The Gondorian Secession Crisis was a series of wars of independence fought for roughly a year between the spring of 2017 and that of 2018. Its long term ramifications affect Gondor to this day. 

First Phase 

The first phase of the Gondorian Secession crisis began when Zeradash settled in the province of Lebennin in the spring of 2017. This province was at the time governed by Viceroy_Vibirais from the city of Pelargir, and Zeradash began building the city of Itharim. From here, men loyal to Zeradash set out and established the cities of Dawnport and Luna’s City. Frustrated over the lack of support given to them by the government of Gondor, the people of these cities declared the Republic of Lebennin.

Following the declaration of independence by Zeradash and his followers, soldiers set south from Minas Tirith and Osgiliath to put out the rebellion. Assaults were launched against Dawnport and Itharim, forcing all people of the republic to retreat to Luna’s city. 

Following the withdrawal to Luna’s City, Senator Zeradash and King Tarixivv came to an agreement that Lebennin would have control of its domestic affairs but would remain a province of Gondor. 

Second Phase

The second phase of the Gondorian Secession crisis began when two players known as Vellisar and WinterCoop established the city of Anph Falas along the coast of Dor-en-ernil in October of 2017. The inhabitants of this city then advanced, established the city of Tarnost, and openly declared their intent to take control of the region of Dor-en-ernil on October 13th 2017.

Following the declaration of independence by Vellisar and his followers, King Tarixxiv deployed armies from Pelargir, Minas Tirith, and Osgiliath to bring order to the region. Upon deciding that the Lord of Dol Amroth, Capt9Captain, was too inactive to rule, he was removed from power. Capt9Captain, furious over his removal, surrendered his castle to the rebels. This caused men loyal to the king to establish a new fortress at Edhellond. 

In retaliation to the establishment of a fort in Dor-en-ernil, a force of men loyal to Vellisar set north and established the city of Pinnath Gelin. Nevertheless, Dol Amroth could not stop the Gondorian raids. The population of Anph Falas was slaughtered, and in December 2017 Vellisar fled the land with Imrazor taking over as prince. Anph Falas was abandoned but Tarnost, Dol Amroth, and Pinnath Gelin had their walls strengthened to withstand Gondorian assaults. Meanwhile, SpeedySC was elected to the position of King of Gondor following the abdication of Tarixivv on January 1st 2018.

On January 20th 2018, Mordor declared war on Gondor and advanced against their ally of Arnor. The Gondorian forces withdrew to meet this threat, and the armies of the Prince joined with the Mordoran forces. These men participated in notable battles such as the Siege of Minas Aquil, the Battle for Bree, and the Battle of Eastern Pelennor. 

Meanwhile, in Lebennin, Zeradash saw an opportunity to gain complete autonomy from Gondor. After threatening to invade from the South, the Alliance of the Fair Streams was signed on January 29th 2018. In this treaty Gondor recognized full autonomy for Lebennin in exchange for an alliance with the young nation and a promise not to seize any land outside of the region. 

By this point both Gondor and Dol Amroth were tired of the war. It was clear that Gondor lacked the forces to seize Imrazor’s holdings, so a treaty was signed between the two factions on February 13th 2018. In this treaty Gondor officially recognized Dol Amroth as controlling all of Dor-en-ernil save for the fortress of Edhellond, while Dol Amroth agreed not to claim any Gondorian Land outside of Dor-en-ernil save for the city of Pinnath Gellin. 

Following the Gondorian defeats against Dol Amroth and Lebennin, the lords of Lamedon, Minas Tirith, Pelargir, and Ithilien declared an end to the monarchy with themselves forming a ruling council on March 1st 2018. This marked the end of the position of King that had existed for over three years. 

Third Phase

The third phase of the Gondorian Secession Crisis began when a player named autochthonousTR founded the Druedain on March 15th 2018. TheSmileBC, King of Rohan, gifted Auto his portion of the region of Druwaith Laur, but the portions of Druwaith Laur owned by Gondor remained a point of dispute. This crisis seemed to be averted when one of auto’s players, The_C_Hampy, rebelled and in order to preserve his rule Auto joined Gondor as a lord. 

However, this was not to be. It was discovered that Auto had been spying on Gondor, and on May 14th he was expelled from Gondor with his lands seized. Auto declared the independence of Druwaith Laur from Gondor and was supported by Umbar and the Avari, while Gondor was supported by Rohan, Arnor, Dale, and the Wood-Elves.

Gondor and its allies decided to move to destroy the Druedains' support before advancing against Druwaith Laur itself. After the allied forces prepared to siege Balcaras, the Avari dropped support of the Druedain. Auto, now supported only by Umbar, decided to flee Druwaith Laur and the area was completely incorporated into the Kingdom. 

The Third Phase of the Gondorian Secession Crisis was crucial to the Kingdom of Gondor. Territory gained in this phase helped to make up for large territorial losses in the first and second phases, showed that Gondor still had claws, and won support for the Gondorian council that had replaced the monarchy. 


Gondor was completely changed following the Secession Crisis. The Monarchy that had ruled Gondor for over three years was cast aside and the council that was established lasted for nearly two years. In January 2020, Dol Amroth merged with Gondor and the position of King was returned, now ruling along with the Prince. The Republic of Lebennin, however, is still independent.

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