Gondor! Gondor, between the Mountains and the Sea!

West Wind blew there; light upon the Silver Tree


Gondor is one of the greater human factions and is located in the centre of Middle-Earth. The Kingdom of Gondor is one of the oldest factions on this server and has seen her fair share of leaders coming and passing.

Recently, after an extended period of separation, the Kingdom of Royal Gondor has reunited with the Principality of Dol Amroth, joining under one banner of Gondor. 

The lands of Gondor are split up in different provinces called fiefdoms. Almost each fiefdom is represented by a Lord. Some Lords represent multiple fiefdoms in the Lords' Council when voting and discussing. Select cities, like Pelargir or Dol Amroth, are represented as free cities, have their own independent Lords, and are equal in representative power to a fiefdom.

Joining Gondor


A man or woman interested in joining the Kingdom of Gondor should get into contact with any Gondorian citizen, who will get them into contact with the respective lords. The requirements for joining Gondor are:

  • Reach 100 alignment
  • Reach the fiefdom of your choice

The Fiefdoms of Gondor are as follows:

  • Anórien
  • Ithilien
  • Lossarnach
  • Lamedon
  • Mornan
  • Pinnath Gelin
  • Anfalas

The different Free Cities of Gondor are as follows:

  • Dol Amroth
  • Edhellond
  • Tarnost
  • Pelargir
  • Ethir Anduin

Upon becoming a member you will be given permission to own property in any major Gondorian city, which is strongly encouraged, as well as access to the fellowships of the aforementioned city. After gaining citizenship one will get the rank of Soldier. The main portion of Gondor's men however consists of Knights. To become a Knight one will have to:

  • Craft a set of maxed armour, if needed a more experienced Gondorian can help with this.
  • Gain 250 alignment.
  • Complete a small quest for a Lord. This can be considered unnecessary if the Soldier has already helped a Lord in their current rank to an adequate extent, up to the Lord's discretion. 

Gondorians with the rank of Knight are allowed to style themselves as one of the special troops for their respective fiefdom such as Ithilien Ranger, Swan Knight, or Lossarnach Axeman, to name a few examples. 

Acting dishonorably or against Gondor's interest will risk getting kicked out of Gondor or getting one's rank taken away.


The Inner Council

Gondor is primarily ruled by:

  • The King atop the White City (LukasFredin), in charge of builds within Royal Gondor as well as a representative towards other factions. 
  • The Prince of Dol Amroth (huntinghalo1), in charge of builds within Dol Amroth as well as a representative towards other factions. 

They are aided in governing by the rest of the Inner Council:

  • The Steward (scarykiwi), heir to the Kingship.
  • The Captain of Ships (jointgread), heir to the Prince. 
  • High Warden (SamuVelt), an advisor to the King and Prince

The Lords Council

Each fiefdom and Free City also has it's respective Lord:

  • Lord Commando98 of Anórien
  • Lord Storm_The_Wizard (Hir_Tempest) of Ithilien
  • Lord SamuVelt of Lamedon
  • Lord HerrUrlich of Mornan
  • Lord Koriakin of Anfalas
  • Lord huntinghalo1 of Pinnath Gelin
  • Lord JerrekCarnelian of Pelargir
  • Lord fargamer2 of Dol Amroth
  • Lord jointgread of Tarnost
  • Lord Vjranger of Edhellond
  • Lord Imrazor_ of Ethir Anduin
  • Lord scarykiwi of Lossarnach

Fiefdoms and Cities

Gondor is a big Kingdom, with many distinct provinces and cities.     

Kingdom Of Gondor

The geographical region of Gondor with it's different subregions.

2020-03-28 17.48.07

The White City from afar.

Minas Tirith

The biggest city and capital of Gondor. Often referred to as "the White City", because of the white stone it is built out of. Possibly the most recognizable landmark in all of Middle Earth. After many devastating storms and earthquakes (and totally not server resets) the city is now well on it's way to completion. Construction is spearheaded by Commando98. 


Minas Tirith, seen over the rooftops of Osgiliath.


The most important strategical crossing place of the Anduin. The city has fallen into decay and was abandoned well before the War of the Ring. During the reign of Gondhir, it was decided that Osgiliath should once more be inhabitable, and reconstruction of the Western side has begun, with many gondorians choosing to live there. However, a lot of the city still lays in ruin, and the eastern side is completely abandoned. Governed by LukasFredin. 
2020-03-07 15.58.24

The western gate of Osgiliath, with the moon setting above Ithilien.


Is currently under the rule of 'sc'arykiwi. It currently contains a castle and a town.

Crossings of Erui is home to the castle of the Lord of Lossarnach. The castle was constructed by former Lord Chancellor Icefrone.

