Bear in mind this page is a WIP and is NOT 100% based on server events.


When Boro was a young child he lived in a land called "Shire" there was lots of fun to be had there, making cakes, cookies, drinking ale, feasting at parties & even better the odd fighting lesson from his father.

But one day he and his parents went into a dark, miserable forest, The old forest, they were just having a picnic then they got swept off into the forest, it was the most scary time of Boro's life, then they heard screams. He and his parents looked over a small hill and saw Hobbits in chains, lead by orcs from Eriador. Boro didn't know what to do, his parents ran over to the orcs and started duelling them, but then an orc ran over to Boro, Knowing nothing about orcs Boro ran for it, he ran through the forest for what felt like days (but was actually hours) he looked back and saw the bloodthirsty orc still chasing him. Boro Saw a fog to the east, he ran towards it and then found himself on the edge of a misty land, The Barrow Downs...

The Sword

He looked back and saw the orcs a few meters away. Boro thought "Where to hide!?" then he saw a small crack in a hill, He made a mad rush at it slipped through (the orc so fat he couldn't even fit his butt through)

Boro now looked at a chest in the centre of the small damp cave, he opened it "Rarrgh!!" screamed a barrow weight Boro was helpless he dodged the first hit of the weight then looked in the chest, it contained a small short sword made of iron, "Ah ha!" shouted Boro slashing his sword at the weight, seconds later the weight dropped dead from Boro's strong slashes.

The journey.

Boro was out of breath, he dropped down on the floor for a well earned rest. The next day he awoke with restless energy, he felt like he could rule Middle-Earth (Good luck with that!).

This is as far is I've planned -Gil