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Alikan, Man of Dorwinion

Alikan the First

Alikan the first was born into the world from a high elf and a human mother. in his early years, he lived in northern Lindon on his parents' farm. He lived there until he was only 8; then it all went downhill. His dad had an adventurous spirit and loved to go on orc hunts, but one day he never returned, and after a month of waiting, his mother wanted to find him. while on their search they found there way to Caras Imolth an elvish city in the mistys. This city is where his father based most of his trips out of. while out on a search for his father, him and his mother were ambushed by a orc raiding party. His mother held them off for as long as she could but she soon realized she was far too out numberd and she threw her son on her horse and told him to ride back to the city. As he road off he heard the sound of orc bombs and bows he dared not turn back for he feared what he would see. Upon reaching the city he was quickly let in. He stayed there for 20 years and as he grew older he lawnged to know his past and after doing all the reasearch he could on his father he knew much about that side of his family. He then wanted to know more about the other and so he headed to her homeland Dol Amroth. Upon finaly ariving he found a place to settle down and finnaly call home. He built a large mansion on the shore an after some time it eventualy grew into a town. He named the place Katogard and it is there he spent the rest of his days searching for information but finding almost none. He eventualy died of old age there in that city on the shore.

Alikan the Second