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A Dorwinion House
General Information
Government type Monarchy
Current Ruler(s) Jachi_Belacqua
Emblem A Goblet of Wine
Dorwinion Banner
Claimed Lands Dorwinion & Emyn Winion
Map of Lands Look at the "Map Of Dorwinion" Paragraph
Capital Vintner Court
Allies Northmen, High-Elves, Mirkwood, Lothlóriën
Population 32 players and counting
Used NPCs Dorwinion Man and Dorwinion Elf NPCs

Dorwinion is a wealthy trade nation that prides itself in great wine and great populace. Known once as part of the wider region of Old Palisor, it is known as the land of the young to its inhabitants, the Elves and Men of Dorwinion, who co-habit the land profiting on their production of wine, which they trade throughout the vast kingdoms of middle-earth. It is a land of extremes, the simple beauty of wider Dorwinion with its vineyards, flowered meadows and fields, being contrasted by the great cliffs of the mountainous Emyn Winion where in steep valleys rest untouched lakes hidden away from the outside world.

Oromë is the Patron Valar of Dorwinion.

The People Of Dorwinion...

-Elves of Silvan and Sindarin descent, migrating east after the manner of Dairon the minstrel who famously became utterly lost in the region of Palisor as far back as the first age, in some cases simply having settled there since the great march of the elves.

-Men of Gondorian descent, somewhere between the decline of Bladorthin's rule presumedly in the second age when Dorwinion appears on the maps in it's most recognizable form and the full extent of Gondor's borders when Gondor assumed control of a kingdom in disarray and brought back order to the country once more.

Northmen, too, have dwelt in the region for ages past settling in Dorwinion and the lands nearby when the children of the sun first journeyed across Arda.

Lastly and most strangely, the Avari seem in some part to have settled in Dorwinion despite being named "The Unwilling" because of their distaste for venturing westward and being sundered from the kingdom by first an ocean and later from the second age the yet great sea of Rhun. Goodness knows how they were coaxed out of their homes in forests east being a rustic folk who are notoriously secretive and essentially settled in the wine lands of middle earth, but, against all reasonable odds, it seems to have happened...

Map Of Dorwinion

This is the current map of Dorwinion, made by CitrusBunnie. Credits go out for her, she has done a really great job!


The map of Dorwinion, divided into it's tiles.

Hierarchy Of Dorwinion

  1. Monarch King/Queen/Regent- Current Ruler
  2. Noble Council- Second highest ranked people in the faction. They do the decision making, alongside the king.
  3. King's Court- A body of advisors that help the Noble Council make decisions when they need help and are often asked about minor issues in the faction.
  4. Land Owners:
    1. Duke/Duchess- Owns a duchy.
    2. Earl/Countess- Owns an earldom inside a duchy. Amount of land is decided by the residing duke of that duchy.
    3. Baron/Baroness- Owns a town inside an earldom. Amount of land is decided by the residing earl of that earldom, or duke if there is none.


To join Dorwinion, one must first join the Dorwinion Discord and decide which heritage they lean closest to, whether it be Elf or Man.

There are no real benefits with joined either race. Just choose what you feel comfortable with!


  1. You must have +100 alignment with Dorwinion
  2. You must pledge to Dorwinion.
  3. You must brew a barrel of potent red or white wine.

Screenshot completed requirements and send them into either #elven-recruitment or #mannish-recruitment channels in the Dorwinion Discord, and tag one of the Noble Council members for confirmation.

Contact Dorwinion Leaders for further information.



The Eras of Dorwinion Leadership

The Era of the Absolute Monarchy

Dorwinion was first ruled by one king, minerofjustice. He was King of the Faction before the mod had any Dorwinion features. Once the mod added Dorwinion, he stepped down.

The Era of the Lord Representatives

After the Update of Beta 28 (in which the Dorwinion faction was added), many had tried to lay claim to Dorwinion, but, 2 leaders had the overwhelming support for ruling, and the other competitors either integrated into the faction or left. Mr_Manveru and KnightOfTheOnion ruled over Dorwinion together as one at first, with Mr_Manveru ruling over the Elves, and KnightOfTheOnion( King_Stannis_) over the Men, as Lord Representatives.

Mr_Manveru was succeeded by Dextrositylight when he resigned.

King_Stannis_ resigned his Rulership to Delovain, who handed it back to King_Stannis_ after a short while.

The Era Of The Lord Representatives as rulers of Dorwinion ended with the final departure of King_Stannis_

The Era of the Dorwinionian Renaissance

After a long and unstable Era with the 2 Lord Representatives fighting amongst themselves, Dorwinion's Leadership reformed once more, keeping the 2 Lord Representatives, but having a Monarch above them.

In this system, Dorwinion is ruled by 1 King of the faction, chosen among either of the 2 Lord Representatives of the Elves and Men.

The Era of the Reformation

After long disputes and a rebellion, the 17 factions denounced King Dextrositylight, and Vintopian became king. He began to reconstruct the Dorwinion Hierarchy, and under his rule, Dorwinion is on its path to flourishing once again under the influx of new members and reformed systems. This new system is still in progress, and will change with time.

Known Server History

Note: The calender that is used here (X a.D) means after Dextrositylight. The X is a placeholder for a number. So this means for example: 2. King after Dextrositylight.

