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"Clap! Snap! the black crack!
Grip, grab! Pinch, nab!
And down, down to Goblin town

You go, my lad!"
-The Great Goblin
Deep under the Misty Mountains around the High Pass many wonders are buried among the stone, however, not all of them are friendly to the free folk. The Caves under this area of the Misty mountains are the home of the Goblins of the vicious Goblin Clan. They are ruled by their War Chief jonnymoomoomoo and are known as hard workers, diligent and fast. They are also great warriors, guarding the High Pass and regularly plundering Eriador and the Vales of Anduin, the Great River. Everyone who wants to join Gundabad has to prove, through blood and sweat, his value and diligence.


The Goblin Clan is overall one of the youngest clans. Wide spread groups and little tribes of Goblins did exist for centuries but the united Goblin Clan is the youngest of the five Gundabad Clans. The Goblins which lived around the High Pass were, since the foundation of Gundabad, a part of the High Mountain Clan under the rule of Gombar the Black (today known as SirWilsonGS). During this period of time, when there were only four Gundabad Clans and Warchiefs, the (now old) fortress of the Eagles Eyrie was built by helper1318, a captain from Moria, the first major fortress in the area of the Goblin tribes.

Then a new era began for the Goblins when many refugees from the Orc factions of Middle Earth fled into the Misty Mountains from war, disease and hunger. The first who came was an Orc from Dol Guldur, named Capt_Percy (today known as Captain_Barbossa), he fled west from Dol Guldur with the dream of wealth and power. On his route he met a group of Gundabad Orcs from Eagles Eyrie at the area of the Gladden Fields and he decided to join them. On their way west they came to the High Pass where they were ambushed by Dwarves, charging from long forgotten and ancient ruins of Aflutab. The group was shattered and Capt_Percy again had to flee, now through the Misties, always heading north, until he reached the point where today the Great City of Goblin Town lays.

Now he decided to start building an underground City, and named it Goblin Town. During the following days more refugees came, Saruman06 (today known as Jeanuts) and SirWilbur. Slowly Goblin Town rose and SirWilbur became the Goblin King, with his second in command Capt_Percy - the Goblin Prince. As Goblin Town grew and the Goblins became stronger and stronger they realised that they wanted to have a voice in the Gundabad politics and Capt_Percy saw his opportunity to realize his old dream of power. It came true when the fifth Clan of Gundabad was founded, the Goblin Clan. However, two candidates wanted to become the War Chief now: helper1318, supported by Grievious and the Moria Clan and SirWilbur, supported by Capt_Percy and the Orcs of Goblin Town. They made a poll in which every evil player was allowed to vote. The votes were counted, and SirWilbur became the Warchief of the Goblin Town. The Goblin Clans were finally united, this ancient dream came true.

This golden era ended far too early, however, and not even through war. The downfall of the Goblin Clan was initiated by the Goblin King himself. One morning, after some good years, the Goblin Prince found a letter on the throne in Goblin Town: SirWilbur wrote "I left Gundabad. Im a dwarf now" and "If you want to say goodbye come to the front gate". The Goblin Prince, still fiercely loyal, came and got ambushed and robbed by SirWilbur, the traitor. Despite this, Capt_Percy did manage to survive and crawled back into Goblin Town, regaining strength. After this betrayal the Goblin Prince left, filled with disappointment and hatred. Helper1318 became the Warchief of the Goblin Clan.

After some time Capt_Percy came back and Saruman06 became the Goblin King, however not the War Chief, changing his name to Bolg_Son_Of_Azog. Percy again became the Goblin Prince swearing revenge to SirWilbur. It was at this time that the Goblin Clan recieved the task to recruit the new players, seeking to join the faction, who would be known as Goblins. The good times came back to Goblin Town, many new Goblins joined the Clans of Gundabad and the Goblin Clan started to grow again.

After a long time of prosperity and progress the orcs and goblins started to realize they almost never saw their warchief, helper1318, and that Bolg_Son_Of_Azog (Now called Jeanuts) was acting like the warchief, so the people of Goblin-Town wrote a letter to the other warchiefs demanding that Jeanuts became the new fifth warchief. The warchiefs discussed about this and came to the conclusion that helper will remain warchief but only if he was online, however helper himself stepped down as a Warchief and Jeanuts became the warchief. Capt_Percy (Now changed his name to Captain_Barbossa) also rose in the ranks and became a captain. In this time the Goblin Clan kept growing and conquering territory, for example: they took control of the High Pass and started the building of the tunnels. This was also the time when the people of the Goblin Clan declared that they would not take part in any wars of Gundabad that did not directly involve Goblin-Town unless they were hired as mercenaries.

