 1 booth all the time, who ever hit the center of the target advanced to the next round.

Noone but RedSword12 hit the center, and thus he claimed the victory.

Judging by who came closest to the center, besides RedSword, Liodir came in 2nd place. Followed by KuzeyliBirisi and SinzPet on a shared 3rd place.

  • 18th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: Cchatts (Wood-elf), Shinare (Wood-elf), DextrosityLight (Dowinion and High-Elf), QuaggaZebra (Dorwinion and High-Elf), SinzPet (High-elf), LibertyMom (High-elf), Orchidcube (Galadhrim), King_Max07 (Wood-elf), catman_ (Dorwinion), AiglosHamfast (High-Elf), RedSword12 (High-Elf), HogwartsCrafter (High-elf), Schreurtje (Wood-elf), JAB24601 (High-elf), SildarFlame (High-elf), bjvterhorst (Wood-elf) & Akendite (Dorwinion & Wood-elf). Type of competition: "Capture the King", where 2 teams faced eachother with 1 king in Galvorn and a bow on a tower, and 3 warriors fighting on the field. Food and Drinks: Pies, bread, chestnuts, corn, berries, fish, turnip, rabbit, pork, salmon, cram, apples, chicken, baked potatoes, plums, venison, mutton corn and a cake. Drinks served were red whine, lime liquer, vodka and a few other drinks.

This competition was "Capture the King", where 2 teams faced eachother with 1 king in Galvorn and a bow on a tower, and 3 warriors fighting on the field. Each team hade a base in the form of a small wall around a tower.

In the first round, the High-Elven team faced the Wood-Elven team.


  • SinzPet
  • AiglosHamfast
  • HogwartsCrafter
  • SildarFlame


  • Cchatts
  • King_Max07
  • bjvterhorst
  • Schreurtje

Winners: High-Elves.

In the second round, the High-Elves faced the Dorwinionian team. Sadly though, the team from Dorwinion was not complete and thus they had to borrow some High-Elves for they team.


  • SinzPet
  • AiglosHamfast
  • HogwartsCrafter
  • LibertyMom


  • DextrosityLight
  • QuaggaZebra
  • RedSword12
  • JAB24601

Winner: High-Elves.

After this, there was a last round where it was all factions against the High-Elves. And here both teams had an extra fighter.


  • SinzPet
  • AiglosHamfast
  • HogwartsCrafter
  • RedSword12
  • JAB24601

Wood-Elves + Dorwinion:

  • Cchatts
  • DextrosityLight
  • QuaggaZebra
  • Akendite
  • Schreurtje

Winners: High-Elves.

The winners of the competition, and thus the 18th Mallorn Champions were the High-Elves!

Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 11.44.18 AM

  • 19th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: LibertyMom (High-elf), Alydris (High-elf), SinzPet (High-elf), Orchidcube (Galadhrim), RedSword12 (High-elf)(Had to leave after the feast), Dextrositylight (Dorwinion and High-Elf), Gingilipho (Galadhrim), Professor_Hunter (Galadhrim), ProfessorMop (Galadhrim), scorpion7x (Galadhrim), JAB24601 (High-Elf), Schreurtje (Wood-Elf) & ArinHolmes (Wood-Elf). Type of competition: Capture the Flag "siege" with player-made forts. Food and Drinks: Fruits, Cakes, shishkebabs, dates, Olives and Lembas. Drinks served were Carrot wine, Lime Liqueur, cactus liqueur, Corn liqueur, melon liqueur, lemon liqueur, white wine, red whine, araq and Hooch( a April fool's special).

This party was delayed by an hour and a half because of Timezone complications due to daylight savings time. It was hosted by Orchidcube and Gingilipho in Lothlórien.

A total of 13 Elves attended the 19th Party, and because this was April Fool's day, JAB showed us in SinzPet's skin. :D And after the feast, everyone was told directions to the arena, but when they endered the doorway everyone fell down into the "Pit of Doom". The pit was filled with bones, skulls, waste and charred stone and also had a solitary signs saying "April Fool's".

The Competition, in the real arena, was a version of "Capture the Flag", where the Elves were devided into 2 teams, one attackers and one defenders. Everyone was given a set of Galadhrim cloaks without the hoods, and then given a cap colored either red or green depending on their team. The defenders were given a stack of sand each with which to build their fort to defend from, while the attackers were handed 16 ladders each to use to climp the fort. Next the defenders were given 2 minutes in which to build their fort and place their 1 wool block to represent the flag before the attackers were given the OK to attack.

Red team:

  • Dextrositylight
  • Alydris
  • ProfessorMop
  • ArinHolmes
  • Schreurtje

Green team:

  • SinzPet
  • LibertyMom
  • JAB24601
  • Professor_Hunter
  • scorpion7x

Team Green started as defenders and successfully held off the attackers until only SinzPet remained, thus earning them the win.

When Team Red were the defenders they managed their construction job better than Team Green, but in the end JAB24601 of the green team and Dextrositylight, the last survivor of the red team killed eachother. Once again only leaving SinzPet and thus earning the Green Team the 2nd win and thus the title.

  • 20th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: LibertyMom (High-elf), Alydris (High-elf), SinzPet (High-elf), RedSword12 (High-elf)(arrived half-way through the competition), Dextrositylight (Dorwinion and High-Elf), cchatts (Wood-elf), Yatropy (Galadhrim), Salociner (Galadhrim), FishFinger (High-Elf), Schreurtje (Wood-Elf), 1elmo (Wood-Elf), Overlordess (High-elf), Olgierd_ (Wood-Elf), Shinare (Wood-Elf), The_GoldenElf (Wood-Elf), TheOtakuWolf360 (Dorwinion), Liodir (Dorwinion man), SpeedySC (Dorwinion hired help)(only stayed for the feast), QuaggaZebra (Dorwinion and High-elf), Erurehto (High-elf and Dorwinion), bjvterhorst (Wood-elf), _Juho (Wood-elf), King_Max97 (Wood-elf), AiglosHamfast (High-elf) & ArinHolmes (Wood-Elf). Type of competition: "Never have I ever", Russian roulette style Food and Drinks: Raisins, fruits, berries, steaks and Kebab. Drinks served were mostly white and red wine and drinks like perry and cider.
This party was the 20th Mallorn Party on the server, unbelievable huh? The Mallorn Party has been going for 20 months, that is quite the achievement guys :) This month it was hosted by Dorwinion, at a beautiful place called Fairlake. And 25 people in total attended.
View of Fairlake

View of the fair lake at Fairlake.