Dorwinion started out as a small city-state in the banks of the sea of Rhun. The King, minerofjustice, was lived with the friendship of the men around him. Dorwinion, under him, had their first military exploit. Miner sent his armies north to Dale and fought back the hordes of Rohirrim and Dwarves, though failing, it brought the city honour. Once the update with Dorwinion came, he retired because he thought he was too inactive for being a Faction leader.

After the Update of Beta 28 (in which the Dorwinion faction was added) Many had tried to lay claim to Dorwinion but 2 leaders had the overwhelming support for ruling and the other competitors integrated into the faction or left, Mr_Manveru and KnightOfTheOnion were those leaders.

2016-04-20 - Dorwinion joined the Council of the Northmen

2016-04-22 - Dorwinion joined the Mallorn Council.

Sadly Mr_Manveru soon left Dorwinion because he didn't have much more interest in Dorwinion and he didn't feel home there, so he appointed Dextrositylight, the High-Elven Ambassador to Dorwinion, his successor as Lord Representative of the Elves of Dorwinion.

The First Dorwinion Civil War

After a turn of events that would lead to his decreased activity, Stannis decided to hand Lordship down to Delovain. However, Dextrositylight, who believed that the Elves of Dorwinion weren't being properly treated as equal, decided to declare himself King of Dorwinion. He stated that Delovain could continue being Lord Representative of the Men, and a new Elvish Representative would soon be promoted to take his place as representative once he ascended to the throne. When the ex-representative Stannis was made aware of the proposed system he was very angry, after which Delovain gave the position of Representative back to Stannis. This all began a long angry discussion, and after a series of events, Stannis also declared himself King and a civil war was declared by Dextrositylight against Stannis and his supporters for defying his claim for kingship. The war lasted less than a day before Stannis offered his terms for peace, with further disagreement, Stannis agreed on terms of a cold war with Dextrosity in which Dorwinion would remain mostly unchanged... "I have consulted my advisors and we are considering your terms, until which time it has been suggested that Dorwinion remain in a state of Cold War, the terms of which would be that both parties co-exist peacefully until a decision should be made, this means that decisions involving the whole faction are at a standstill, and allowances be made for my supporters to get involved with Faction Builds, making improvements as necessary, this state of cold war will end after we are satisfied with the leadership as it stands."

More information:

- Dextrosity reportedly claimed Kingship for the purpose of being able to make faster decisions for Dorwinion, because the opinions of Elves in Dorwinion were perceived as being treated unequally. Having the support of the Good factions and having the support of most of the Dorwinion Elves contributed to such a decision.

- Stannis reportedly claimed kingship because he was not made aware of Dextrositylight's decision quickly enough to react as he would have liked. He also believed Dextrositylight was making Dorwinion into an elvish state, and that he did not want to be ruled by Dextrosity. Stannis also maintains that he was a starting member of Dorwinion and that he would never be subject to the rule of Dextrosity. He thought Dextrosity was doing it out of self-interest. He did not want the men to be ruled over by the elves.

- Both parties reportedly offered negotiations with each other, but neither party could agree on anything. There was also an idea to split Dorwnion into North and South. Which would have probably been a terrible idea.

Departure of King_Stannis

2017-01-09 - Early in January Dextrositylight got word that King_Stannis left the server and community. With this, he knew he had to take the helm of the ship to make Dorwinion into a strong Faction.

2018-01-09 - Amusingly, on the same day the next year, Dorwinion led the way in the reforming of the Council Of The Northmen, being re-founded with the new leaders of the primary Northmen factions; Dorwinion, Dale, Rohan, and The Beornings, the council renews its efforts to protect the interests of the Kingdoms Of The Northmen.

Incident of the 17 factions & the Change of Leadership and civil war

2019-12-04 - The kingship of Dorwinion changed again. From Dextrositylight to Vintopian, the new king of Dorwinion. The reason why was that 17 factions (Arnor, Red Dwarves, Gondor, Morwaith, Angmar, Near Harad, Wind Dwarves, Mordor, Gundabad, Umbar, Khazad-Dum, Dol Amroth, Dale, Rohan, Dunland, Isengard and the Avari) denounced Dextrositylight because they believed he was too inactive. This was triggered by FelixLuna (Also known as JackABoi) and if you want to see his opinion in detail, please read this document, written by FelixLuna himself:

After the 17 denouncements, the negotiations for a new leader for Dorwinion began. One of the demands of those 17 factions was that Dorwinion had to choose a new Leader (as if they had any right to demand anything of the sort) within a week. Dorwinion complied even though no faction member wanted their current king gone, and chose Vintopian as the new king which was approved by the 17 factions. The deadline was respected, and Dextrosity stepped down as king of Dorwinion. Now, Vintopian is the leader of Dorwinion.

"It is a sad day when a group of outsiders meddle in a Kingdom's internal affairs and force them to replace their beloved leader against their will." -SinzPet

But the Kingdom does stand behind their new King Vintopian to 100% and they as well as all of their friends believe that he will do a fantastic job in his new role. Long live the King!

Change of Leadership

Due privat reasons, Vintopian, 1. King a.D, resigned. After discussing and advicing with the nobles, Jordin, favoured and beloved member was chosen to be the next king. Jordin was taught mainly by JustHarry and Vintopian in server politics. After some weeks, he will be officially coronated. We are sad seeing Vintopian go, but we are confident in Jordins future leadership, and Dorwinion stands behind his new king!

~ edited by Highfive, Grand Archivist

Dorwinion Shield
Shield of Dorwinion.
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