Dol Amroth, initially known as the Principality of Dol Amroth was founded as a rebellion against Gondorian rule under Vellisar. The rebellion was continued and won under Prince Imrazôr Víturi. The faction has focused on building great cities where they had before been lacking, and revitalising Númenórean influence in Middle Earth.

"And last and proudest, Imrahil, Prince of Dol Amroth, kinsman of the Lord, with gilded banners bearing his token of the ship of the Silver Swan, and a company of knights in full harness riding grey horses; and behind them seven hundreds of men at arms, tall as lords, grey-eyed, dark-haired, singing as they came."
-Tolkien, 771


First Prince of Dol Amroth, Vellisar

Second Prince of Dol Amroth, Imrazôr Víturi

Third Prince of Dol Amroth, Galador Víturi

Fourth Prince of Dol Amroth, TimothySean of the line Víturi

Ruling Players


  • TimothySean

Captain of Ships:

  • Huntinghalo1


  • Dol Amroth: TimothySean
  • Tarnost: jointgread
  • Edhellond: vjranger
  • Pinnath Gelin: Huntinghalo1
  • Ethir Anduin: Imrazôr_

Rank Advancement:

All recruits start as a Soldier and will be knighted once they obtain 100 alignment with Gondor, a maxed set of armor, and a small quest put forward by a Lord+ willing to sponsor the Soldier. Noble (Navarch) will be awarded to active members who participate frequently in projects and collect supplies for the faction. Captain (Archon) is our highest rank achievable without being named the next Consul of one of our cities. They are our high ranking and active players who have proven themselves not only by personal commitment but by organizing and inspiring those below them, and often spending a lot of time on a specific project / city.

Builds & Regions

Dol Amroth has control over all of Dor-En-Ernil, including the 3 major waypoints in the biome, those being Dol Amroth, Tarnost, and Edhellond. In addition, the city of Dol Moran in Pinnath Gelin and its surrounding region is under the control of Dol Amroth.

With the unification with Gondor, Dol Amroth also gained control over the rest of Pinnath Gelin. Dol Amroth also purchased the region of Ethir Anduin from Mordor at a later date.

Alph Falas

The first capital of the faction, built mainly by WinterCoop and Vellisar. It stands tall as an ocean port to the faction. The city has fallen out of use mainly due to the size of the walls not being sufficient.

Dol Amroth 2

Dol Amroth

The towering city founded towards the end of the Gondor - Dol Amroth war stands as the capital of Dol Amroth. Following the ascension of TimothySean it was decided that the city would be totally revamped, and the new city is currently being designed.

Picture of Dol Amroth Palace 1


Major construction has begun in the city recently with the great walls being lifted swiftly around the mountain of Tarnost which lies at the base of the city Palace. The design, which was pieced together by TimothySean and Imrazor, has passed onto Lord jointgread of Tarnost, who has been running the city smoothly.

Dol Amroth 1

Pinnath Gelin

Initially started by uriank under the name Dol Moran, it became the seat of power for the green hills after the reunification with Gondor. For a long time it was the homeland of Prince Galador, and has been ruled by huntinghalo1 since he departed Pinnath.


The city of Edhellond was obtained from Gondor in the treatise of the Alliance of Nimloth, where the tile and waypoint was ceded to the Princedom of Dol Amroth. Construction and designing began on Commander Tempest's PVP training server, spearheaded by Prof_Aronnax, and it currently awaits construction due to delays in terrain resetting.

Server History

Dol Amroth was founded in early October 2017 by Vellisar and WinterCoop who began building the city of Alph Falas with the goal of founding an independant Dol Amroth. They soon gained the city of Tarnost, and when word reached Gondor of this, they removed the inactive lord of Dol Amroth, Capt9Captain as Lord of the province. Furious, Lord Capt9Captain gave the fortress of Dol Amroth to Vellisar and fled the faction. Vellisar then granted the waypoint to Imrazôr Vituri, who began building a great city. In response, the Gondorians moved the capital of Gondorian Dol Amroth to Edhellond, and assaults were launched against Dol Amroth. Vellisar quit the server in late December 2017, with Imrazôr becoming the new Prince.