This is where the guests arrived on site in view of a glorious meat-cake:
ArrivalPoint for the party

Point of arrival at Fairlake, location of the 20th Mallorn Party.

The competition at the party was a game of "Never have i ever", Russian roulette style. Where the participants had to, one by one, come up with a statement beginning with "never have i ever", (an example from the party is: "never have i ever asked to be part of any elven faction", by Liodir) and then everyone that had done what the statement said had to drink from a waterskin with Termite Tequila. Which, if you're unlucky, explodes in your stomach, potentially killing you and possibly the unfortunate fellow standing aside.

So the trick was partly to be lucky of course, yet also to try and come up with one that is very common that catches out all but oneself. And this being an elven party, Liodir was quite witty about proceedings as evidenced by his aforementioned choice of words.

In the end there were only four people left: SinzPet, Olgierd_, Yatropy and Erurehto. A High-Elf, Wood-Elf, Galadhrim and High-/Dorwinion- Elf. But in the end, only Yatropy and Olgierd_ remained, and Olgierd_ took home the victory for the Wood-Elves, in stylish Gondolinean Armor, and thus became the 20th Mallorn Champion.

  • Fun Side note:
SinzPet probably downed the most termite tequila during the party, as he has been around much longer than any other of the finalists and had to drink on more of the rounds then they did, so that level of luck is quite unbelievable, considering cchatts could only drink 4 before blowing up :D (Note you can drink whole barrels without exploding, there are some unlucky sods out there.)
FishFinger and Dextrositylight blowing up

Funny picture of Dextrositylight and FishFinger blowing up, after the statement "Never have i ever drunk Athelas brew", by cchatts :D

  • 21st Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: LibertyMom (High-elf), SinzPet (High-elf), RedSword12 (High-elf), Dextrositylight (Dorwinion and High-Elf), FishFinger (High-Elf), Gingilipho (Galadhrim), Schreurtje (Wood-Elf), Zeboim (Wood-Elf), Olgierd_ (Wood-Elf), Shinare (Wood-Elf), Erurehto (High-elf and Dorwinion), AiglosHamfast (High-elf), SildarFlame (High-Elf), B_LastDragon (High-Elf), JAB24601 (High-Elf), MatthewW10 (High-Elf), Orchidcube (Galadhrim)(arrived late for the competition), The11_Doctor (High-Elf), ZorviaGames (High-Elf) and WholockianDalek (High-Elf). Type of competition: Hedge-Maze run Food and Drinks: basically all types of food except fish and cakes.

This Mallorn party was hosted by SildarFlame in the Greater Mithlond Area, in a GIANT Hedge-maze. It started with the competition, because the feast-table was in the center of the maze, so you had to get through it to get to the feast.

There were 19 elves attending in total, running around the maze, getting lost and going insane. Choosing the wrong path lead you straight into madness. And once you got through one section of the maze, you thought you'd won, but then there were 7 more to go through.

The one elf that seemed to run through the maze without any problems, and ended up winning, was Gingilipho. He placed his banner in the Shrine in the center of the maze and thus became the 21st Mallorn Champion :D

When Gingilipho won, the WayPoint to the center of the Maze was opened to the fellowship so that everyone could come to the feast.
21st mallorn party - Feast

Feast at the 21st Mallorn Party

After the Party itself, 10 of the elves that were attending gathered together for an After-Party, a raid on Utumno. Those that attended the After-Party were: Gingilipho, SildarFlame, Erurehto, SinzPet, AiglosHamfast, LibertyMom, FishFinger, Schreurtje, Olgierd_ & DextrosityLight.
Utumno afterparty 21st mallorn party

21st Mallorn Party - Elves attending the After-Party.

Utumno afterparty 21st mallorn party - Memorial wall

21st Mallorn Party - After-party Memorial Wall

Shreurtje, Erurehto and FishFinger left the group early and got lost in hell. SildarFlame got seperated from the group, cut off and surrounded by utumno orcs, trolls and tormented elves and got lost( killed) in hell. DextrosityLight was cut off from the group near the end of the raid, surrounded and got lost( killed) in hell.
Utumno afterparty 21st mallorn party - in-action

Utumno Chambre

The victorious survivors were:

LibertyMom, Gingilipho, AiglosHamfast, Olgierd_ & SinzPet.
Utumno afterparty 21st mallorn party - Survivors outside the portal

Survivors of hell

Utumno afterparty 21st mallorn party - Survivors + dead guys

Survivors + the 2 dead guys

  • 22nd Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: LibertyMom (High-elf), SinzPet (High-elf), graywing12 (High-elf), TheSmileBC (Dorwinion), FishFinger (High-Elf), Schreurtje (Wood-Elf), Olgierd_ (Wood-Elf), King_Max07 (Wood-Elf), Erurehto (High-elf), SildarFlame (High-Elf), Lars974 (High-Elf), Zysuo (High-Elf), The11_Doctor (High-Elf), TheRealZAHERO (High-Elf), DogLord101 (Wood-Elf), bjvterhorst (Wood-Elves), _Cindar_ (High-Elf), NanaJet (High-Elf) and Alexandil (Wood-Elf). Type of competition: Roller Coaster race Food and Drinks: Apples, melons, fish, pears, rum and red wine.

This Mallorn Party was hosted by Olgierd_ at the Forest Gate just outside Mirkwood. There had been built a complex roller coaster ride, which was where the competition was held.

The goal of the competition was to make it through the roller coaster alive and then to get the best time. You were in a minecart with a pig, which you had to try and control to the best of your abilities. The winner, with a time of 1min 56sec, was:


He was also the only one who actually made it through without being disqualified or dying... Thats how hard this roller coaster was. Altho SildarFlame was really close to completing it and only died in the last few meters.

All in all, a lot of fun!

  • 23rd Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: Orchidcube (Galadhrim), LibertyMom (High-elf), SinzPet (High-elf), cchatts (Wood-Elf), Olgierd_ (Wood-Elf), Erurehto (High-elf), SildarFlame (High-Elf), Yatropy (Galadhrim), TheSmileBC (Dorwinion)(was there waiting, but had to leave before the party even started), RikjeB (High-Elf), Shinare (guest), ArinHolmes (Wood-Elf) & RedSword12 (High-Elf). Type of competition: Pig-rangling challange Food and Drinks: Melons, Berries & Cakes (drinks not recorded here).