This period only lasted a short while, for Shaarku (now called Ar_Korthon) had been given the opportunity to become warchief of the Dragon Clan and he took it with open arms. After this the income of recruits started to shrink and after a while nothing was heard from Jeanuts. Perhaps he had died in his house or left, the only thing that was known was that Captain_Barbossa had changed his name back to Capt_Percy and left Goblin-Town with a group of soldiers, perhaps never to return. All is quiet in the region of the Goblin Clan for now, only jonnymoomoomoo (the new captain of the High Pass) remained active and stayed in Gumbull Ogh...

However the other War Chiefs of Gundabad would not allow any one of the Clans to be weak and vulrerable, particularly since they were starting to notice the lack of new Orcs. So they decided a new War Chief was required, who could rebuild the Goblin Clan to its former splendour. Helper was asked if he wished to return, however he decided against it, so the responsibility fell to jonnymoomoomoo, and he was swiftly moved into a position of very high power, despite his inexperience. However, this inexperience proved very useful, as Jonny quickly identified the issues with the current recruiting system, and how it could be improved to maximise the number of new players that could be trained at one time, while minimising the time input required to train these recruits. So construction of the new recruit camp began, and an influx of players began as soon as it was ready for use.


Listed High to Low: (Awards are written in brackets)

  1. War Chief: The leader of the Goblin Clan (Narakhor II - jonnymoomoomoo)
  2. Goblin King: Captain of Goblin Town (Yagmurz - Jeanuts) [Gold Ring]
  3. Warden of the High Pass: High Lieutenant of Grumbull Ogh (n/a)
  4. The Dark Eagle: Lieutenant of Eagle's Eyrie (n/a)
  5. Warrior: Member of the Goblin Clan
  6. Goblin: Recruits of Gundabad stationed at the recruit camp


Goblin Town

Built by Jeanuts and Captain_Barbossa, Goblin-Town is the biggest stronghold of the Goblin Clan and the main entrance to the Goblin Tunnels. Goblin-Town consists of the Main Gate, hallway with the Armory and Information Room, The Main Cave with the Warg Pit, Torture Room, Storage Room, Smeltery and some Player Houses, The Food Cave with the Portal Room, Royal Kitchen, the Feast Room, The Barracks Cave with the Goblin Shop, Tavern the Dead Dwarf, the barracks and the new(ish) throne room! The tunnels of Goblin-Town are very complex, and it is by no means unusual for players to get lost there... Even Goblins!

Eagle's Eyrie

This is the Capital of the Goblin Clan, however had fallen out of use until recently, when jonnymoomoomoo returned there, and found that it had been pillaged (Griefed), with all of the vast crop fields being destroyed, and a large amount of food stolen. However, the theif's dirty work occurred long enough earlier that no trace remained of them. Jonny has now began reconstruction, focusing upon the walls first, so that the build is defendable, in the case of attack.

Grumbull Ogh

Built by Jeanuts, Ar_Korthon (Shaarku), xXGloimXx and later MoiBoy, Grumbull Ogh guards the High Pass. It consists of the Main fortress, the Goblin Deeps, Woodcutting camps, Miner barracks, Farmer barracks and a housing cave with an arena, a shrine of Morgoth, training areas, a tavern and the "Threeskull brewery", known for its Orc Draught.

Goblin Tunnels

The Goblin Tunnels was the last project of Captain_Barbossa before he left Goblin-Town. They currently consist of one tunnel from Goblin-Town to Gumbull Ogh and a cave somewhere in this tunnel.

Ruins of Aflutab

A Dwarvish Ruin at the High Pass, taken by the orcs when some dwarves unknowingly uncovered an orc tunnel while building, and thus got attacked from inside their own build [soon to be a siege map]

Recruitment Camp

The new centre of Recruiting for Evil in the North. This vast camp is split into 8 sections, 1 for each of the Factions/Clans in the Alliance of Northern Evil Powers. It contains a farm; a mine; a forest; an arena; and a huge number of tents - when finished it will contain 336 tents!


In this player list only Orcs will be mentioned,recruits wont.

Goblin Town

-Jeanuts, The Goblin King [inactive]

Eagle's Eyrie

-jonnymoomoomoo, War Chief of the Goblin Clan

Grumbull Ogh



The Goblin Clan follow the Dragon Cult, founded by the leader of the Dragon Clan, Ar-Korthon.

see The Dragon Clan page for more info.