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Main active Alliances:

Dwarven Lords' Council: Blue Dwarves, Red Dwarves, and Durin's folk.

The Shadow Pact: Gundabad, Angmar,  Uruk-hai, Isengard, Moredain and Mordor.

The Iron Pact: Dol Guldur, Dunland, Angmar and the Taurethrim

The Astrasi Empire: Near Harad, Umbar and the Half-Trolls

Mallorn Council: Galadhrim, High Elves, Wood-elves & Dorwinion Elves.

The Coalition of Dawn: Arnor (Rangers of the North), Gondor, Rohan, and Dale

Inter-faction Relations and Treaties:

The alliances mentioned above may be repeated here, you will see a list with the minor treaties of each faction.

Arnor (Rangers of the North):

-Coalition of Dawn (Gondor, Rohan) (Alliance)

Dwarves of the Blue Mountains:

-Arnor/Blue Mountains Agreement (Blue Mountains/Arnor)(Trade/Non-aggression)

-High Elves/Dwarves (All Dwarves/All High Elves)(Trade/Non-aggression/Cooperation/Alliance)

Dwarves of Dúrin's Folk:

-Brightheart Coalition(Galadhrim/Erebor)(Trade/Non-aggression)

-High Elves/Dwarves (All Dwarves/All High Elves)(Trade/Non-aggression/Cooperation/Alliance)

Dwarves of the Red Mountains:

-High Elves/Dwarves (All Dwarves/All High Elves)(Trade/Non-aggression/Cooperation/Alliance)

Dale - The Northmen

-Check the Dale page for the entire list.

High Elves- The Elves of Lindon and Rivendell:

-Check the High-Elven page for the entire list.


-Vassal-faction of the High-Elves, same allies as them.

Wood-elves- The Elves of Mirkwood:

-Twilight Pact(Wood-elves/Galadhrim)(Trade/Non-aggression)

Galadhrim - The Elves of Lothlóriën:

-Lorlindon Alliance(Galadhrim/High Elves)(Trade/Non-aggression)

-Twilight Pact(Galadhrim/Wood-elves)(Trade/Non-aggression)

-Goldnight Concordiat(Galadhrim/Avari)(Trade/Non-aggression)

-Elanor League(Galadhrim/Free Peoples of Gladden)(Trade/Non-aggression)

-Brightheart Coalition(Galadhrim/Erebor)(Trade/Non-aggression)


-Coalition of Dawn (Rohan, Arnor) (Alliance/Non-aggression/Cooperation)


-Coalition of Dawn (Gondor, Arnor) (Alliance/Non-aggression/Cooperation)

Republic of Lebennin:

-Decree of The City of Towers (Global) (Non-aggression)


-Goldnight Concordiat(Galadhrim/Avari)(Trade/Non-aggression)

-Rednight treaty (red dwarves/Avari) (Trade/Non- aggression)

-DolAvari treaty (Dol amroth/Avari) (Trade/Non-aggression)

-The Tindu-Avari Treaty (Avari/Tindu Galadhrim) (Trade/Alliance)


Gundabad has a scattered web of alliances, many of which are similar. Here are the main alliances.

-The Dark Alliance

-The Alliance of Northern Evil Powers

-The White Hand Pact (Between Isengard, Gundabad, and Dunland)

-The Gladden Pact

-The Moria Treaty (With the dwarves, non-aggression only)


- Astrasi Empire (Near Harad, Umbar) (Alliance and diplomatic union)

Dol Guldur:

-The Iron Pact

The Mordoran Dominion:

The Dominion does not currently have any inter-faction alliances.

See the Mordoran Dominion wiki page for more information about the diplomacy with this faction.

Near Harad:

-Astrasi Empire (Umbar, Angmar) (Alliance and diplomatic union)


-No alliance or treaty is currently known


-No alliance or treaty is currently known


-The Iron Pact


- The Astrasi Empire (Near Harad, Angmar) (Alliance and diplomatic union)

- Seafarers Alliance (Dol Amroth, Íreldar) (Alliance and military union)


-No alliance or treaty is currently known

Current Wars and Hostilities in the Server:

- Gondor/High Elven War (Friendly War)

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