Half-troll Banner
General Information
Government type Monarchy
Current Ruler(s) Aglarion_II
Emblem None
Flag The Banner of the Half-Trolls, and the Banner of the Kings men
Claimed Lands Pertorogwaith
Map of Lands None
Capital Tol Torog
Allies Near Harad, Moredain, Umbar, Angmar, Dol Guldur, Gundabad, Isengard, Mordor
Population Unknown
Used NPCs All Half-Troll NPCs

The Half-Trolls of Pertorogwaith are a fierce, independent race that dwell in the north eastern parts of Far Harad; they have seen many rulers, and even more anarchy.


The history of the Half-Trolls is a sad and bloody one, filled with war, treason and bloodshed.

The Primal Years:

In the earlies stages of Half-Troll history, these people were primitive barbarians who knew no mercy and no wisdom. The land of Pertorogwaith was covered in countless clans, who waged petty wars against each other for superiority.

The King's Years:

The Primal Years ended with the arrival of Glaerdir, the now corrupted former King of the High Elves stumbled upon the savage folk while exploring the southern lands.

He saw great potential in these war-bred creatures and set out to unite the many clans under one banner. The brown-black banner that was used for many years to come.

He taught the unintelligent race many things, from basic building techniques to the complicated history of the north.

He built a great army and planned to invade the chaotic north with his Fighting Half-Trolls. But just when the forces were starting their long march, the King dissapeared.

While the many clans fell back into their old ways of infighting and betrayal a sole Southron named Scrubor stumbled upon the lands and managed to unite the lands for himself. He introduced many new concepts in the faction like the Torog language, first introducing the title "Torogost", "King" in Torog. He and his father built many great cities and fortresses. Like the first capital, Point of Shadow and the military fortress on Tol Torog; Torogaur.

When his father, only known by his nickname "Demon" appeared, he simply handed the throne over to his father.

Those that ruled during the King's Years:

  1. Glaerdir, first King of the Half-Trolls
  2. Scrubor, second King and first Torogost of the Half-Trolls
  3. Demon_26, third King and second Torogost of the Half-Trolls

The War Years:

Soon after Scrubor gave up his crown to his father he started to regret it.

In secrecy he started planning a rebellion, envisioning an absolutist kingdom where no one could enter or leave the kingdom without his permission.

But his father found out and banished his son from the Kingdom, this started the first Civil War of Pertorogwaith. The King's armies fighting the Prince's forces wherever they could, many Half-Trolls died before the final battle of Torogaur. Here the rebellion was put to an end and Scrubor surrendered.

The former prince retreated into the deep Jungles of Far Harad and wasn't seen for a long time.

King Demon, unsatisfied with his current power went looking for more. He claimed to be the rightful heir to the great Near Haradrim Empire and declared himself "First Python of the New Haradrim Empire" his faction wasn't recognized by the Southron Lords and he retreated back to his Kingdom in Pertorogwaith. His disaster in Near Harad drew a lot of his energy though and it didn't take long for him to dissapear just like all former Kings.

The weakened faction of the Half-Trolls was soon invaded by a mysterious force of sailing barbarians from the East, simply known as the Eastern Folk. These barbarians enslaved the mighty Half-Trolls and used them as warmachines under the ruthless rule of King Boro. But a brave Half-Troll known as The Elf Slayer rebelled and led many skirmished against Boro's forces. One day they met eachother in battle and engaged in a duel, resulting in the death of both men.

The Eastern Folk fled the country back to their far away lands and left the Half-Trolls independent once again. But with The Elf Slayer dead too, they had no real ruler.

In the meanwhile the great Asrasi Empire rose to power in Harad and sought to include Pertorogwaith in their Empire too, fitting perfectly in their vision for a great, united and equal Harad. The Empire put many resources in the Half-Trolls. The King of the Moredain, Aglarion II, a Viperlord of the Empire, personally aided the remaining Half-Trolls in many of their endeavours.

But despite the many resources and time the Empire put in the Half-Trolls. They were deceived, the Khaganete of Rhûn was looking to expand, and saw potential in the Haradic land. They manipulated the mightiest Half-Troll Chieftain, Yoeki, into believing the Astrasi Empire was corrupt and the Khaganete was the Half-Trolls only hope against the powerhungry invaders.

Yoeki fell for these lies, blinded by the vision of seeing herself as the new and mighty Half-Troll Queen.

But the Empire didn't accept this sudden act of betrayal and confronted the much weaker Khaganete over this usurpation. Tensions rose high between the two mighty factions. But in the meanwhile Viperlord Aglarion met with the new Queen Yoeki.

Aglarion had worked with Yoeki in the past and reminded her of the great armount of aid the Empire delivered. He argumented the lies of the Khaganete and showed her it was them who were powerhungry, and that the Empire was only looking to help.

