The first Near Haradrim Civil War was an important event on the continent of Harad and influenced the political landscape of the region in a great manner. The rebellion was started by former Viper RookieNinjas II. and ended with the victory of the royalists under Serpentlord Karseius II.


The events leading to the rebellion started with the end of the first Southern War between the Near Haradrim Empire and the gondorian led coalition. The war was fought in the absence of Serpentlord Karseius II. who left Viper shamiir in command of the Near Haradrim forces. This decision upset Viper RookieNinjas II. of Poros, who felt more fit to lead. The war was ended with a truce made bý shamiir to respect the river Poros as border between Gondor and Near Harad and to keep peace between the two factions. Viper RookieNinjas II. felt this truce was a disgrace to Near Harad and tried to convince Karseius to revert it with no success. Although the truce promoted peace there were several violent clashes between gondorian and near haradrim forces near the fortress of Poros authorized by Viper RookieNinjas II. This nearly escalated into a second Southern War until a diplomatic solution was found between Serpentlord Karseius II. and King Elendil of Gondor. Following this rumors appeared that RookieNinjas II. intended to split Harandor from the Near haradrim Empire and create an independent Kingdom of Harandor. After the agreement between Gondor and Near harad was made, Serpentlord Karseius II. decided to take the title of Viper of Harandor from RookieNinjas in an attempt to secure peace at the border and gave it to GetWrekt_. After that RookieNinjas II. tried to convince Serpentlord Karseius to give him his titles back with no success although he was allowed to keep Poros. Following this RookieNinjas II went back to Poros and declared open rebellion against Serpentlord Karseius II. and called upon his followers to join him.

Conflict Parties

There were two parties involved in the civil war. The rebellion movement led by RookieNinjas II. called "The Blacks" due to their black Near Harad tags and the royalists of the Near Haradrim Empire led by Serpentlord Karseius II. called "The Reds" due to their red Near Harad tags.

The Blacks (Rebells):

Banner nearHarad

Leader: RookieNinjas II.

Followers: ImFuze, wipeout

The Reds (Royalists):

Leader: Serpentlord Karseius II.

Followers: Skilliar, GetWrekt_, shamiir, deniskolin, ajacomba

Supported by: Mordor, Gundabad, Gondor, Rohan, Woodlands, Grey Mountains


The Rebellion had the goal to displace Serpentlord Karseius II. and establish RookieNinjas II. as new Serpentlord. Rumors went around that at first the goal was to create an independent Harandor Kingdom which might have worked more likely. This idea was abandoned by RookieNinjas II. in favor of the will to control all of Near Harad in hope that most of Near Haradrim would side with him

The Royalists under Serpentlord Karseius II. had the goal to crush the rebellion as fast as possible to consolidate their rule of Harandor again while minimizing the threat of a gondorian invasion of Harandor while weakend by the civil war.

Course and Results

The rebellion seemed to be a success at the beginning. As RookieNinjas II. declared the open rebellion against the imperial seat of Ain al-Harad and his claim to the throne an unorganized royalist army made of GetWrekt_, Skiliar and deniskolin marched onto Poros in an attempt to sack the fortress. This attempt was beaten back fast by the rebells and the royalist forces had to retreat suffering a big defeat. Although the rebells won the first battle, RookieNinjas II. failed to secure the support of most of the Near Haradrim players. A while after the first battle Serpentlord Karseius II. marched with an imperial army to Poros together with the Viper shamiir and reorganized the beaten Near Haradrim forces with fresh supplies. At the same time most of the northern faction on the server declared their support of the royalist forces while the rebells were only supported by the rebell movement in Mordor led by Morshi at the same time. The royalist troops surrounded Poros and sieged the city for four days until the rebellels saw their cause lost and surrendered [left the server]. The fortress of Poros was retaken and rebuilt. Later it was gifted to deniskolin for his loyal service.

Although the rebellion had failed it influenced the later politics in Harad and the rest of the server. The Rebellion of Poros inspired many later rebellions like the Mordorian rebellion. Also the rebellion contributed to the introduction of reforms in power balance which later resulted in the transformation of the old Near Haradrim Empire into the Principalities of Near Harad.

RookieNinjas II. together with his followers were never seen again after their defeat while his son Razum_Dar was exiled and fled south.