The Vales and Dales of Anduin lay forgotten for many an era, only wandered by the occasional orc and Beorning. The Kingdom Of Anduin is seeking to bring light to the vales and lays claim to all land north of Rauros and South of Framsburg that is recognized as a vale or hill of Anduin, save the Gladden Fields(Claimed by the Elves of Lórien long before the Kingdom rose). The Lord of Anduin is KingArthurtz and he rules from the forbidden castle on the hill.

His claim to this land is a true and honest one.

They are in desperate need of more recruits to help build the giant city of Framsburg. Ask KingArthurtz if interested!

The Lords of Anduin

The Lords of Anduin are the highest rulers of Anduin and between them control all of Anduin but the Gladden Fields. Neither players have more power than the other (Theoretically).

dylbert is a horse stealer. He is welcoming of all allies to Anduin (as long as he has no quarrel with them). He is known for being the more aggressive of the two lords. dylbertl can often be seen wondering the lands of Anduin on lavish hunts. He one day plans to build a chess hall where fighting shall be banned and players must battle it out on the chess board. He also plans to build a golf course on which he can spend his retirement.

KingArthhurtz ,would appreciate his name being spelt correctly, deals more with the actual affairs of Anduin and is in charge of all Anduin's most important builds such as the home of the two rulers; the forbidden castle upon the hill. KingArthurtz also has added a lot of infrastructure to Anduin including the railway lines that are planned to go through out the whole of Anduin one day in the future.


2000 years ago the romans tried to invade upper Swaziland but failed due to their insuperior weaponry against the Swaziland ice skaters. This led to the formation of the independant republic of Rusbekistan somewhere in eatern Europe. Over 4000 years in the future the kingdom of Anduin appointed its first tree. Then the romans they did seek to destroy the hoover dam but luckily a raiding force of EMUS destroyed them in the war of 1812. Upon the destruction of the zulu forces the king of the emus said "squawk" and ran away to Switzerland. This was complicated by the 2015 GCSE Statistics exam for which the zebra should have been revising but was writing absolute non-sense on this here wiki. Then the kingdom of Anduin was formed about two minutes after the day on which it was formed. Night plebs.

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