The Bree-Folk of Breeland

The men and hobbits of Bree are a merry folk, though will fiercely defend our friends and land if threatened. Breeland is ruled by the Master of Breeland, Annui_Naur. He is advised by the Sheriffs and Mayors that make up the Bree Council. The capital is currently Bree, which was built by Mazerinth, Mayor of Bree.

In lore, the Bree-Folk mostly settled just Breeland, however on the server we have spread throughout Breeland, Chetwood, the Old Forest, Midgewater, and the nearby Eriador. We are mostly surrounded by Arnor, though we share a border with a contested Lone-Lands area that belongs to Gundabad as far as the official tile system.


The faction is ruled by Annui_Naur, the 1st Master of Breeland. There is currently no heir, so upon resignation, he would appoint a new Master of Breeland. After Annui_Naur are the other Sheirffs and Mayors that make up the Bree Council. The Bree Council advises the Master of Breeland on faction maters and sometimes votes on decisions. Promotions are generally handed out by the Master of Breeland, though usually these are discussed with the Bree Council.


The following lists all the current ranks used by Bree.

Ranks Recruit: Anyone wishing to join the faction.

Bree Folk: A full member of Breeland. You must have 200 alignment with the Bree-Folk as well as unlocked the Breeland biome.

Mayor: Mayors are the owners of cities and advise the Master of Breeland on faction matters. They are appointed by the Master of Breeland and rule over a city. Mayors may be diplomats and engage in diplomacy, but may not officially sign treaties or declare war. Mayors have all the same voting and council permissions as Sheriffs, they just have the responsibility of ruling over a city, instead of developing a whole region.

Sheriff: Sheriffs rule over a region and are responsible for developing their region. They are appointed by the Master of Breeland and advise him/her. Like Mayors, Sheriffs may be diplomats and engage in diplomacy, but may not officially sign treaties or declare wars, etc.

Master of Breeland: The leader of Breeland, the Master of Breeland is a position only attainable through the current Master of Breeland stepping down and naming you his/her heir. He/she is advised by the Mayors and Sheriffs, but has the final say on all decisions. The Master of Breeland is the only member of the faction who may sign treaties and declare war, etc.

The Sheriffs and their Regions

The land Bree rules over is split into 4 provinces, each ruled over by a Sheriff. Mayors may also help develop provinces and help beyond their city.

  1. Breeland, Sheriff: Annui_Naur, Capital:Bree
  2. Chetwood/Midgewater, Sheirff: Halbarad_the_Grey, Capital: N/A
  3. The Old Forest, Sheriff: Druskor, Capital: N/A
  4. Eriador, Sheriff: N/A, Capital:N/A


To become a full member of Bree, you must get +200 alignment with Bree. Only members who have been on the server in the past 6 weeks are listed here, the list will be updated every few months. Titles that are actively held by members will be in bold, former titles will be in normal text.

Annui_Naur- Master of Breeland, Sheriff of Breeland

Druskor- Sheriff of the Old Forest

Halbarad_the_Grey- Sheriff of Chetwood/Midgewater

Thorek_Ironbow- Bree-Folk

Mazerinth- Mayor of Bree, Lord of Breeland (ruler over the entire province back when Bree was part of Arnor)

Jakar- Mayor

BlueGoldenRose- Mayor

Palarandrusk- Mayor

Vintopian- Bree-Folk

Supernick8- Bree-Folk

Don-San- Bree-Folk

paulbladesmith- Bree-Folk

Halbarad_Dunadan- Bree-Folk

Earb- Bree-Folk

yoloarf- Bree-Folk

Spacebar2005- Recruit

Imperium- Recruit

EwoutVink- Recruit

Brokerik- Recruit

Galloran- Recruit


The following list of laws are to be followed by all members of the faction:

Breeland Laws

1)Be respectful to all players on the server and try to avoid salt when possible.

2) Issues or disputes within the faction are to be solved by the Mayors, Sheriffs, or the Master of Breeland.

3) No stealing from anyone, even if you have access to their build.

4) Do not disclose any sensitive or important faction information.

5. Don’t harm the reputation of the faction.

6) Do not threaten or blackmail anyone.

