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The Galdhrim are a faction begun the 22 of November, 2015. They were founded by Cookminers, who wished to begin a faction among the eaves of the maple, beech, and birch trees of Chetwood.



The government of the Galdhrim is an aristocracy, ruled by an Archprince. The Archprince is assisted by a council, currently comprised of the other two members.

Archprince: Cookminers

Highprince of War: Unknown

Highprince of Diplomacy: Unknown

Highprince of Trade: Unknown

Under these are the Highlords, who administer over the various holdings of the Galdhrim.

Highlord of Eryn Anór:

Highlord of (new city):

Highlord of (new city):


Faenor - Cookminers - Faenor is a Sinda, formerly of Doriath and Cuivíenen. He also lived in Lórien for much of his life, moving to Rivendell later and then founding the Galdhrim. He is always willing to help his High Elven friends, especially with the refuge of Imladris.

Unknown - summersharry - Unknown.

Unknown - IanS07 - Unknown.


The heritage of the Galdhrim is somewhat of a muddy area, the Elves coming from every group. Sindar, Noldor, Teler, Nando, they are all welcome in the Woods of the Sun.


The Galdhrim do not enforce a specific title on their members, but they do ask that they use one of the following, in a light green color:

Marksman - For those who wish to join but have not yet met the requirements.

Galadhrim - For those who have joined, and live in Chetwood proper, the home of the Galdhrim.

High Elf - For those who have joined, but wish to wander freely where they will.

Wood-elf - For those who have joined, but do not wish to live in Eryn Anór.


The Galdhrim have claimed Chetwood, but as of yet have been unable to contact the Rangers of the North or the Galadhrim of Lórien to enforce their claims.


Eryn Anór - Located at and around the Archet FT(Fast Travel) point, Eryn Anór is small but growing. The many-pillared homes there already attract a few tourists who wish to see the open-aired homes of maple and Galadhrim brick, and some wish to emulate them and so come to study their construction. They look very similar to the High Elven buildings some build, but they have a unique flair to them.

Recruitment Status

The Galdhrim are recruiting, but they do not yet have the resources to provide much in the way of starting equipment.

To join, you must have met the following requirements:

You must have at least +50 with any Elven faction.

You must have travelled to Chetwood.

You must have spoken with at least two Highprinces or Highlords.


There are no treaties as of yet.

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