Although Gondorian raids continued, Dol Amroth succeeded in taking the Pinnath Gelin waypoint which was built by Uriank. On January 20th 2018, Mordor declared war on Gondor, and Dol Amroth, seeing a common enemy fought alongside them in the Siege of Minas Aquil. On February 13th 2018, after a third attempt was made by Imrazôr for peace, a pact was made and signed by JerrekCarnelian of Gondor which recognized Dol Amroth as a free and legitimate faction. 

Dol Amroth utilized the great time of peace to begin large scale construction projects of the many cities which would carry on throughout the reign of Imrazôr. During this great gap of over a year Imrazôr would build up the player base from a 2 man faction to a faction with 30 active or semi-active players. Additionally Dol Amroth began its ascent to one of the fairest cities in Middle Earth. Towards the end of this time Dol Amroth was fearful of conflict with Dale and arranged additional alliances such as the alliance with Dunland.

On April 24th, The Kingdom of Arnor declared war on Dunland, and although trying to restore connections to the Coalition, Dol Amroth answered its ally of Dunland’s call for aid. Soldiers such as uriank fought in the battle of Western Dunland on May 26th 2019. Following this decisive defeat, Imrazôr himself led negotiations on the Dunlending side which ended in a surrender. 

On June 26th 2019, Dol Amroth chose to end its alliances with the evil factions which it had long been allied to and joined the Coalition of Dawn. 

On July 5th, 2019 Dol Amroth and Gondor officially ratified the Alliance of Nimloth (White Tree). This treaty swore a close everlasting alliance between the two factions and repaired many of the territorial issues in the region, with Dor-en-Ernil being finally reunified at the end of Imrazôr’s reign, finally completing the two year struggle. The tile of Pinnath Gelin was granted to Gondor to restore borders.

On August 2nd 2019, Imrazôr resigned as Prince of Dol Amroth, and a great coronation was held for the crowning of Galador_Vituri.

On October 27th 2019, Gondhir and TeVeelMajo overhauled the inactive government that had run Gondor for so long. Imrazôr, the chief advisor to Prince Galador invested in this new government and saw the opportunity of a prosperous Gondor. In the short time of uncertainty, Galador and Imrazôr worked closely with Majo and Gondhir, and began raising support in Gondor for great governmental reform. Dol Amroth's support of the proposed government likely strengthened the idea of great reform in Gondor and foreshadowed the coming months of negotiation. The reforms prevailed and Gondhir, TeVeelMajo, and Commando were placed at the helm of Gondor, which made the Union of Nimloth a possibility.

In early December 2019, Imrazôr began working with Gondhir on a document to runify Gondor and Dol Amroth. Many of the terms had already been negotiated from the discussions in August between Jerrek and Imrazôr. Over the month of December, Gondhir and Imrazôr created a complex and balanced government. The new Gondorian government would house the two bodies of Dol Amroth and Gondor each equal and autonomous, with a set of 5 voting lords. Each of the Inner Council members would need 7/10 votes to be voted in or removed from office. However the King and Prince have expansive executive powers when in a time of need, but are subject to the lords' vote.

On the first of January 2020, an agreement was signed between Gondor and Dol Amroth to unify the realm, starting the period of reunification and the return of the King. The reunification combined Dol Amroth which was the second largest faction at the time with Gondor which had been rebuilding in the past weeks, forming the largest and most powerful faction to ever have been witnessed on TOS.

On the 1st of March 2020, Galador stepped down as the Prince of Dol Amroth, and Imrazôr took up the position of acting Prince of Dol Amroth until TimothySean was ready to ascend to the throne.

On the 17th of April 2020, Imrazor_ stepped down as the Prince of Dol Amroth, and TimothySean ascended to the throne and Huntinghalo1 was made the Captain of Ships. The coronation has still not been held though.

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