The 23rd Mallorn Party was hosted by the Galadhrim of Lothlórien. The party however was not held in Lothlórien, but in a magical land called "the Overworld".

The Mallorn Competition this time was a Pig-rangling challange, where the goal was to navigate your pig through the obstacle course faster than everyone else.

2017-08-05 17.49.33

Here we can see Yatropy of the Galadhrim valiantly trying to rangle his pig :P

The winner of the Competition, and thus the 23rd Mallorn Champion, was Olgierd_, with an impressive time of around 3 and a half minutes. Noteworthy is that almost nobody actually made it through the course at all.

  • 24th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: Orchidcube (Galadhrim), LibertyMom (High-elf), SinzPet (High-elf), ArinHolmes (Wood-Elf), Olgierd_ (Wood-Elf), DextrosityLight (Dorwinion & High-Elf), Liodir (Dorwinion), RikjeB (High-Elf), Schreurtje (Wood-Elf), LordCelebrimbor (High-Elf), The11_Doctor (High-Elf), FishFinger (High-Elf), DarthStef (High-Elf)(left soon after the feast), AgsterDark (High-Elf), Quipp (High-Elf) & Candj_ (High-Elf)(arrived late to attend the competition). Type of competition: Jousting Food and Drinks: Almonds, Berries, Fruits (drinks not recorded here).
The 24th Mallorn Party was hosted by the elves and men of Dorwinion. The Mallorn competition was a Jousting Tournament. Where 2 riders rode towards eachother on either side of a "barricade" to dismount( kill) eachother with a Lance.
From rikjeB 2017-09-02 17.36.42
In the 1st round of the competition we saw:
  • ArinHolmes vs RikjeB. RikjeB won.
  • DextrosityLight vs Liodir. DextrosityLight won.
  • SinzPet vs AgsterDark. SinzPet won.
  • FishFinger vs LordCelebrimbor. LordCelebrimbor won.
  • Olgierd_ vs The11_Doctor. The11_Doctor won.
  • Orchidcube vs Schreurtje. Schreurtje won.

In the Semi-finals we saw:

  • The11_Doctor vs Schreurtje. Schreurtje won.
  • SinzPet vs LordCelebrimbor. SinzPet won.
  • RikjeB vs DextrosityLight. RikjeB won.

In the finals, we had 3 people, thus we needed to have everyone square off against everyone. Where we saw:

  • RikjeB vs SinzPet. SinzPet won.
  • SinzPet vs Schreurtje. Schreurtje won.
  • RikjeB vs Schreurtje. RikjeB won.

This however left everyone with 1 win each and we needed to redo it to find a winner. Where we saw:

  • RikjeB vs SinzPet. RikjeB won.
  • SinzPet vs Schreurtje. SinzPet won.
  • RikjeB vs Schreurtje. RikjeB won.

This left RikjeB with 3 wins in total, SinzPet with 2 and Schreurtje with 1 win. Making RikjeB the 24th Mallorn Champion!

  • 25th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: LibertyMom (High-elf), SinzPet (High-elf), ArinHolmes (Wood-Elf), Olgierd_ (Wood-Elf), RikjeB (High-Elf), LordCelebrimbor (High-Elf), FishFinger (High-Elf), DarthStef (High-Elf), Quipp (High-Elf), Candj_ (High-Elf), Gingilipho (Galadhrim), Ailinion (Galadhrim), Erurehto (High-Elf), chiner115 (Galadhrim) & SildarFlame (High-Elf). Type of competition: Precision Archery Shooting Food and Drinks: Cakes, Pies, berries, fruits, potatoes, steaks, carrots, salads and Vodka.

The 25th Mallorn Party was hosted by the High-Elves, the High-Elves of Laiquanost on Tol Morwen to be precise. The Mallorn Competition this time was a type of precision archery shooting competition where each participant, one at a time, had to jump into a ring with 2 aggressive Aurochs and try to hit a target across the lake all while being hit by the aurochs.

The Target was comprised of 4 tiers of scoring values.

Hitting the wood base was worth 1 point, hitting the Topaz edge was worth 2 points, hitting the Gold was worth 3 and hitting the edhelmir bulls-eye was worth 4 points.

4 Points:

  • RikjeB

3 Points:

  • SildarFlame

2 Points:

  • chiner115

1 Point:

  • Erurehto
  • LibertyMom
  • LordCelebrimbor
  • FishFinger
  • Gingilipho
  • ArinHolmes
  • Candj_

0 Points:

  • DarthStef
  • SinzPet
  • Olgierd_
  • Ailinion
  • Quipp

  • 26th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: - . Type of competition: - Food and Drinks: - .

  • 27th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: SinzPet (High-elf), DextrosityLight (Dorwinion & High-Elf), QuaggaZebra (Dorwinion & High-Elf), Orchidcube (Galadhrim)(arrived late, in time to participate in the competition), RikjeB (High-Elf), Candj_ (High-Elf)(had to leave just before the feast started), Rivkah_Lomelinde (High-Elf-recruit) & manmetschnor23 (High-Elf-recruit)(Had to leave before the competition started). Type of competition: Speed-drinking game. Food and Drinks: Cakes, Pies, berries, fruits, corn, red & white wine and Araq.

The 27th Mallorn Party was hosted at Limpeturion, in Dorwinion. The host of this party had to work on the original date on which it was supposed to be held so the party was moved one day to the Sunday instead of the normal Saturday to accomodate his work-schedule. As a result, fewer elves were able to attend the party and the High-Elves thus made an exception to their no-recruits-rule for the party and invited those recruits that were online at the time.

This month's competition was a team-based speed-drinkin-game, where the goes was for each team to drink as many barrels of alcoholic drinks as possible and after finishing each one bringing them to a team chest for counting later. It was females vs males and the final score, after an intesively even fight, was 97 for the females and 98 for the males.