Imloth Melui, "The Valley of Roses", houses the town of Merilost. The central locations of the town are the citadel, Bar Melui, and the town square. It is governed by LhenriqueVettor. Merilost is a reasonably sized farming town and currently functions as the capital of Lossarnach.

2020-03-03 18.11.17

The hill of Bar Melui.


The harbour of Kings, home to former Steward JerrekCarnelian for many years. It is currently being rebuilt after most of the city was destroyed by a great flooding of the Anduin.

2020-04-21 15.44.12

A view of the Admiral's Palace in Pelargir.


Ruled by High Warden SamuVelt. Lamedon forms Gondor's main food supply and is dotted by many farmlands and towns, transporting the grain to Eastern parts of Gondor, aswell as the southern cities of Tarnost and Dol Amroth. It's capital is Calembel.

Ethring is a town in the Ringló Vale. Constructed by SamuVelt in the earlier days of the faction and is home to many farms and traders. The current build at Ethring is one of the oldest Gondorian builds still in use.


Ruled by HerrUrlich. It's capital is at Erech, which is currently under construction. Erech is home to the great black stone Isildur brought to Gondor from the island of Númenor.

2020-04-22 17.04.23

The castle of Amon Galen, seat of the Lord of Lamedon.

Dol Amroth

The towering city founded towards the end of the Gondor - Dol Amroth war stands as the capital of Dol Amroth. Following the ascension of TimothySean it was decided that the city would be totally revamped, and the new city is currently being designed. The city is ruled by fargamer2.


Major construction has begun in the city recently with the great walls being lifted swiftly around the mountain of Tarnost which lies at the base of the city Palace. The design, which was pieced together by TimothySean and Imrazor, has passed onto Lord jointgread of Tarnost, who has been running the city smoothly.


Construction and designing began on Commander Tempest's PVP training server, spearheaded by vjranger, and it currently awaits construction due to delays in terrain resetting. The city has since then seen good progress.

Pinnath Gelin

Initially started by uriank under the name Dol Moran, it became the seat of power for the green hills after the reunification with Gondor. For a long time it was the homeland of Prince Galador, and has been ruled by huntinghalo1 since he departed Pinnath.

Ethir Anduin


Contains the town and castle of Mir Galen, built and ruled by Koriakin. Famous for it's tourney grounds and for having the most grand markets west of the Morthond.

Mir Galen

The castle of Mir Galen.


Gondor was founded on September 22nd 2014 by TackleToWin, RedExtremeXD, and mrferriera. TackleToWin became King, controlling the northern half which included Minas Tirith and Osgiliath, RedExtremeXD became heir and was charged with control of Southern Gondor, while mrferriera became the Prince of Dol Amroth. 

Their rule of Gondor was brief as the Kingdom proved to be stagnant. TheSmileBC, Lord of Eastern Rohan, claimed the throne on November 5th 2014, and TackleToWin immediately surrendered to him. An agreement was signed between RedExtremeXD and TheSmileBC which made RedExtremeXD the independent King of Southern Gondor, but TheSmileBC reneged on this agreement. He allied with Karseius, ruler of Harad, and RedExtremeXD surrendered to them on November 10th 2015. Harondor and Gondor’s southern port city were ceded to Harad, while the rest was incorporated into TheSmileBC’s domains. 

TheSmileBC began constructing a new, larger Minas Tirith, while his heir Atanvarno began construction of Osgiliath. Realizing that Atanvarno had what it took to make Gondor great, he abdicated and Atanvarno was crowned King. 

Atanvarno was determined to destroy the power of the shadow, and he led a crusade against Harad before joining with Rohan to go to war against Isengard. After civil wars began in Near Harad and Mordor against governments friendly to Gondor, he intervened and crushed them. After a successful reign, he abdicated for Zhateliar, Lord of Pelargir, on May 28th 2015.

Zhateliar faced a crisis when the Herenyar contested Gondor’s control of Tolfalas on June 24th 2015. This was resolved on June 29th 2015 when the two factions agreed to split the island in half, and when the Herenyar collapsed they were able to peacefully reconquer the area.

Gondor joined Dunland in the Shirevolk-Dunland war due to the antics of JamesTurpin, and when the Great War broke out on July 11th 2015, Gondor played an important role. Zhateliar chose to resign on July 26th 2015, and an election was held over his successor. Former king Atanvarno defeated General fireninja8575 with a vote of 9-8 and was crowned king. 

Atanvarno immediately announced the creation of the Union of Numenor along with Skelesam, Chieftain of the Rangers of the North, and Thain_Vibiras of the Hobbits. Over the course of Atan’s reign, Numenor invaded and conquered Umbar, but he chose to resign as King on October 6th 2015. Fireninja8575 was then easily elected as the new King. 