Yoeki believed Aglarion and saw more potential in the Empire then in her former allies, officially swearing loyalty to the Astrasi Empress and thus becoming the first Viperlord of Pertorogwaith.

Those that ruled during the War Years (Only including leader who controlled all of Pertorogwaith):

  1. Demon_26, 3rd King and second Torogost of the Half-Trolls and Great Python of Near Harad.
  2. Boro II , Lord of Pertorogwaith, King of the Eastern Folk.
  3. Yoeki, Queen of the Half-Trolls, Ambassador of the Khaganete, and later Viperlord of the Astrasi Empire.

The Astrasi Years:

As all Half-Troll rulers do in the end, Yoeki dissapeared. Once again leaving the Half-Trolls leaderless.

But due to the Astrasi's system a new Queen was quickly appointed. A native Half-Troll known as Moon_Planet. She built a new city on Tol Torog out of the ruins of an ancient Moredain city.

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The rulers of Pertorogwaith during the Astrasi Years are as follow:

  1. Dolgukhor, Dark Sword of Umbar, Warlord of the Half-Trolls
  2. Moon_Planet, 3rd Torogost
  3. General_Gandalf, 8th King of the Half-Trolls
  4. JulesMannus, Great Chieftain of the Half-Trolls

5. The Grey Years

The Half-Trolls proved to be a difficult nation to keep in tact and the Astrasi constantly struggled to find a suitable leader who could oversee these monstrous people. Unlike his predecessors, JulesMannus was not fond of the Astrasi alliance and found the extension of his power too limited. During his years of rule he declared the Half-Trolls' independence from the Astrasi Empire and broke off from it. He also started work on the capital city of Tol Torog and the military fort of Durfalas. However the Half-Trolls never truly excelled nor experienced severe poverty during his rule. JulesMannus was a rather passive character who did not do much but prevented the Half-Trolls from going leaderless again.


2018-06-18 18.28.02

The outer walls of Tol Torog

Tol Torog, the mighty capital of Pertorogwaith (currently under construction)

Durfalas, the military fort of Pertorogwaith, (under construction)


Former rulers:

Other rulers before Glaerdir are unknown and no evidence was ever found of their rule...

  1. Glaerdir, 1st King of the Half-Trolls
  2. Scrubor, 1st Torogost of Pertorogwaith
  3. Demon_26, 2nd Torogost of Pertorogwaith
  4. Boro II (a.k.a. half_troll_king/Lord_gil_galad), 6th King of the Eastern Folk
  5. Yoeki, 1st Queen of the Half-Trolls
  6. Dolgukhor, 1st Warlord of the Half-Trolls
  7. Moon_Planet, 3rd Torogost of Pertorogwaith
  8. General_Gandalf, 2nd King of the Half-Trolls
  9. JulesMannus, 1st Great Chieftan of the Half-Trolls

Half-Trolls of Pertorogwaith (Players)

  • JulesMannus, Great Chieftan of the Half-Trolls
  • Cizin_al_Korth, Steward of the Half-Trolls
  • Half_Troll_Hippo, Mayor of Hartorogost and Elder
  • Rhino_Rider, Protector of Tol Torog
  • Scrubor
  • JensenGamer26
  • Moon_Planet (inactive)
  • ScoobieDoobies (inactive)
  • Jty3, of Near Harad (inactive)

New Bloods

  • trutruche



2018-06-18 08.50.10

Shrine of Glaerdir the Great

Some Half-Trolls still believe that their first king, the great Glaerdir, will one day return to rise them to a new power and conquer all the lands. Most Half-Trolls are secretive when worshipping the deceased king. It is rumoured that they have built a shrine somewhere in Pertorogwaith to honour and pray for their deceased king.

Sauron Cult

Many of the troll-folk have been influenced by stories and tales from the north of an all-seeing, all-powerful Eye that wishes to conquer all forces of good. These Half-Trolls worship Sauron in hopes of gaining his favour to allow them to battle his enemies and grasp as much plunder as they can, wheras other Half-Trolls merely serve him and do not consider him an unearthly being.

Baraac Murat

This religion was believed by many to have been the oldest faith in Pertorogwaith, residing in a few of its inhabitants since the Primal Years. These Half-Trolls believe that they are a warrior folk and the wars of their past only makes them stronger. Baraac Murat is the Warrior god of the Half-Trolls who has been worshipped by small numbers of troll-folk for centuries. Since Dolgukhor ascended to the throne of Pertorogwaith, this religion has been reintroduced into the lives of many. However after the Dark Sword of Umbar fell into his coma the religion was once again rejected by many of the Half-Trolls.

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