The Free Peoples will fall before our might... and we will rule this Middle-Earth.

–Lord Saruman of Isengard

Formerly known as the Dark Council, Morgul Alliance, the Black Council, and many more, the Dark Alliance was a superalliance of evil factions who united with one goal: to destroy the Free Peoples of Middle Earth. The Alliance's beginnings lie in the depths of time, but throughout history had had one goal: the complete annihilation of all that dare to oppose them.

The Dark Alliance was dissolved after years of operation after first the Astrasi Empire and then Angmar, Dunland, and Dol Guldur left in protest over recent Alliance decisions. Gundabad, Mordor, Isengard, and the Morwaith proceeded to form the Shadow Pact, which Angmar, Rhúdel, and the Half-Trolls joined not long afterwards. Angmar, Dunland, and Dol Guldur formed the Iron Pact instead, although its existence is currently in jeopardy after Angmar left.

Member Factions/Alliances

Any faction in theory could join the Dark Alliance, but they were only admitted if the entirety of the Alliance considers them worthy. It should be noted that the Dark Alliance is a superalliance, which is to say an alliance of alliances. (Whether this term is legitimate is up in the air.)

The Alliance of Northern Evil Powers

The Astrasi Empire

Independent Alliance Members


The City of Melkor - Located near the old south road, this massive city-fortress has proved unbreachable on many occasions. It once stood as the meeting-place of the old Dark Council, and is still used as an insurmountable keep in times of war.

The Black Archives - It is known by a few that the Alliance keeps hidden sensitive information in a great archive. Nobody knows where this archive is, but it contains plans for any possible battle, contingency plans for contingency plans, history, records, information on nearly everything, and even the locations of Shrek's House and Meneltarma.

The Gulag - Yes, you read that right. A fully-supplied Gulag is being built by the Dark Alliance somewhere in Forodwaith to house troublesome enemies. Why, you might ask? Such questions often merit a permanent trip there. Do not ask them again.

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