Fireninja8575 ruled until April 2016 when he resigned and announced an election to choose his replacement. The candidates included the Lord of Dol Amroth Capt9Captain, the Acting Lord of Dol Amroth Sebrom, the Lord of Gering Liodir, two-time King Atanvarno, the Lord of Lamedon CHead2000, and the Youtuber HarryVsGaming. Sebrom won a plurality of the vote but not a majority, causing InternetMiners to combine his votes with the runner-up, Liodir. Liodir was then crowned King, with InternetMiners being made Steward

Sebrom disputed the results of the election, stating that it was illegal for a candidate to decide who got his votes. Conflict roiled across Gondor, and Sebrom defected to Mordor in anger. There he became King of Mordor and strengthened the faction in opposition to Gondor. He would later leave to the Gladden Fields, and although he was banned, Gladden grew stronger as well.

After a tumultuous reign, Liodir resigned as King on October 3rd 2016. In the election over his successor, the Lord of Anfalas, DebtFreeLyfe defeated CHead2000 of Lamedon with a vote of 8-4. Debt failed to turn back Gondor’s decline and abdicated in late May 2017. In the ensuing election, Tarixxiv, the Prince of Ithilien was elected. 

A new threat arose to Gondor shortly after the coronation of Tarixxiv with the rebellion of the Republic of Lebennin. Tarixxiv ordered an invasion of the Republic which ended with Lebennin agreeing to become a vassal of Gondor. Following this, Gondor helped found the Coalition of Dawn with Rohan and Arnor. 

In two blows to Gondor, Tolfalas would become occupied by Umbar in July 2017 while Ethir Anduin would become occupied by Mordor on September 3rd 2018. Another threat to Gondor would arise on October 13th 2017, when Vellisar announced the independence of the Principality of Dol Amroth. Tarixxiv ordered an invasion of the area, but the threat spread with the rebels occupying Pinnath Gellin. In a final blow to Tarixxiv’s reign, Mordor declared war on November 25th 2017.

Beset by enemies, Tarixxiv abdicated as King and an election was held to determine his replacement. SpeedySC, Lord of the Pelennor Fields faced off against Icefrone, Prince of Ithilien and Elendil_The_Tall, King of Arnor, who wished to add Gondor to his domains. SpeedySC won the election, taking 5 votes to Elendil’s 2 and Icefrone’s 1. SpeedySC was then named King in December 2017.

SpeedySC almost immediately went inactive and Mordor launched an invasion of Arnor, winning crushing victories in the Battles of Minas Aquil and Bree, while the Republic of Lebennin demanded full independence from Gondor. Knowing that they could not fight on another front, Gondor was forced to agree on January 29th 2018. Another treaty was signed with Dol Amroth on February 13th 2018 in which they ceded Dol Amroth and parts of Pinnath Gellin to the principality of Dol Amroth. 

Tired of SpeedySC’s inactivity, the Prince of Ithilien Icefrone, Steward of Gondor and Lord of Pelargir JerrekCarnelian, Lord of Lamedon KevinLOTR, and Lord of the Pelennor Fields TackleToWin declared an end to the Gondorian Monarchy and the foundation of a ruling Council of Lords on March 1st 2018. The council went on to win victories against Mordor at the Black Gate, Rammas Echor, and the Ethir Anduin. 

The Druwaith Laur was incorporated into Gondor in April 2018, and when they revolted on May 14th 2018 they were crushed. A favorable peace treaty with Mordor was later established on June 4th 2018. This left Gondor at peace for the first time in a year, and although they had lost swaths of land, this was partially offset by their acquisition of the Druwaith Laur. 

The Council would go on to join the Arnorian-Dunlending War on April 24th 2019 and the Isengard-Arnorian War on October 2nd 2019, both of which would be victories. Sadly, the council would over time go inactive.

On January 1st 2020, the Council was abolished with Gondhir being crowned King of Gondor, and in an agreement with Dol Amroth, it was agreed Dol Amroth and Gondor would unite with he and Prince Galador_Vituri co-ruling their unified realm. On this same day the Coalition of Dawn voted to dissolve. 

Gondhir launched a renewed push on the construction of Minas Tirith and Osgiliath before resigning as King in favor of Prof_Arronax, his Steward, on March 1st 2020. Prof_Arronax’s reign saw a war with Mordor from February 20th 2020 to April 7th 2020. Over the course of his reign, Gondor saw one of the biggest population explosions and its history as well as saw them join the Council of Calion on July 7th 2020. After a successful reign, Prof_Arronax abdicated for LukasFredin on August 21st 2020.

Rulers of Gondor

Gondor, as one of the most popular lore factions, has probably had the most rulers out of any faction in Middle Earth, with Dale being a close contender. Gondor has had 11 Kings in it's first era, spread over two dynasties.