Just barely making them the 27th Mallorn Champions.
2017-12-03 18.52.07

Rivkah_Lomelinde, manmetschnor23, SinzPet, Dextrositylight, QuaggaZebra & Orchidcube in front of Limpeturion

  • 28th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: SinzPet (High-elf), Orchidcube (Galadhrim), Olgierd_ (Wood-elf), LibertyMom (High-elf)(left before the competition), Candj_ (High-elf), ArinHolmes (Wood-elf)(had to leave before the competition), Alydris (High-elf), Erurehto (High-elf), SildarFlame (High-elf), Alithir (Guest), 1015Charlie (High-elf)(had to leave before the competition), baconoverlord20 (High-elf)(had to leave before the competition), King_Max07 (Wood-elf)(had to leave before the competition) & Samaranth00 (High-elf)(Arrived late + left before the competition). Type of competition: Speed-chopping of Mallorn trees Food and Drinks: All manner of fruits, berries and vegetables as well as baked potatoes, cakes, cookies and pies, with a lot of different drinks, mainly liquors and wine.

The 28th Mallorn Party was help in Lothlóriën, and sadly it too was interupted by a few worthless lowloves. But once those were dealt with the party continued. And here a special warm thank you to JJofJ, EEofE and TackleToWin, who came to act as security for the party while the attendees focused on the party.

The competition was a speed-chopping of Mallorn trees that the competitors planted and grew themselves.

There were two teams, whos' goal it was to chop down and collect as much wood and leaves as possible. Wood earned the team 1 point each, leaves 2 points and the rare mallorn nuts earned the team 5 points each.

Team green ended up not growing anything and just stealing team red's items, which turned out to be the better strategy, as it made them win and become the 28th Mallorn Champions.

  • 29th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: SinzPet (High-elf), Orchidcube (Galadhrim)(arrived after the feast), Olgierd_ (Wood-elf), LibertyMom (High-elf), DextrosityLight (Dorwinion & High-elf), Candj_ (High-elf), ArinHolmes (Wood-elf)(arrived after the feast), Erurehto (High-elf), SildarFlame (High-elf)(had to leave before the competition), 1015Charlie (High-elf)(arrived after the feast), baconoverlord20 (High-elf)(had to leave before the competition), RikjeB (Wood-elf) & vQ7R (Wood-elf). Type of competition: Parkour challange.

This Party was held at Lóminost, by the High-Elf Erurehto. It was a Parkour challange made up of things like jumping between pillars of ice, evading holes in the ground in a glass box, making jour way down a treacherous tower of Quagmire and last put not least getting past a room filled with explosive traps.

The contestants tried the course one by one, round by round, and in the end, only vQ7R had made it to the end by the end of the 3rd round. And thus vQ7R won the game and became the 29th Mallorn champion!
Group pic 29th mallorn party

  • 30th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: SinzPet (High-elf), Olgierd_ (Wood-elf), RikjeB (Wood-elf), vQ7R (Wood-elf), DarthStef (High-elf), Schreurtje (Wood-elf), cchatts (Wood-elf) & DerpyMacDerpFace (Wood-elf). Type of competition: The Bomb Maze.

The 30th Mallorn party was hosted by the Woodland Realm. The Mallorn Competition this time was a peculiar one indeed where 4 elves were placed in a corner each in an enclusure. The enclosure was filled with a grid of alternating obsidian, sand and walk-space. The 4 elves were then given half a stack of orc-bombs which they could use to bomb their way through the sand blocking their way. Their goal was to find and kill all opponents with their bombs in this maze until they were the only one left standing.

The first round had the following competitors:

  • cchatts
  • Schreurtje
  • vQ7R
  • DerpyMacDerpFace

of which, DerpyMacDerpFace emerged victorious, thus securing a spot in the finale.

The second round had the following competitors:

  • Olgierd_
  • SinzPet
  • DarthStef

of which, Olgierd_ emerged victorius, thus securing the last spot in the finale.

Then in the final round, DerpyMacDerpFace faced off against Olgierd_, with both of them having access to double the amount of bombs. The newcomer fought bravely and well, but in the end, Olgierd_ managed to blow him up and thus won the competition and became the 30th Mallorn Champion! If you want to witness the game for yourself you can do so by clicking here.

After the finale we also had another round to determine who would be taking 3rd place, so cchatts, Schreurtje, vQ7R, SinzPet and DarthStef all faced off against eachother with all 5 of them in the maze. Here Schreurtje emerged victorius after a very even fight with vQ, thus earning him the 3rd place in this Mallorn Competition.

The Bomb Maze

Shown in the picture is a snapshot of a game for fun after the party, where we can see Schreurtje masterfully evading a bomb and Olgierd chasing a bewildered vQ7R with his bombs.

  • 31st Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: Orchidcube (Galadhrim), LibertyMom (High-Elf), Olgierd_ (Wood-Elf), DextrosityLight (Dorwinion & High-Elf), SinzPet (High-Elf), 50CalKalli(Galadhrim)(had to leave just as it was his turn to participate in the game), RikjeB (Wood-Elf)(had to leave just as it was his turn to participate in the game), MeowKitty12 (High-Elf), Glawaron_III (High-Elf), SildarFlame (High-Elf), apenpower12 (Wood-Elf)(did not attend the competition), vQ6R (Wood-Elf), DerpyMacDerpFace (Wood-Elf), Raven_RzR (Wood-Elf)(did not attend the competition), ElfKingAnte (Wood-Elf)(did not attend the competition). Type of competition: Maze-run on time.
The 31st Mallorn Party was hosted by Lothlóriën and it's competition was a Maze-run where all the contestants were timed and the one with the fastest time became the winner.
31st Mallorn Party Competition Maze
  • 0:40 SinzPet
  • 1:12 Olgierd_
  • 1:34 DerpyMacDerpFace
  • 1:42 Meowkitty
  • 1:51 Dextrositylight
  • 2:25 vQ6R
  • 5:10 SildarFlame
  • 8:46 Orchidcube
  • -gave up- Glawaron
  • -gave up- LibertyMom

Thus making SinzPet the 31st Mallorn Champion!

  • 32nd Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: LibertyMom (High-Elf), SinzPet (High-Elf), Erurehto (High-Elf), TheRealZAHERO (High-Elf), Mithlond (High-Elf), FishFinger (High-Elf), Capt9Captain (High-Elf), MeowKitty12 (High-Elf), Nyan_Panda (High-Elf), DerpyMacDerpFace (High-Elven Recruit), Icefrone (Gondor), Telperonwe (Gondor), Commando98 (Gondor), drorpra (Gondor), Nordiceous (Gondor) & RikjeB (Gondor). Type of competition: Team PvP.

