The Dwarves of the Grey Mountains are a sub faction of Durin's Folk that reside within the Grey Mountains, a mountain chain directly above the Vales of Anduin.

Dwarves of the Grey Mountains
General Information
Government type Monarchy
Current Ruler(s) VetusGeneral
Emblem None
Flag None
Claimed Lands Grey Mountains, Grey Mountains foot hills, and the land around Framsburg
Map of Lands None
Capital Dain's Halls
Allies All Members of the Dwarven Council, High Elves
Population 4
Used NPCs Durin's Folk

At one time the Grey Dwarves numbered the largest dwarven faction on the server, however their 3rd King Vetus General values, loyalty, commitment, and skill, so there numbers are reduced, but their members are some of the most dedicated.

The Grey Dwarves are very dedicated to the Dwarven Council, what they don't have in numbers they make up for with hard work and efficiency.

Kings of The Grey Mountains

Aidansebastian, 1st King of the Grey Mountains

Smituron, 2nd King of the Grey Mountains

VetusGeneral, 3rd and Current King of the Grey Mountains

Lords and Nobles of the Grey Mountains

  • King VetusGeneral - Lord Councillor of the Ered Mithrin
  • Lord zombielizard218 - Minor Lord of Framsburg
  • Richlogger
  • Hamr-Thrung - Royal Guard of the Grey Mountains

Cities of the Grey Mountains

Dain's Halls is the capital of the Grey Mountains. It was founded by aidansebastian 1st king of the Grey Mountains. It has since been continued by the following kings and is now worked on by VetusGeneral who has great plans for the City, that surpass even his predecessors' achievements,

Framsburg is a Mannish city, that the Grey Dwarves took under their care. It was founded by zombielizard218 and he continues to work on it to this day, building an impressive city, with its own harbor, and suburban village. Read More

Nordinbad is a large fortress city in the deep north of the Grey Mountains. It was founded by Waterfist_Case long ago and has been worked on by several players since. However, as the Grey Dwarves have drawn ever further into their Capital the fortress sits and waits for the day that the Grey Dwarves need to call upon its walls again.

Karak-Faluk is a city just inside the Grey Mountains, founded by a dwarf who has long passed out of memory. The city was small compared to many others but it had large farms that helped maintain the faction. While its many farms are still in-service few dwarves remain to maintain it and it awaits a new lord to claim its throne and wash away the stains of its former lord.

Dalburin is a city hidden within the Grey Mountains. Hewn deep into the stone, it is invisible to all but the trained eye. A massive mining colony in the grey mountains, once many dwarves filled its stone halls, now few stay inside to delve ever deeper into the rock.


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