The Gladden Versus Gooden war, also known as the Gladden War, was the second war fought by the elves of the Yellow Iris. Due to it being declared by the Yellow Iris, this war was a more ambush-y war, following their tactic.

Involved Factions

Factions between ()'s did not declare war, but some players are still actively involved.

The Good Side


All Dwarves



The Gladden Side

The Elves of the Yellow Iris




(Dol Guldur)

(Gundabad (minus Moria Clan))


(in chronological order) This war counted some major fights, but it had lots of murders and skirmishes with sad losses. Player names with an asterisk in front of it were killed (once or multiple times)

The First Battle of the Gladden Fields

A host of the good players lead by Atanvarno invaded the Gladden Fields, miner49er, Sebrom, mewarmy and ChrissR charged them head on, miner, mew, and ChrissR fell (Mew managed to take out 2 players with him before being slain by SeanALewis and Atanvarno), but Sebrom took out Thorin and SpoangityBob and managed to escape, later on into the fight, Sebrom took out Squatch and Floonie. This Battle was huge and clearly in the Gooden's side but was undeniably a win for the Gladden.

Players involved:

Good side:







Gladden side:





The Second Battle of the Gladden Fields

There is only little known about this battle. Even the players that participated can only vaguely remember .

The Tharbad Massacre

This massacre, holding place at the city of Tharbad, was started by ChrissR hunting down Nazdrul and killing TEDisLAME, which made the good players feel suspicious. They came over to kill ChrissR and help Nazdrul, but ChrissR was gone already. Mewarmy had heard ChrissR's pleads for help and arrived in mithril gear, with miner in elven gear (who died almost as soon as he got there). The good players stayed there guarding, and after a while, when some considered leaving, the Gladden player, mewarmy striked, and killed all defenders. All good players fell to Mew alone (including Atan), Aidan also felt Mew's wrath after arriving invis and shooting Mew so Mew messed him up. 

Players involved:

Good Side:

*Atanvarno (Gondor)

*Nazdrul (Dunedain)

*TEDisLAME (Khazad-dûm)

*Floonie (Khazad-dûm)

*fireninja (Gondor)

Gladden Side:

mewarmy (Gladden Fields)

miner49er (Gladden Fields)

Sebrom (Gladden Fields)

ChrissR (Gladden Fields at that time but then started his own faction The Brotherhood)

Aidansebastion (Mordor)