Gondor is one of the greater human factions located in the centre of Middle-Earth. The Kingdom of Gondor is one of the oldest factions on this server and has seen her fair share of leaders coming and passing. The lands of Gondor are split up in different provinces called fiefdoms. Almost each fiefdom is represented by a lord. Some other fiefdoms are simply clustered together under one lord.

Joining Gondor


A man or woman interested in joining the Kingdom of Gondor should get into contact with any Gondorian citizen, who will get them into contact with the respective lords. The requirements for joining Gondor are:

  • Reaching +200 Gondor alignment
  • Reaching Pellenor Fields
  • Follow the laws of Gondor

Upon becoming a member you will be given permission to own property in any major Gondorian city (this is strongly encouraged), aswell as access to the concerning fellowships. One must also choose a fiefdom to join, and swear fealty to it's respective lord.

The fiefdoms are as follows:

  • Anórien
  • Ithilien
  • Pelargir
  • Lossarnach
  • Lamedon
  • Ringló Vale
  • Mornan (Blackroot Vale)
  • Pinnath Gelin
  • Anfalas

Following these fiefdoms Gondor has 3 unorganized territories:

  • Andrast
  • Drúwaith Iaur
  • Druédain Forest

These territories do not have the status of fiefdom but are part of Gondor. They are, with the exception of Andrast, governed by the Inner Council directly.

If once is dedicated enough to the faction, meaning to act in the interest of Gondor, being active, building or recruiting new members, one can also become an Advisor or Lord of Gondor, or even a member of the Inner Council.

Acting dishonorably or against Gondor's interest though will risk getting kicked out of Gondor or getting one's rank taken away.

The Laws Of Gondor

Gondor follows the original laws of Númenor, here is an adaption for the people of Gondor to follow:

  • A man/woman of Gondor will defend their homeland.
  • They will suffer no Evil.
  • They will aid any Good player who needs it.
  • They will obey the Council, the Steward and the King.
  • They will never try to deceive others.
  • They will act for the benefit of Gondor, not just their own. (Though for a true Gondorian, Gondor's benefit is their own benefit)
  • They will act for the benefit of other good factions when possible.
  • They will answer the call of any allied faction, when the Council allows them to.


Inner Council

The current Councilors are:

  • Lord Steward Gondhir
  • Lord Chancellor TeVeelMajo
  • Lord Commander Commando98

All of these rule Gondor together and each of them has a specific task.

The Lord Chancellor is the voice to the outside and cares for foreign affairs and diplomacy. The Lord Steward covers the domestic affairs and coordinates the government and Lords. The Lord Commander leads Gondors armies and fleets and in times of war will coordinate the activites and defenses.

Lord's Council


The current Lords of Gondor are:

  • Gondhir, Lord of Anórien
  • TeVeelMajo, Lord of Lossarnach
  • SirBlobby_, Lord of Ithilien
  • Lord_of_Ceres, Lord of Pelargir
  • Commando98, Lord of Lamedon
  • Koriakin, Lord of Anfalas

Builds and Cities

Gondor has a lot of builds, many of them at waypoints. For questions or if you want to help with a project contact it's lead builder.

Cities and towns

Minas Tirith

The biggest city and capital of Gondor. Often referred to as "the White City". Possibly the most recognizable landmark in all of Middle Earth. After many devastating storms and earthquakes the city is now well on it's way to completion.


The most important strategical crossing place of the Anduin. The city has fallen into decay and was abandoned well before the War of the Ring. Parts are currently being rebuilt and will be inhabited by Gondorian citizens once again. It has been decided that the Eastern side is too dangerous still to be inhabited and remains in ruin.

Imloth Melui

Home to the town of Merilost in the valley of roses. Governed by SirBlobby. Imloth Melui is the second town of Lossarnach after Arnach.


The harbour of Kings. Formerly home to Steward JerrekCarnelian for many years.


The capital of Lamedon and ruling seat of Commando98. Calembel sees many trade due to it's location in between Western and Eastern Gondor, connecting up Minas Tirith and Pelargir with the Blackroot Vale and Anfalas. Together with Ethring, Calembel is the main source of food in Gondor. Currently being constructed by Dervorin_.


A lively town in the Ringló Vale. Constructed by former lord of Lamedon SamuVelt and home to many farms and traders. Ethring forms together with Calembel the main food supply of Gondor.


Home to the great black stone Isildur brought to Gondor from the island of Númenor. Erech is a village near the hill.