7) If any faction member is found to have commited treason against the faction, they may be stripped of their rank and banished from the faction

8) Don’t claim to hold any titles that you don’t or to speak on behalf of the faction (unless you are a mayor or higher rank, but even then, make sure what you’re saying is actually the opinion of the fac).

9) No trade killing- that means no saying you will trade with people and then killing them, getting the stuff for free.

10) No breaking blocks in anyone’s build without permission. Minor transgressions will be forgiven if you replace and rebuild. Major ones could result in more serious punishment.

11) Do not engage in non consensual pvp with any fellow Bree members or factions we have a NAP with. Check our alliances section if you're unsure of who we have a NAP with


Breeland has many villages and towns scattered throughout their lands. Only major cities owned by Sheriffs or Mayors will be included here.


The faction's most important city, serving as our biggest lore city and the capital of our faction. Mazerinth built Bree and continues to develop it further. The city is constructed mainly of wood, and has a hedge surrounding the city.


Another important city to Bree lore, Combe has served to house many of the recruits and members of Bree. It is constructed from a variety of woods including pine, spruce, and oak. It has a small wall, with two towers next to the gate. It was built and owned by Sheriff Annui_Naur with design help from _Isildur.


A small logging town next to Chetwood, Archet is another lore town in Breeland. It has been designed by _Isildur, and is almost complete on the server. It will feature a small hill with a town constructed mostly of spruce and some other nearby houses and cabins. It will likely be administered by Sheirff Halbarad_the_Grey and could server as a capital for the Chetwood/Midgewater region.


The last Breeland lore city, Staddle is another important city to Breeland. Having mostly hobbit inhabitants, Staddle features a large hill with hobbit holes and a path leading to the top, with houses and a tavern at the foot of the hill. There will likely be farms in the surrounding area. Staddle has been designed, but not yet built. It will likely be built and administered by Annui_Naur, but may be given to Palarandrusk later on.


The Council of Calion:

Bree is part of the Council of Calion alliance between Bree, the Kingdom of Arnor, the High Elves, the Kingdom of Gondor, the Kingdom of Dol Amroth, and the Wind Dwarves. All members of the council have defensive pacts and NAPs (Non Aggression Pacts) with each other.


High Elves

The Wind Dwarves

Defensive Pacts:


High Elves

Wind Dwarves


Dol Amroth


Wood Elves




High Elves

Wind Dwarves



Wood Elves


Blue Mountain Dwarves




Grey Dwarves

Red Mountain Dwarves

Erebor Dwarves


History of Breeland

The Days in Arnor

Breeland was simply an Arnorian province from the beginning of the server, eventually governed by Mazerinth as its Lord. Mazerinth constructed the City of Bree and built other cities, such as Brill. Some major Bree cities such as Combe and Archet were constructed, though eventually the players who built them left, or went inactive. Eventually the province passed to Lord Annui_Naur, who rebuilt Combe and began designing builds for the other major cities. With a Breeland update on the horizon, Arnor and Annui_Naur decided Bree would need more attention and members than the average arnorian province. On February 15th, 2020, Annui_Naur, with the blessing of Arnor, declared Bree independent and claimed the title of the 1st Master of Breeland.

The Early Days

Annui_Naur immediately began recruiting and making alliances with other factions. Bree was very quickly given a seat on the White Council, recognized as a faction by the Free Peoples and invited as a founding member to the Council of Calion. Annui also began developing a law system and a region map to better manage the land. On March 29th, 2020, Annui recognized the hard work of Druskor, Halbarad_theGrey and Thorek_Ironbow, giving them each promotions to sheriffs of the Old Forest, Chetwood/Midgewater, and Eriador respectively. Mazerinth was also given the title of Mayor of Bree, in recognition of the work he had done for the region previously and for building Bree. The first Bree Council was formed, who advises and discusses faction maters with the Master of Breeland. Soon after Jakar_Flamix and BlueGoldenRose were given promotions to Mayor.

Becoming Official

On June 11th 2020, Bree was recognized as an official faction on the server. Just a day later, Update 36 was released and Bree was added to the mod. Due to the update, the number of recruits Bree received started to increase. New projects are being started and the new content was explored. New blocks, such as drystone, and the new textures will allow the Bree-Folk to build structures better than ever before. Soon after, Thorek_Ironbow decided to step down as Sheriff of Eriador due to server inactivity.

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