The 32nd Mallorn Party was hosted by the High-Elves and was one of the most special ones so far. The Mallorn Council had for the first time in history invited an "outside faction" to join the festivities. Thus Gondor became the first ever non-Mallorn-Council-member-faction to attend a Mallorn Party.

The Mallorn Competition this time was a fierce Team-PvP match high up on the floating isles of the frozen mystical north. Because only High-Elves were ables to attend amongst the Mallorn Factions, the teams consisted of High-Elves VS Gondor. 4 vs 4.

Gondor won the 1st round with only 1 casualty, but the High-Elven team recovered for the next one and won the remaining two, thus making team High-Elves the 32nd Mallorn Champions.

The overall MVP of this competition was LibertyMom, and MVP on the Gondorian Team was Commando98.

  • 33rd Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: Liodir (Dorwinion Man), Dextrositylight (Dorwinion Elf & High-Elf), SinzPet (High-Elf), Olgierd_ (Wood-Elf), Capt9Captain (High-Elf), MeowKitty12 (High-Elf), wogleslaw (Galadhrim), Agonaj (Galadhrim) & Monitoimirousku (Wood-Elf). Type of competition: Barrel race along a water-track.
The 33rd Mallorn Party was held at Gwínlond in Dorwinion, hosted by Liodir (a Man of Dorwinion).
Group pic 33rd mallorn party
During the feast, record amounts of pipeweed was smoked. The smoke in the Party tent almost looked like art.
Party Tent Smoke 33rd mallorn party
The Mallorn Competition was a Barrel-race along a track layed out in the waters of Gwínlond. Wogleslaw of the Galadhrim came in first and thus won, winning the title of 33rd Mallorn Champion and bringing it back to the Golden Wood.

  • 34th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: Olgierd_ (Wood-Elf), ArinHolmes (Wood-Elf), Dextrositylight (Dorwinion Elf & High-Elf), LibertyMom (High-Elves), SinzPet (High-Elf), Capt9Captain (High-Elf), Orchidcube (Galadhrim), wogleslaw (Galadhrim), MeowKitty12 (High-Elf), Monitoimirousku (Wood-Elf), FishFinger (High-Elf), Schreurtje (Wood-elf). Type of competition: The Bomb Maze.

The 34th Mallorn Party was hosted by the Woodland Realm. The Mallorn Competition was the Bomb Maze this time again, where 4 players enter the maze and are placed in the 4 corners, then they blow up the sand to clear a path so that they then can kill their opponents with their bombs. There were 3 rounds where one winner was chosen from each round then the 3 winners competed in the Finale for the Title.

During this Mallorn Party, Wood-Elven King Olgierd_ also Announced that this would be the last time he would attend a Mallorn Party, as he was stepping down as king and leaving the faction. In that announcement he also said that he leaves the governance of the Woodland Realm in the hands of High-Elven Queen LibertyMom with Wood-Elven Royal ArinHolmes having Veto powers, until such a time when a permanent successor is found by those two.

Round 1:

  • Schreurtje
  • Dextrositylight
  • SinzPet
  • LibertyMom

Round 1 Winner: Schreurtje.

Round 2:

  • Olgierd_
  • Capt9Captain
  • Orchidcube
  • ArinHolmes

Round 2 Winner: Olgierd_.

Round 3:

  • FishFinger
  • Monitoimirousku
  • wogleslaw
  • MeowKitty12

Round 3 Winner: Monitoimirousku.


  • Schreurtje
  • Olgierd_
  • Monitoimirousku

34th Mallorn Champion: Olgierd_.

  • 35th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: Orchidcube (Galadhrim), LibertyMom (High-Elves), wogleslaw (Galadhrim), SinzPet (High-Elf), MeowKitty12 (High-Elf), Carnifinion (High-Elf), Arbiter_Darkness (Wood-Elf), Yatropy (Galadhrim), GoldenRobot (Galadhrim), Ghastly__Bespoke (Wood-Elf), DerpyMacDerpFace (High-Elf), Mithlond (High-Elf), Agonaj (Galadhrim), Tojn (Galadhrim), xHenkka (Wood-Elf), JJofJ (Arnor) & xtcj (Arnor). Type of competition: Capture the Flag.

The 35th Mallorn Party was hosted by the Galadhrim and the Mallorn Competition consisted of a game of Capture the Flag, in 2 teams.

Team Red:

  • Orchidcube
  • JJofJ (only played the 1st round)
  • SinzPet
  • wogleslaw
  • MeowKitty12
  • Yatropy
  • Ghastly_Bespoke
  • DerpyMacDerpFace

Team Green:

  • LibertyMom
  • Carnifindion
  • Arbiter_Darkness
  • GoldenRobot
  • Mithlond
  • Agonaj
  • Tojn
  • xtcj (only played the 1st round)
35th Mallorn Party

Liberty was trying to get back on a full server when this was teken :/

The game started with the Green Team inside the set up game area, defending the flag. The Red Team won. Survivors: SinzPet, JJofJ, MeowKitty12 & Yatropy.

The next round the Red Team was defending the flag, and they managed to win that one too, thus winning the title of 35th Mallorn Champions. Survivors: SinzPet, Yatropy & DerpyMacDerpFace.

  • 36th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: Dextrositylight (Dorwinion Elf), Liodir (Dorwinion Man), LibertyMom (High-Elf), Arodas (Wood-Elf), SinzPet (High-Elf), BatpropvP (High-Elf), MeowKitty12 (High-Elf), DerpyMacDerpFace (High-Elf), Mithlond (High-Elf), Rivkah_Lomelinde (High-Elf), DarkGreen (Wood-Elf), ElfKingAnte (Wood-Elf), kantabele (Wood-Elf). Type of competition: Garden-construction.

The 36th Mallorn Party was held by Dorwinion at Fair Lake. It consisted of different teams building different elven-theamed gardens around fair lake. Teams were made up of:


  • SinzPet
  • Rivkah_Lomelinde
  • DerpyMacDerpFace


  • Arodas
  • DarkGreen
  • ElfKingAnte
  • kantabele


  • Dextrositylight
  • Liodir


  • MeowKitty12 (There were no Galadhrim attending, so Meow stepped up and built the Lothlorien theamed garden)

The Judging is not yet complete, that info will be added here when it is done.