Mir Galen

A town and castle in the green and fair hills of Pinnath Gelin, built by Koriakin. Famous for it's tourney grounds.

Castles and forts

Cair Andros

The only place to cross the Anduin into Gondor north of Osgiliath. A fortified island that guards the passage into Northern Ithilien.

Henneth Annûn

A hidden hideout of the rangers of Ithilien. The current hideout has been built by Tarandirion. Though recently the location has been discovered by scouts of Sauron and the command post will have to be moved to a new location.

Crossings of Erui

Home to the castle of the Lord of Lossarnach TeVeelMajo. The castle was constructed by former Lord Chancellor Icefrone. Nearby lies the town of Arnach, the capital of Lossarnach.

Tarlang's Neck

A castle guarding the pass between Erech and Calembel.



The statues of Isildur and Anarion. Monuments and memories of better days. They mark the most Northern point of Gondor and mark the entrance into Gondor for any travellers coming down the Anduin.

Beacon Hills

A series of hills and towers holding the signaling pyres used to contact the King of Rohan in Edoras.

Past rulers

Kings of Gondor

Gondor, as one of the most popular lore-factions, has probably had the most kings out of any faction in Middle Earth (with Dale being a close contender). Gondor has had 11 kings, spread over two dynasties.

First Gondorian Dynasty

Founded by King TackleToWin, who founded Gondor in the dawning days of TOS. It consisted of only 2 kings:

  • King TackleToWin
  • King RedExtremeXD

This dynasty came to an end after the invasion of Gondor by b_boymasterman (later known as TheSmileBC).

Second Gondorian Dynasty

After his conquest, b_boymasterman took on the name Arantoer II and founded the second Gondorian Dynasty, which ruled Gondor until the line of kings ended.

  • King Arantoer_II
  • King King_Elendil (later known as Atanvarno)
  • King Zhatelier
  • King Atanvarno
  • King fireninja8575
  • King Liodir
  • King DebtFreeLYFE
  • King Tarixxiv
  • King SpeedySC

Stewards of Gondor

After King SpeedySC disappeared and left Gondor a handful of powerful Gondorian Lords took over the leadership in the faction, giving birth to the line of Lord Councillors. The original Council consisted of:

  • Lord Chancellor Icefrone
  • Lord Steward JerrekCarnelian
  • Lord Commander KevinLOTR
  • Lord Seneschal TackleToWin

After the resignitions of TackleToWin and KevinLOTR respectively Gondor saw the rise and fall of several other Lord Councillors:

  • Lord Seneschal RikjeB
  • Lord Commander SonOfGondor
  • Lord Steward JerrekCarnelian
  • Lord Commander Commando98 (currently in office)
  • Lord Seneschal Lord_Of_Ceres (currently in office)
  • Lord Steward DiamondDog88 (currently in office)
  • Lord Seneschal TeVeelMajo (currently in office)

With the resignation of JerrekCarnelian, who took over the position of Chancellor after the resignation of Icefrone, the last of the Council's founding members had either resigned or left Gondor for good. His post was filled by Lord_Of_Ceres, with TeVeelMajo taking over the position of Seneschal.

History of Gondor

The lands of Gondor were ruled by an active King up until SpeedySC resigned, and three Lords and Steward JerrekCarnelian decided to change the system of government. Nowadays Gondor is still a kingdom, but the King rules from the shadows and the councilors of the Inner Council of Gondor care for the day to day business on the server.

Before that, the ruling dynasties have changed with time, but the main system of government in Gondor remained the same as it ever was. 

Each gondorian province has a Lord (or Lady) that rules this province and is a member of the Council of Lords, that functions as an advisory board to the Inner Council and in some matters decides itself. (Like on matters of war and peace, matters of provincial influence etc..) Each Lord/Lady can themselves appoint a proxy to hold their office in absence. 

1. First Gondorian Dynasty

The first Gondorian Dynasty was established by the first King of Gondor, TackleToWin, with the assistance of the then Prince of Dol Amroth mrferreira and RedExtremeXD after the server just had started. The Kingdom ruled by the first Gondorian Dynasty was absolutist and centralized its power on the King of Gondor. Kings of the first Gondorian Dynasty include:

1, King TackleToWin

2. King RedExtremeXD

The first Gondorian Dynasty was brought to an end with the First Gondorian Civil War in which King RedExtremeXD fled the lands after the conquest of Gondor by b_boymasterman.

