A new power is rising! Its victory is at hand!


Uruk Banner
General Information
Government type Despotism
Current Ruler(s) Lord Saruman of Many Colours (Oreo365)
Emblem White Hand of Saruman
Flag Banner of Isengard
Claimed Lands Nan Curunir, Uruk Highlands, Central Enedwaith, and Fangorn Wasteland.
Map of Lands None
Capital Isengard
Allies The Shadow Pact

The White Hand Pact (Gundabad) The Big Brainz Pact (Half Trolls)

Population Unknown
Used NPCs Uruk-hai Berserker, Uruk-hai Chieftain, Uruk-hai Crossbower, Uruk-hai Sapper, Uruk-hai Trader, Uruk Warg, Uruk Warg Bombardier, Isengard Snaga

The Uruk-Hai are a superior race of Orcs who are united under the banner of the white hand of Isengard. They are one of the most powerful evil factions. This page is a heavy WIP.

The History of Isengard

(To be added by the Lord Saruman) Recently, after mass inactivity, Isengard began to gain members and power quickly, marking the beginning of a new, greater Isengard!


Saruman (Oreo365) has complete power and his say is final. However, he has a council of advisors - The Higher Council, whose input he values greatly, and who help manage the kingdom.

1. Realm of Isengard

Although the Uruk-Hai did witness minor reforms under the rule of SpadeCompany, the faction system stayed mostly the same since the beginning of the faction. While historians have problems to determine the system of the Realm it can be described as an monarchy with absolutistic tendencies and elements found in city states.The Uruk-Hai are led by the ruler and builder of Isengard which is also the capital of the realm. He holds most of the power but puts value on giving especially loyal servants influence as well.

Rulers and Players:

The succession of rulers of Isengard is as followed:

1. Joetatoe

2. SpadeCompany

3. Nieles123

4. Oreo365


Oreo365 - Saruman the Wise

Frostbite - Higher Council Member

Benjamitis - Higher Council Member

Donald_Trump - Trusted Uruk-Hai

Hans37 - Trusted Uruk-Hai

Eldacar - Trusted Uruk-Hai

Cities and Strongholds of the Uruk-Hai

  • Isengard, also known as Orthanc can be found in Nan Curunir near its waypoint and is the undisputed center of power for the Uruk-Hai. The great stronghold was built by Joetatoe and SpadeCompany. Under Nieles it began to be rebuilt, and was finished under Oreo365
  • Bagronk
  • Ford of Isen A fortress built to watch over the border between Rohan and Isengard it contains a arena and some other forts.
*The Highlands Fort

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