  • 37th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: LibertyMom (High-Elf), SinzPet (High-Elf), Orchidcube (Galadhrim), Carnifindion (High-Elf), MeowKitty12 (High-Elf), DerpyMacDerpFace (High-Elf), Arbiter_darkness (Wood-Elf), ElfKingAnte (Wood-Elf), Agonaj (Galadhrim), Tojn (Galadhrim), xHenkka (Wood-Elf), GamingMV235 (High-Elf), GoldenRobot (Galadhrim) Awesome2718 (High-Elf) & Aiglos_ (High-Elf). Type of competition: Mazerun.

The 37th Mallorn Party was hosted by DerpyMacDerpFace and the High-Elves in Mithlond. A feast was held in the Old Mithlond district of Mithlond and drunken table dancing took place. After the feast came the Mallorn Competition.

The competition was a Maze-run, who ever would go through the entire maze first would win. The Maze of Sildar is nutorious for driving people insane, and so it did this time again. Many gave up and quit, some even killed themselves in insanity. But in the end, 4 elves finished the challange. 2 High-Elves and 2 Galadhrim.

In 4th place: MeowKitty12, after roughly 2 and a half hours.

In 3rd place: DerpyMacDerpFace.

In 2nd place: Tojn, seconds after the champion.

In 1st place: Agonaj

Thus Agonaj became the 37th Mallorn Champion!

  • 38th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: Arodas (Wood-Elf), LibertyMom (High-Elf), Orchidcube (Galadhrim), ArinHolmes (Wood-Elf), SinzPet (High-Elf), MeowKitty12 (High-Elf), DerpyMacDerpFace (High-Elf), Arbiter_darkness (Wood-Elf), ElfKingAnte (Wood-Elf), Tojn (Galadhrim), xHenkka (Wood-Elf), Mithlond (High-Elf), Awesome2718 (High-Elf), General_Gandalf (Galadhrim). Type of competition: 2vs2 Crossbow & blowgun deathmatch in a tunnel-cave-arena.
The 38th Mallorn Party was hosted by (for the very first time as King) Arodas of the Wood-Elves, in Thranduil's Halls.
38th Mallorn Party
The 38th Mallorn Championship consisted of a tournament of teams of two fighting to the death with one teammember using a crossbow and another using a blowgun. All inside of a cave with an elaborate tunnel-system.


Team 1: xHenkka & ElfKingAnte.

Team 2: SinzPet & DerpyMacDerpFace.

Team 3: Tojn( later replaced by Arbiter_darkness) & General_Gandalf.

Team 4: Mithlond & MeowKitty12.

Team 5: Awesome2718 & Orchidcube.

Team 6: ArinHolmes & LibertyMom.

All teams faced 2 other teams during the course of the tournament, 2 teams ended up winning both their matches and thus entered the finale. 2 teams won 1 of their fights and thus entered the bronze-match.

Bronze: SinzPet & DerpyMacDerpFace.

Silver: Mithlond & MeowKitty12.

Gold: xHenkka & ElfKingAnte.

Thus xHenkka & ElfKingAnte took home the gold for the Wood-Elves and became the 38th Mallorn Champions!

  • 39th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: Orchidcube (Galadhrim), wogleslaw (Galadhrim), SinzPet (High-Elf), ElfKingAnte (Wood-Elf), Tojn (Galadhrim), Agonaj (Galadhrim), MeowKitty12 (High-Elf), Mithlond (High-Elf), Awesome2718 (High-Elf), Candj_ (High-Elf), LaurenSappy (Wood-Elf), Snipergjostf (High-Elf), GamingMV235 (High-Elf), BetaRay314 (High-Elf). Type of competition: Capture the Flag.

The 39th Mallorn Party was hosted by Lothlóriën and the 39th Competition was a game of capture the flag.

Blue team:

  • MeowKitty12
  • LaurenSappy
  • Agonaj
  • Mithlond
  • ElfKingAnte
  • Tojn

Red team:

  • Sniperghostf
  • BetaRay314
  • Candj_
  • GamingMV235
  • Awesome2718
  • SinzPet

The blue team started with the flag and eventually fought off att the attackers and thus became the 39th Mallorn Champion.

  • 40th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: Dextrositylight (Dorwinion-Elf), Liodir (Dorwinion-Man), SinzPet (High-Elf), wogleslaw (Galadhrim), Tojn (Galadhrim), MeowKitty12 (High-Elf), Snipergjostf (High-Elf), GamingMV235 (High-Elf), & Georgioss43 (Dorwinion-Man). Type of competition: Castle-Siege.

The 40th Mallorn Party was hosted by Dorwionion, Dextrositylight and Liodir, elf and man. The Mallorn Competition was a Castle-Siege where 1 team defended their king in the castle and the other had to either kill all defenders or the king.


Blue Team:

  • SinzPet
  • Dextrositylight
  • MeowKitty12
  • wogleslaw

Red Team:

  • Liodir
  • Tojn
  • Sniperghostf
  • GamingMV235 (switched with Georgioss43 later)
  • Georgioss43 (came in after GamingMV235 left)

The red team started as defender and had Liodir as their King, the blue team won that round. The next round the blue team were the defenders and had SinPet as their King, they won that round too. In the 3rd round the red team were the defenders with Sniperghost as their King. The blue team lost that round completely, not managing to kill a single defender. And in the 4th round the blue team was defending once more, but with MeowKitty as their Queen. This round was one of the more even ones where the last showdown of the last 2 alive was between Tojn and MeowKitty. It was an even fight, at the end it looked like Tojn would prevail, but in the midst server lag MeowKitty managed to get the last hit and won it for the blue team. Otherwise there would have been a 5th round to settle it.

Thus making the Blue Team the 40th Mallorn Champions.

  • 41st Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: SinzPet (High-Elf), wogleslaw (Galadhrim), Tojn (Galadhrim), Snipergjostf (High-Elf), GamingMV235 (High-Elf), ElfKingAnte (Wood-Elf), Awesome2718 (High-Elf), Mithlond (High-Elf), LibertyMom (High-Elf) & Orchidcube (Galadhrim). Type of competition: PvP Sword-fight.

The 41st Mallorn Party was hosted by (SinzPet) the High-Elves, in Lindon. LibertyMom and Orchidcube arrived a slighly late and only attended as spectators of the Mallorn Competition. Which consisted of, at first, team PvP battles where if one team lost, they were out. And when a team won, they advanced to the next round and their members were then reshuffled and new teams were made from them. This went on until only a single Mallorn Champion remained.

