• ThatOneGuyInTheBackOfTheRoom

    The Lord of the Rings (LotR) mod is unique in that it has built in multiplayer focus. So while you can take time in the single player mode of Minecraft to travel from the Shire to Mordor, you will encounter the same challenges from the vanilla version. The mod hosts a variety of server features such as a built in Fast Travel (FT) and Alignment system that work in tandem with the massive world of Middle Earth. Naturally servers hosting the mod as the centerpiece, rely on the mod to draw faction lines. The Official Server (TOS) is no different, and is encouraged by the lack of other modifications or plugins to use Tolkien’s lore to identify themselves in groups. In such mod focused situations anything that is not lore is often an interesting…

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  • Jirr'kel

    The building of Barad-Dûr

    September 20, 2016 by Jirr'kel

    We need your help! The construction of Barad-Dûr, stronghold of Sauron, has begun! Currently, there is only a rock quarry, but that will change soon. In the tower near the Barad-Dûr waypoint, some forges, crafting-tables and chests are stored for use. We are now busy getting as much rock as we can to make a outline of the walls. However, if you have seen the size of Barad-Dûr, you know this is tricky...

    That is why we need YOUR help! The building will take up a lot of time (and materials), and we can't just do it with one guy. If you are interested in creating the fortress of Sauron, just sign up in the comments, move to the Barad-Dûr waypoint and begin your work. We now only need people who are willing to mine some LARGE amounts of Mordor …

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  • Commandogregor1234

    I think I'm done with this server. I've lost everything I own at this point. Yesterday was bad enough, but today was my breaking point.

    Yesterday, I lost Mithril armor, all my stone, My galvorn, my weapons, my food, and my money.

    Today, I was ambushed by krither whilst I had the last of my items. He killed me and took them, and said he would never return said items. I'm done now. I have nothing. I've just been tossed around this whole week and I'm not okay with it. I'm just not. I'm really considering leaving.

    ~Ansgar (Julianroma)

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  • Commandogregor1234

    Due to overwhelming by lots of people, and being blackmailed by Mewarmy, I (julianroma) am going to end the support cold war with the Astrasi Tauredain. No war for now.

    P.S.- Mew blackmailing me was an act of him and HIM ONLY. It was his idea, not anybody else's.

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    The Guardians OF the Mountains are the last men of the faction U.F.E. This faction was created by SAURONMORGOTH ( nicknamed Findi ) and VirgiliusHCM . it is a Constitutional monarchy. history : After the dissolution of the faction U.F.E , some of his last men, VirgiliusHCM and SAURONMORGOTH have refuge in the blue mountains to set up a new faction of man in dwarf mountains. Today They are currently building a fortress. This faction is dead by SquatchThunder.

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  • Legoarmy505

    Refunding Dale

    April 20, 2016 by Legoarmy505

    This is a list for the stuff I need refunded from the Dale and wilderland biome reset, which got rid of most of my stuff.

    4 stacks of Leberothon wood beams

    1 stack of Leberothon wood logs

    1 stack of iron ingots

    1 Gondolinlian sword

    1 set of Rohan Marshal armor

    1 set of Harad robes dyed light green/tanish with gold piece

    10 stacks of High elven Bricks (if possible i would prefer Dalish brick as they are both made from stone)

    5 stacks of stone

    several stacks of potatoes

    several stacks of corn

    several stacks of carrots

    2 dwarven swords

    2 dwarven picks

    4 stacks of Clay brick

    2 stacks of clay brick stairs

    i cannot remember any more but that is the main stuff that will be enough for me.

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    they are the last men of the faction U.F.E

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  • Catfishperson

    The Rhudaur Hillmen.

    February 27, 2016 by Catfishperson

    Recently I have been appointed lord of the Rhaudur hillmen by Faylynn Lord of Angmar, on the official server. It currently has no other members, so anyone else who joins will be guarantied a very high ranking position. New members will also receive a starter kit, and a large amount of food. I am also looking for help in the construction of the Rhaudur capital. Any help in this is very welcome and will be remembered. You do not need to join the faction to help, you do not even need to be evil. Gundabad has offered a portion of the Lone-Lands as a starting territory, and construction will likely begin there.

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  • Longerbeard

    Template Construction

    December 6, 2015 by Longerbeard

    I am starting a project to make lots of new templates, keep them up to date and use them frequently. Anyone want to help?

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  • Balin of Moria

    things :3

    September 26, 2015 by Balin of Moria

    just edied a lot on the red dwarven page, i am very happy with it and i will add pictures to it and i cant wait until the red dwarves are added into the mod.

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    I'm a normal player , when I decided to created an order : UNITED FORCE of Eriador or UFE . I am the creator. I am therefore ally James Turpin at NothShire Republic . We have a small town. we do not want war we are three,me architect VirgiliusHCM the great Chef and nicolasyoutube (who went to Misty Mountains) is the great warrior. We are neutral.

    history : At the very beginning we were two VirgiliusHCM and me. One day we had an idea, build a castle !! we went in quest of Eriador , we install. One day we kill James Turpin and has revenge by attacking us. After a long battle, we ally with him. Long live to UFE!! this faction is dissolved in 1427

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