The Kingdom of the Isles was a faction that seceded from the High-elves under SinzPet June 2, 2015. Their holdings included the Isles of Tol Morwen, Western Tol Fuin, Himling, South Tolfalas, and Nim Othiriand.


The Herenyar was founded on June 2nd 2015 when Afghan_Kidd, the Lord of the Western Isles declared independence from the High-Elves with the support of penguin_palace and tommylyons10. Afghan and tommy, who became the first Sea-lord, resided and built the capital of Aironost, while Penguin began building the High-Elven embassy of Nim Othiriand in Forlindon on June 9th 2015.

An alliance was immediately secured with Lothlorien following the factions founding, and eight days later, on June 10th 2015, the High-Elves joined this alliance, thus creating the Mallorn Council.

In June 24th 2015, a large dispute began between the Herenyar and Gondor due to the Herenyar claiming the island of Tolfalas. Thankfully, this dispute was settled on June 29th when an agreement was reached in which the Southern half of the island was given to the Herenyar and put under the control of BDdeuce.

On July 7th 2015, Afghan_Kidd left the faction, and tommylyons10 became the new Sea-king, with the position of Sea-lord passing to penguin_palace. Penguin_Palace left shortly afterwards, and BDduece became the new Sea-lord, but he grew tired of the factions weakening and left for Isengard. With this, the remaining members grew discouraged and left, ending the Herenyar.

Former Players:

Afghan_Kidd: 1st Sea-king of the Herenyar and Lord of Aironost.

tommylyons10: 2nd Sea-king of the Herenyar. He was the First Sea-lord of the Mariners and the Lieutenant of Afghan_Kidd until Afghan passed leadership on to him.

penguin_palace: Master of Nim Othiriand. He was the Second Sea-lord.

vance468oz: Lord of Elemmar, the city of Himling. Helped form Nim Othiriand.

BDdeuce : A cunning elf whom lived upon Tol Morwen and was the ruler of South Tolfalas. He was the 3rd Sea Lord.

Lstewie: A new elf who kept an orchard in the capital.

PandaR3: A determined elf of Nim Othiriand with a bright future. Traveled many miles to reach his homeland with paulk77, a close friend of his.

paulk77: A skilled elf who lived in Nim Othiriand. A good friend of PandaR3 and traveled with him while going to Nim.


Aironost: This was the capitol of the kingdom of the isles. This city was originally ruled by Afghan_Kidd and was upon Tol Morwen.

Nim Othiriand: This city was controlled by the great elf lord penguin_palace, and was the Herenyarin Embassy in Lindon.

Elemmar: vance468oz was the ruler of this city. It was located upon Himling and was in very early stages since the first Elemmar was torn down and was in the process of being rebuilt better. It was planned to be the food capitol of the eastern empire of the Herenyar elves (Containing Himling and Nim Othiriand) and also the flax capitol.

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