Team Blue Team Red
ElfKingAnte SinzPet
Sniperghostf Mithlond
GamingMV235 Tojn
Awesome2718 wogleslaw
----------------- -----------------
Awesome2718 GamingMV235
ElfKingAnte Sniperghostf
----------------- -----------------
Sniperghostf GamingMV235

Sniperghostf managed to defeat GamingMV235 in the finale and thus became the 41st Mallorn Champion!

  • 42nd Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: ElfKingAnte (Wood-Elves), LibertyMom (High-Elf) & Orchidcube (Galadhrim), Dextrositylight (Dorwinion), SinzPet (High-Elf), Carnifindion (High-Elves), Glaad1234 (Galadhrim), Tojn (Galadhrim), Snipergjostf (High-Elf), GamingMV235 (High-Elf), WibblyWolf (High-Elf), JoePlays_ (Wood-elf) & 1015Charlie (High-Elves). Type of competition: 2v2 team-fights to the death with daggers.

The 42nd Mallorn Party was hosted by the Woodland Realm. And the Mallorn Competition was a tournament of 2 vs 2 team-matches.

Teams 1: Sniperghostf & Dextrositylight. Team 2: Glaad1234(1st match)/WibblyWolf(2nd match) & DerpyMacDerpface. Team 3: Tojn & GamingMV235. Team 4: SinzPet & ElfKingAnte.

In the first round it was team 1 vs team 2, where team 2 won and advanced to the finale. Then team 3 went up against team 4 and team 4 won.

In the bronze-match, team 1 met team 3 in the arena and won the bronze. Finally, in the finale, team 2 met team 4 on the battlefield and after a short battle, team 2 won.

To decide only 1 Mallorn Champion, the 3 combatants of team 2 battled it out on a free-for-all. The last man standing was DerpyMacDerpface, and thus he became the 42nd Mallorn Champion!

  • 43rd Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: Orchidcube (Galadhrim), Dextrositylight (Dorwinion), LibertyMom (High-Elf), SinzPet (High-Elf), Tojn (Galadhrim), GamingMV235 (High-Elf), Awesome2718 (High-Elf), GamingMV235 (High-Elf), SpectralSeahorse (Dorwinion), GoldenRobot (Galadhrim), Liodir (Dorwinion), Agonaj (Galadhrim), Otis_Goodman (High-Elf). Type of competition: HungerGames-maze.

The 43rd Mallorn Party was hosted by the Galadhrim in Lothlóriën. After a lengthy feast, the the Mallorn Game consisted of a Hunger Game type of Maze :)

[Shortened version] The last 3 remaining in the game were SinzPet, Mithlond and Gaming. Gaming accidentally killed a referee and was disqualified leaving Sinz and Mith to battle it out. After a fierce battle, Mithlond prevailed and thus became the 43rd Mallorn Champion!
43rd Mallorn Party group pic-0
  • 44th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: Dextrositylight (Dorwinion), Liodir (Dorwinion), Orchidcube (Galadhrim), ElfKingAnte (Wood-Elf), SinzPet (High-Elf), catman_ (Dorwinion), Carnifindion (High-Elf), DerpyMacDerpFace (High-Elves), Mithlond (High-Elf), Awesome2718 (High-Elf), Orneno (High-Elf), WibblyWolf (High-Elf), Sniperghostf (High-Elf), Glaad1234 (Galadhrim), manman_pl (Galadhrim), DementedCookie1 (Wood-Elf). Type of competition: Game-hunting competition.

The 44th Mallorn Party was hosted by Dorwinion. The game was a game-hunting competition where the hunter who brought back the most amount of game and other loot won the competition.

SinzPet brought back the most and thus won the competition and became the 44th Mallorn Champion!

But Special recognition has to go to Mithlond as well, as he volunteered to pull out of the competition to bring back a special sword he picked up from a dead bandit who had in turn taken it from a Dowinrim noble.

After the competition and feast there was a 2nd small game named "S U C H W E A L T H" :P where the elves present were asked a series of questions to determine who was the poorest poor sap :P That elf then received a lot of, well, wealth :P

  • 45th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: LibertyMom (High-Elves), SinzPet (High-Elf), Dextrositylight (Dorwinion), Liodir (Dorwinion), Orchidcube (Galadhrim), MevansBrother (High-Elves), Carnifindion (High-Elf), DerpyMacDerpFace (High-Elves), Mithlond (High-Elf), Awesome2718 (High-Elf), WibblyWolf (High-Elf), Sniperghostf (High-Elf), wannes (Galadhrim) & Otis_Goodman (High-Elves), Sildarflame (High-Elves). Type of competition: FFA ice arena death match.

The 45th Mallorn Party was hosted by LibertyMom of the High-Elves and consited of a game of Free For All Death Match in a giant ice-arena. At the end of the game, 4 remained: Awesome2718, Sniperghostf, Mithlond & DextrosityLight. But Awesome2718 held on the longest and in the end took home the title of 45th Mallorn Champion!

  • 46th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: DextrosityLight (Dorwinion), Liodir (Dorwinion), Orchidcube (Galadhrim), SinzPet (High-Elves), Arodas (Wood-Elves), wannes (Galadhrim), Naga_Yokusaki (Galadhrim), Impassibility (Wood-Elves), _DaveTheZombie (Dorwinion), JerrekCarnelian (Guest from Gondor), Glaad1234 (Galadhrim), CitrusBunnie (Dorwinion), Louie_the_dwarf (Dorwinion), jarjarpfeil (Dorwinion). Type of competition: Hunt the rabbit.

The 46th Mallorn Party was a Malloween party hosted by Dorwinion as they stepped in as hosts for the wood-elves.

The Mallorn Competition was a game where 1 player acted as Pumkin Peter and every1 else was wearing a skull and had to kill peter with a scythe (hoe) and steal his treasure to win.

Naga_Yokusaki was chosen as Peter and the chase was on. After a long chase mostly led by wannes, closely followed by SinzPet, it all ended with SinzPet getting the last hit. But a restart hit at that same moment. And when the dust settled, the one with the treasure was CitrusBunnie. Thus making her the 46th Mallorn Champion!

  • 47th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: Glaad1234 (Galadhrim), Tojn (Galadhrim), DextrosityLight (Dorwinion), Arodas (Wood-Elves), SinzPet (High-Elves), wannes (Galadhrim), _DaveTheZombie (Dorwinion), Mumbe (Wood-Elves), SildarFlame (High-Elves), Orneno (High-Elves), Vintopian (Dorwinion) & Jachimollo (Dorwinion). Type of competition: 3 mini-games.