2. Gondorian Double Kingdom

As rohirric lord b_boymasterman claimed the throne of Gondor an agreement was reached by RedExtremeXD to split Gondor into two separate Kingdoms. The Northern one controlled by b_boymasterman and the southern one controlled by RedExtremeXD. This statehood was short lived due to b_boymasterman's will to control all of Gondor and his following conquest against RedExtremeXD.

3. Second Gondorian Dynasty

The Second Gondorian Dynasty was established after the original Rohirric lord b_boymasterman defeated RedExtremeXD and took control over all of Gondor. With his Coronation he left his Rohirric roots behind and took the name Arantoer_II while also being assimilated by Gondorian culture. Since his Conquest, the Crown of Gondor has been given down to the same line of Gondorian kings without any rebellious attempts. Kings of the Second Gondorian Dynasty include:

1. King Arantoer_II (Formerly: b_boymasterman, of Rohan, Malinon_Catsman, of the Woodland Realm, and Currently: TheSmileBC, of Rohan)

2. King King_Elendil (Formerly: Captain_Faramir, Prince of Ithilien)

3. King Zhatelier

4. King Atanvarno (Formerly: King_Elendil, 2nd King of Gondor) 

5. King fireninja8575

6. King Liodir

7. King DebtFreeLYFE

8. King Tarixxiv

9. King SpeedySC

10. King Elessar Tolipsin (symbolic)

The Second Gondorian Dynasty is one of the longest ruling dynasties in Middle-Earth. The absolutist structure stayed the same under their rule. However, the reign of Zhatelier changed the succession system somewhat as an election was made to decide the next king. Atanvarno won the vote against fireninja8575 by 1 vote (9-8). The following kings all have been elected until King Elessar Tolipsin. The office of Steward was introduced by King DebtFreeLYFE.

The Stewards of Gondor have been:

  1. InternetMiners, Prince of Dol Amroth, (now captcaptain), during King DebtFreeLYFES reign
  2. JerrekCarnelian, Steward to Kings Tarixxiv and SpeedySC

After the addition of Dor-en-Ernil to the mod, the Kingdom of Gondor had first integrated the region as an autonomous vassal state inside the borders of Gondor. Later Dor-en-Ernil (with the exception of the peninsula of Dol Amroth) gained independence from Gondor in a mutual agreement. From this point the Swan Knights, who ruled in Dor-en-Ernil were a faction by themselves, with absolute autonomy in internal and external matters. Later the Swan Knights chose to sail into the west, probably never to return. One of their last wishes was the reunion of their lands to the gondorian homeland.

After a successful reign, King fireninja8575 decided to step down from the throne of Gondor. The election that followed found Liodir as the new king. Liodir was crowned one week later, with InternetMiners as his proxy.

During his reign, Liodir applied a province system to Gondor to ensure every region of Gondor is protected and claimed. A lord can own a province. If a province isn't ruled by a lord it is under direct rule of the king or the steward.

The Principality of Dol Amroth, after a short reunion with Gondor, fought for independance again. This time CaptCaptain, the ruling Prince, gave the rebel leaders access to his castle and fled Gondor. He was deprived of his lordly rank by the King and named traitor to the crown. After a long and bloody war, Gondor finaly recognized Dol Amroth independance and once more there is peace. Edhellond stayed true to Gondor, whereby Dol Amroth has a small colony in Pinnath Gelin.

After the abdication of King SpeedySC during times of war and strife, three Lords and the ruling Steward decided to merge their forces with the intention to make Gondor stronger and establish a stable reign again. They supported the young, and by then unknown, noble Elessar Tolipsin, and made him King. In return he named them his four Councilors, and bade them to look after Gondor in his name, and rule and judge and defend and recruit. The current Councilors are:
  • Lord Chancellor Lord_of_Ceres
  • Lord Steward DiamondDog77
  • Lord Commander Commando98
  • Lord Seneschal TeVeelMajo

All of these rule Gondor together and each of them has a specific task.

The Lord Chancellor is the voice to the outside and cares for foreign affairs and diplomacy. The Lord Steward covers the domestic affairs and coordinates the government and Lords. The Lord Commander leads Gondors armies and fleets and in times of war will coordinate the activites and defenses. The Lord Seneschal is responsible for recruits and the gondorian rank system. He helps the lords find recruits for their provinces and also tries to advertise and present Gondor on this wiki page)

(Visit HERE for more information about the provinces)


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