Era of the Founding

In the dawn of TOS, the original leaders of Gondor fled from the drowning of Númenor, establishing the southern Kingdom in Exile of the Dúnedain, bounded by the White Mountains, Mering Stream, Umbar, and the Mountains of Shadow, later to be known as Gondor, the land of stone. Founded by King TackleToWin, who founded Gondor in the dawn of TOS. It consisted of only 2 Kings:

  • King TackleToWin
  • King RedExtremeXD

This dynasty came to an end after the invasion of Gondor by b_boymasterman, later known as TheSmileBC.

Era of the Kinstrife

As Rohirric Lord b_boymasterman claimed the throne of Gondor an agreement was reached by RedExtremeXD to split Gondor into two separate Kingdoms. The Northern one controlled by b_boymasterman and the southern one controlled by RedExtremeXD. This statehood was short lived due to b_boymasterman's will to control all of Gondor and his following conquest against RedExtremeXD.

The Rohirric Dynasty

The Second Gondorian Dynasty was established after the original Rohirric Lord b_boymasterman defeated RedExtremeXD and took control over all of Gondor. With his coronation he left his Rohirric roots behind and took the name Arantoer_II while also being assimilated by Gondorian culture. For historical purposes though this dynasty is known as the "Rohirric Dynasty".

  • King Arantoer_II
  • King Atanvarno
  • King Zhatelier

Era of Elective Monarchy

The reign of Zhatelier changed the succession system somewhat as an election was made to decide the next king. All of the following kings were thus selected by popular vote.

  • King Atanvarno
  • King fireninja8575
  • King Liodir
  • King DebtFreeLYFE
  • King Tarixxiv
  • King SpeedySC

The Interregnum

After King SpeedySC disappeared and left Gondor, a handful of powerful Gondorian Lords took over the leadership in the faction, giving birth to the line of Stewards. The original Council consisted of the following players.

  • Lord Chancellor Icefrone
  • Lord Steward JerrekCarnelian
  • Lord Commander KevinLOTR
  • Lord Seneschal TackleToWin

After the resignitions of TackleToWin and KevinLOTR respectively Gondor saw the rise and fall of several other Lord Councillors.

  • Lord Seneschal RikjeB
  • Lord Commander SonOfGondor
  • Lord Steward JerrekCarnelian
  • Lord Commander Commando98
  • Lord Seneschal Lord_Of_Ceres
  • Lord Steward DiamondDog77
  • Lord Seneschal TeVeelMajo
  • Lord Steward Gondhir

With the coming of Gondhir the government system changed slightly. Upon his ascension to the position of Steward, TeVeelMajo, Commando98 and Gondhir decided to turn the government of Gondor into a triumvirate.

Era of Reunification and the Return of the King

2020-04-17 00.16.58

The White Tree has been blooming since the return of the King.

After years of being separated, Gondor and Dol Amroth reformed the Kingdom of Gondor as a Union between both factions. This also meant that the use of the title of "King" returned. The first unified Inner Council of Gondor consists of the following players. 

  • King Gondhir
  • Prince Galador_Vituri
  • Steward Prof_Aronnax
  • Captain of Ships Imrazor_
  • Warden Commando98

Following the abdication of King Gondhir, the honourable Steward Prof_Aronnax was named King. The second unified Inner Council of Gondor consists of the following players. 

  • King Prof_Arronax
  • Prince Imrazor_
  • Steward LukasFredin
  • Captain of Ships TimothySean
  • Warden Gondhir

With the ending of the War of Shadow, where Gondor and Mordor had a final showdown which ended in a draw, the tide of the Easterlings and Khand swung towards the major allies of the Wind Dwarves, and thus Gondor was made to show its strength in the War of the East. Prince Imrazor_ would step down during this time, reforming the third unified Inner Council of Gondor.

  • King Prof_Arronax
  • Prince TimothySean
  • Steward LukasFredin
  • Captain of Ships huntinghalo1
  • Warden SamuVelt

After a long period of peace and prosperity, with the attention of the faction being focused towards building and recruitment rather than war, TimothySean, the 4th Prince of Dol Amroth, decided to step down from the throne. With this, Huntinghalo1, Captain of Ships of Dol Amroth, would ascend to the throne. Because of this the fourth unified Inner Council of Gondor would be formed, consisting of the following players.

  • King Prof_Arronax
  • Prince Huntinghalo1
  • Steward LukasFredin
  • Captain of Ships Jointgread
  • Warden SamuVelt

After a long period of growth and peace, King Prof_Aronnax, the 2nd king of the reunified Kingdom of Gondor and Dol Amroth, stepped down. The honourable steward LukasFredin was named king, and as such became the 3rd king of the reunified kingdom of Gondor and Dol Amroth. This created the fifth unified Inner council of Gondor, which consisted of the following players.

  • King LukasFredin
  • Prince Huntinghalo1
  • Steward
  • Captain of Ships Jointgread
  • Warden SamuVelt

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