The 47th Mallorn Party was hosted by the Galadhrim Glaad1234 in Lothlorien and it's Mallorn Competition consisted of 3 teams competing in 3 different games.

Game 1 was a game of collecting one of each of 6 specific flowers within a certain timelimit where 1 competitor from each team went into the flower field at the same time.

Game 2 was a game of shooting a bull's-eye while on a never-ending looping of a minecart.

Game 3 was a game of shooting ducks. Or in this case, minecarts going back and forth on a track.
47th Mallorn Party - Duckshooting game
Team 1: Dextrositylight, wannes & Mumbe.

Team 2: Orneno, _DaveTheZombie, Arodas & Tojn.

Team 3: SinzPet, Jachimollo, SildarFlame & Vintopian.

Team 3 won game 2 while Team 2 won game 1 & 3, but since only Arodas remained online of their team, not every one of them got the title. But since Orneno had won the 1st game for his team, the Judge decided to award him the title as well anyways. Thus making Arodas and Orneno the 47th Mallorn Champions!

  • 48th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: TheRidgedGamer (Dorwinion), SinzPet (High-Elf), Arbiter_Darkness (Wood-Elf), MeowKitty12 (High-Elf), xDennnx (Dorwinion), CinnabarKey8417 (Dorwinion), jarjarpfeil (Dorwinion), TheIronDude (Dorwinion), emilevdc (Galadhrim), Erurehto (High-Elf), Ethilion (High-Elf), Giedrasas (High-Elf), JaneKira99 (Wood-Elf), remivdc (Galadhrim), Sniperghostf (High-Elf), Valneara (High-Elf), wannes (Galadhrim), WibblyWolf (High-Elf), ZeroDOB (Galadhrim), Antharas (High-Elf), Bomber01 (Galadhrim), Mithlond (High-Elf). Type of competition: Drunk Parkour & Team PVP matches.

The 48th Mallorn Party was held at the Wine-temple of Dorwinion after a slight delay of a couple of months due to internal struggles within Dorwinion. But once the party started, it lasted for an impressive 4 hours and brought immense joy to all guests.

The Mallorn Competition consisted of a match of parkour under the influence of the Dorwinionian wine that they are so famous for. If one well off, one fell to their death most times.

The first person to reach the top was Sniperghostf, who thus became the 48th Mallorn Champion!

After that, it continued with pvp matches of team vs team and ended up taking 4 hours in total. People had been craving another Mallorn Party! As evidnced by the fact that 22 people attended this party :)

  • 49th Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: DerpyMacDerpFace (High-Elf), Orchidcube (Galadhrim), SinzPet (High-Elf), MeowKitty12 (High-Elf), WibblyWolf(High-Elf), dragonearth(High-Elf), Erurehto (High-Elf), remivdc (Galadhrim), emilevdc (Galadhrim), Sniperghostf (High-Elf), Ethilion (High-Elf), 5Drax03 (Galadhrim), remminator (High-Elf), Rumil (High-Elf), SildarFlame (High-Elf) & teo007 (High-Elf). Type of competition: Russian Roulette with poisoned drinks & bets.
The 49th Mallorn Party was by the High Elves. All attending elves gathered at the Halls of Lóminost and there had a great feast! Later they continued to the fields surrounding the centre and had a game of Russian Roulette. Within this game, two elves sat at a table filled with drinks, one of the drinks being poisonous. They each drink a random mug they chose, and the first one to get poisoned loses. The other elves place bets (with silver nuggets) on who they think will win. The one with the most nuggets in the end wins.
49th Mallorn Party
The High-Elven Kingdom' High King DerpyMacDerpFace became the 49th Mallorn Champion, having no less than 18 nuggets in the end.
  • 50th Mallorn Party - Attended by a large number of all types of Free Peoples . Type of competition: Team PVP & Parkour.

The 50th Mallorn Party was the largest party ever held, truly marking the 50th Party as something remarkably special. Every single person from any Free Peoples Kingdom was invited to attend, and thus, the number of guests that attended was reflected in this fact.

50th Mallorn

To deal with the large number of of attendees, there was first held a Team PVP Match, best of three rounds. Then the winning team advanced to the Parkour challange. Where Xerxesbacon of the Red Mountain Dwarves completed the course first and thus took home the the Title of the 50th Mallorn Champion.

The first time someone from a non-elven kingdom has ever won a Mallorn Championship!

2020-06-06 15.46.17
  • 51st Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: Arbiter_Darkness (Wood-Elf), Oega (Wood-Elf), SinzPet (High-Elf), WibblyWolf (High-Elf), HighflyHD (Dorwinion), Sniperghostf (High-Elf), SildarFlame (High-Elf), Edhelind (High-Elf), VladKolotnikov (High-Elf), Silnen (High-Elf), _Remm (High-Elf), teo007 (Wood-Elf), Ethilion (Wood-Elf) & SkyEagle003 (High-Elf). Type of competition: Parkour.

The 51st Mallorn Party was hosted by the Woodland Realm and consisted of a firepit-feast followed by a magnificently challenging, yet incredibly well made game of parkour.

The games began with the attendees splitting into teams, and  trying out their parkour skills in 8 small stages, each one having a “jump sample” from parkour. After the jumps have been beaten(with team blue in the lead, having 4/8 samples completed by Oega), it was revealed that an even greater challenge faced the elves. A full on parkour course awaited. 

The first part consisted of jumping along pillars and trapdoors until the first checkpoint was reached. The second section was much less ordinary. Relying solely on instinct and luck the mallorn elves had to jump their way through pillars hidden among dried reeds. After completing that, and reaching the second checkpoint the players had to serpent their way through a staircase parkour. The next section challenged the elves to jump of at just the right moment. Too early, and you get a big bruise on your head from hitting the ceiling, too late and you come crashing down, forced to restart from the last checkpoint. The final and most difficult course required players to jump from ladder to ladder up and around, until the top was reached, and the satisfying for one, yet discouraging for others message appeared in chat. “Oega has won XD” Thus, a new Mallorn champion was crowned! Congrats to Oega on the great parkour skills!

  • xxth Mallorn Party - Those who attended the party were: . Type of competition: .

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